Exercise "plank"


Crazy rhythm of life and a catastrophic lack of time - these are the main factors that do not allow us to play sports. However, it is possible to form a beautiful and chiseled body in just a couple of minutes a day. And will help you in this exercise "Plank". How to do it correctly, in order to achieve noticeable results, you will find out today.

Keep the bar in life and gym

Few isotonic exercises can boast of their effectiveness. But long-term studies and practical exercises show that just a few minutes of the “Planck” exercise per day will help you strengthen muscle tissue, make your posture more slender and finally become the owner of the cherished cubes on your stomach.

The effectiveness of the exercise "Planck" for the press lies primarily in what muscle groups are involved. At first glance it may seem that this exercise is too simple and does not affect the growth of muscle mass. Try, beginners can not stand in the bar even 30 seconds. Burning in the abdominal muscles, indescribable fatigue, bordering on pain, will prove to you the effectiveness of this exercise.

The following groups of muscle tissue are involved in the execution of the static type bar:

  • abdominal;
  • deltoid;
  • belt;
  • dorsal (widest and square);
  • femoral
  • ileal;
  • tibia

How to do the exercise

Most often, the Planck exercise is performed to strengthen the abdominal muscles. With proper implementation and compliance with all precautions, you can achieve the following results:

  • to get rid of pains in the shoulder girdle and the cervical spine;
  • improve movement coordination;
  • develop balance;
  • press your abdominal muscles;
  • strengthen the muscles of the legs, including in the field of tibial muscles;
  • get rid of pain in the lumbar spine;
  • improve posture.

The main thing is that noticeable results will improve your mood.

Precautionary measures

Before we consider the main types of this static exercise and the technique of its implementation, let's find out who the bar is contraindicated for. Of course, the Planck exercise for inflating the abdominal muscles is ideal for both girls and men. However, not all members of opposite sexes can perform this exercise. First of all, it is connected with physiological features and state of health.

Girls should refuse to perform the bar after delivery, carried out by caesarean section. The ban on static loads lasts for six months. Despite the ease and safety of this exercise, the abdominal muscles tense strongly, which can provoke the divergence of surgical sutures or the development of inflammatory processes.

Contraindications to the implementation of this static exercise for men and women are:

  • pathology of articular or bone tissue;
  • high blood pressure;
  • hernia;
  • any mechanical damage to the spinal column;
  • chronic pathologies in the period of exacerbation.

If you are concerned about your health, consult your doctor before classes begin. Any physical activity is also contraindicated in cases of acute respiratory or viral ailments.

Almost every girl tends to a perfectly flat stomach and elastic muscles of the whole body. Doing the Planck exercise for the press is undesirable during menstrual bleeding. Excessive physical exertion can become a determining factor in the development of complicated consequences.

Statics or dynamics: which is better?

Generally speaking, the bar for the technique of execution can be divided into two large groups:

  • static;
  • dynamic.

In the static position involved white muscle tissue, which contributes to their growth and active development. But the combination of the bar with dynamic exercises favors the active burning of stored energy and leads to weight loss.

So let's look at the most common types of this isotonic exercise:

  • classic stand;

How to do the exercise

  • complicated version;


  • leg stand;

  • arm pull back;


  • side post complicated;


  • side strip with leg abduction;


  • four points;


  • crossed position;


  • the opposite way.


Modern fitness trainers have developed a huge number of techniques to perform this exercise. If you are a beginner, then start to master the classic position. Some girls and men at the initial stage may find it difficult to hold a support only on their hands and socks. In this case, easy contact of the knees with the floor line is allowed. In the future, listening to your feelings, you can increase the momentum and increase the load.

Reach the bar: exercise rules

Many representatives of the opposite sex often ask fitness trainers similar questions, for example, how to properly do the Planck exercise to lose weight. Regardless of the purpose of performing this static exercise, you must follow certain rules.

Immediately I would like to draw attention to the appearance of pain. With the correct technique of performing the strap, a person should not have pain syndromes in the articular tissues or the spine. If you feel discomfort, stop the exercise immediately. The only thing that you should feel while standing in the bar is a pleasant burning pain in the muscle tissue, especially in the abdominal area.

Are you ready to work on yourself? Then let's start by learning the basics of doing this exercise:

  1. For a comfortable class, you can use a gymnastic mat, which will relieve pressure on the elbow joints.
  2. Put your palms or forearms on the floor strictly under the shoulders.
  3. Do not put your hands apart: they should be perpendicular to the support and shoulder girdle.
  4. Shoulders always tend down, in no case do not press them to the cheekbones and push forward.
  5. Pay attention to the lumbar spine: in this part there should not be a deflection, otherwise you risk getting injured.
  6. Do not stick out the buttocks, they should be as much as possible retracted and tense.
  7. We straighten the muscle tissue of the press with all our might, and it is he who will support our spine.
  8. Emphasize the feet do on the fingertips.
  9. You can put your legs together or spread them parallel to your shoulders.

Special attention should be paid to breathing. Many coaches recommend holding your breath as you run the bar. At the same time, the lungs should be as free from air as possible. If you have ever come across the Bodyflex technique, then you know how to breathe properly. Lie on the floor, exhale as much as possible, inhale sharply and slowly exhale again. Make the last exhalation, as if holding a straw in your mouth. Then we tighten the abdomen and strongly strain the muscles of the press. Quickly we are in the bar.

If you breathe the air during this static exercise, the coaches advise you to stop and repeat the whole algorithm from the beginning. As soon as the exercise time comes to an end, take a deep breath. Your body will be enriched with oxygen, the blood will spread it to the muscle tissues and active fat burning will begin.

As you can see, the plank is not only simple and useful, but also a very effective isotonic exercise. Start training with 15-30 seconds. Then gradually increase the load. You will see that within a few days, two minutes in the plank will seem to you a rest. Be beautiful and healthy!