Essential oils


Essential oils are very diverse in their field of application - cosmetology, perfumery, medicine, psychology and life. Essential oils are especially widely used in aromatherapy. They help to preserve not only beauty and health, but also bring a lot of positive emotions. Oils are produced from plants, flowers, and even trees and are an odorous, volatile liquid. Many centuries ago, essential oils were expensive and were used only by rich segments of the population, but nowadays oils are firmly rooted in our life.

In addition to the treatment and prevention of diseases with oils, this is a great way to paint gray everyday life with new colors. Here we mean, of course, natural oils, and not cheap fakes that are easy to stumble upon if you buy them in non-specialized stores. Admit it, just bliss to come home after a hard day’s work, sit comfortably on the couch, burn your favorite oil in the aroma lamp, close your eyes and just dream. It is worthwhile to lie here for at least ten minutes, then all the problems seem not so difficult anymore, and life becomes beautiful again.

All oils have different effects - in the morning you can cheer up by choosing the right oil, and in the evening create a romantic atmosphere for your loved one. Also, essential oils can be used for hair and skin, adding a few drops to a cream or shampoo. And, of course, oils can be added to the bath - this procedure perfectly relieves stress.

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Medicinal properties of essential oils

Anise oil: prescribed to inhale with asthma, headache, menstrual pain. Acts as a diuretic, expectorant and antipyretic.

Orange oil: it has soothing properties, improves mood, helps with abdominal pain, can relieve cramps. It can also be used in inflammatory processes of the oral mucosa and colds.

Basil oil: it has a tonic and invigorating remedy, helps with colds, bronchitis, menopause. Often prescribed for various diseases of the nose - rhinitis and otitis, as basil has enhanced anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It can be used with massage, baths or inhalation procedure.

Bergamot oil: helps a lot to lower fever. Also acts as an antiseptic and antispasmodic, relieves pain. In medicine, it is used to treat poor appetite, cystitis, thrush and pharyngitis.

Oil of cloves: Suitable for problems with digestion, dental and rheumatic pains. Proven tool in the treatment of colds and inflammatory diseases of the nasal cavity, pneumonia. It can be used for bruises as compresses, as well as for untreated wounds, you can wash the sore spot with a solution with 1-2% content of clove oil. It has long been known that clove oil repels mosquitoes.

Jasmine oil: recommended for use in stressful conditions, suppressed appetite, depression and loss of interest in life. It can be used externally for eye infections as a very weak oil solution.

Ginger oil: ginger oil increases appetite, helps with poor digestion and fever. Inhale the ginger scent advised to improve memory. In medicine, used for colds, sore throat, pharyngitis, bruises and diseases of the joints.

Calendula oil: Calendula has anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic and tonic effects. It can be used as an antispasmodic, as well as a means of combating menopause and stomach pain. Used externally for varicose veins, skin diseases and bruises.

Cedar oil: is a good diuretic and anti-inflammatory agent, in cosmetology it is used in the fight against acne, boils and eczema.

Cypress oil: distinguished by its astringent properties. Helps to relieve cramps, relieves cough and fever. Normalizes blood circulation in the body, so it is often prescribed for varicose veins. It is also used for infections of the gums, fatigue and menopause. Inhaling the vapors of cypress oil, you can get rid of negative emotions.

Cinnamon oil: activates the secretion of gastric juice and stimulates the digestive system. Cinnamon oil copes with microbes in the body, so it is used as a cold prevention. When the oil is inhaled, the body's defenses are restored and the mood rises.

Lavender oil: The healing properties of lavender are very extensive. It is used for all colds, stress, insomnia, fatigue. For external skin diseases, acne, boils, sprains, it is mainly used locally. For insomnia, you can light lavender oil in the aroma lamp for an hour before bedtime.

Lemon oil: if you need to cheer up and activate vitality, then lemon oil is perfect for this. It is used for heartburn, flu, colds, anemia, and hypertension. Locally can be used for diseases of the joints, neuralgia and frostbite.

Tangerine oil: increases appetite, stimulates the production of gastric juice, helps to cope with heartburn. Excellent remedy for stress and insomnia.