Probably, in the personal life of every modern girl there were moments when it was necessary to choose contraceptives of emergency action. The market for these drugs is now extensive. Escapel differs from many contraceptive devices in its ease of use. It is taken once if necessary.

Eskapel is considered one of the most effective and safe emergency contraceptives today. It is not suitable for regular protection. The basis of the drug is an artificial substance - levonorgestrel. It duplicates one of the female hormones. Escapel changes the state of the uterine mucosa in such a way that a fertilized egg cannot attach to it.

Escapel: reviews of doctors

Escapel is completely excreted from the body within 24 hours. If conception did happen, you took the pill late, then you should not be afraid - the drug will not harm the embryo. Before use is to familiarize yourself with the contraindications. Their list is not very big. Some are frightened by the side effects of the drug that are similar in sensation to pregnancy. This condition is reminiscent of some effects, such as nausea, tension in the mammary glands, pulling pain in the lower abdomen.

The consequences of taking escagela

  1. Eskapel in its action refers to sparing drugs. Of course, there is the likelihood of negative effects on the body. The actions of this oral contraceptive come down to slowing down ovulation. Escapel interacts with blood proteins, and they in turn affect sex hormones. As a result, the spermatozoa cannot advance to the egg cell, and fertilization does not occur.
  2. Doctors believe that the effectiveness of the drug is reduced, if you are late with its use. In the first 24 hours after intercourse, the possibility of becoming pregnant after contraceptive is 5%. It is permissible to use the drug after 72 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse. The later, the less will be the efficiency, and the higher the probability of becoming pregnant. The consequences of escaping, according to doctors, are not dangerous for the body. There is an opinion that hormonal disturbance after taking it is just a myth among patients. You should know that after it during the current cycle you can not use other means of emergency contraception. It can harm your health.

Monthly after escaping: features

Menstrual discharge after taking escasela is not uncommon. Many people think that such a manifestation is a failure of the cycle and the beginning of special days. In fact, it is not. Monthly after the escape should be on schedule. Delay is allowed - this is due to the effect of the drug on the body. Spotting 2-5 days after taking this contraceptive can be attributed to a side effect. If we talk about the delay of menstruation after admission, then the norm is considered 5-7 days. Other periods of delay may be an individual response of the organism. In this case, it is worth consulting with a doctor.

Escapel: side effects

Escapel: side effects

To one of the main side effects of eskapela can be considered a violation of the menstrual cycle. This includes, above all, the delay of menstruation. After taking the drug can be observed acyclic discharge. They look like scanty periods, but, in fact, they are not. In the next cycle, the menstrual after scapelles usually normalize. Do not worry if there is no discharge after taking the drug. It all depends on the individual reaction of the body. In some cases, costs without secretions.

The consequences escaped:

  • Allergic skin rash, itching, urticaria, edema
  • Fatigue, headaches, anxiety
  • Chest pain in the lower abdomen, similar to premenstrual syndrome
  • Menstrual dysfunction and acyclic discharge
  • Nausea, digestive problems

Escapel should not be taken if you are hypersensitive to the active component, levonorgestrel, if there is liver failure, lactose intolerance. The drug can not be taken until 16 years.

Afraid of the side effects of the drug is not worth it. Compared to many other contraceptives, escagel is considered a soft remedy. This does not negate its effectiveness. Side effects are associated with the temporary effect of hormones contained in the drug on the body.

Escapel refers to emergency oral contraceptives. Its effectiveness is quite high. Of course, the drug has both contraindications and side effects. Compared with other means of the same direction, escapel is considered a soft remedy. The body after taking this contraceptive returns to normal, usually to the next menstrual cycle.

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