Erespal is an effective medicine that is widely used to treat broncho-pulmonary diseases. With it, you can easily cure the bronchial obstruction, normalize sputum discharge and restore gas exchange in the lungs. Erespal is widely applicable for the treatment of children, it has practically no evidence.

"Erespal": we select effective analogs

There are several fairly effective analogues of Erespal, which coincide with this drug by the active substance and the form of release.

Erespal: reviews

  1. One of these analogues is BronchoMax. 5 g of this drug contains 10 mg of phencide hydrochloride and effectively fights broncho-pulmonary diseases. You can easily cope with the manifestation of allergy from the ENT organs, year-round and seasonal allergic rhinitis, whooping cough symptoms, respiratory manifestations of measles and influenza, acute and chronic inflammations of the ENT organs and the respiratory tract. BronchoMax, just like Erespal, is produced in the form of tablets and syrup.
  2. Inspiron is another good analogue of Erespal, which coincides with the active substances and the PBX code. It can be used to treat various inflammations of the respiratory tract, respiratory symptoms of infectious diseases of measles and flu. Inspiron has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, prevents the constriction of the bronchi. Available in the form of syrup and tablets.
  3. Fosidal is an effective and cheap analogue of Erespal. True, it can only be found in the form of a syrup, but this does not prevent it from exerting an excellent bronchodilatory, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effect. Due to the same active substance, as in erespale, Fosidalpokazan during laryngitis, sinusitis, rhinopharyngitis, otitis, chronic bronchitis with respiratory failure, respiratory disorders and bronchial asthma.

Presented analogues differ only in price and name. They can be used to treat children (from 2 years old), but with caution to use during pregnancy.

Erespal medicine: description and use

Erespal: reviews

The main active ingredient of Erespal is fenspirid - a substance with anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator and antihistamine properties. The drug has an antispasmodic effect, stimulates secretion. Erespal is used in the treatment of acute inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract including: rhinitis, bronchial asthma, antritis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, tracheitis, rhinopharyngitis, etc.

The drug is normally combined with other drugs, including antibiotics, antiviral and expectorant drugs. Despite its miraculous properties, eraspal has its own contraindications:

  • Children under 14 years (for tablets);
  • Not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation;
  • With increased sensitivity to the active components of the drug.

In some cases, eraspal may cause side effects, including the following:

  1. Nausea;
  2. Stomach ache;
  3. Violation of the stool (diarrhea, constipation);
  4. Drowsiness;
  5. Dizziness;
  6. Allergic reactions (urticaria, pruritus);
  7. Moderate tachycardia.

Most often, side effects disappear after reducing the dose of erespal. Only pronounced allergic reactions require a complete refusal to take this medication. In any case, after observing side effects, you should consult with your doctor.

Should I give this drug to children?

Erespal: reviews

  • Valentina: When my child fell ill, the doctor prescribed eraspal syrup. At first I doubted its effectiveness, especially since the composition was full of dyes. Feeding the child according to the instructions, no side effects. Cough cured quickly.
  • Zhanna: My child didn’t manage to avoid a cold, they went to a pediatrician - he wrote erasal syrup. It turned out to be quite an effective means. Daughter cough coped quickly. No side effects have been identified, the only thing is too sweet to taste.
  • Elena: The child fell ill with a virus and an infection in the hospital discharged eraspal. Bought, treated, on day 3 revealed a strong side effect. The child became very bad, even had to call an ambulance. It turned out - fainting. Threw this syrup. I will never use it again.

Erespal syrup: reviews

  • Catherine: My son had obstructive bronchitis almost from birth. They wanted to cause asthma. As a result, it was Erespal who saved us. Now everything is all right. I myself was treated with this syrup, everything was fine. In general, eraspal is a salvation for the whole family.
  • Julia: I was very sick, sputum was badly retiring. I went to the doctor, diagnosed obstructive bronchitis. He wrote eraspal in syrup. Took about 3 days, I was very bad from him. When she stopped taking, weakness was still a week. In general, the preparation did not fit.
  • Marina: Erespal did not help me, although there were no side effects either. Saw him a week according to the instructions, both coughing and coughing. I had to save myself with other drugs and herbal inhalations.

Erespal is a common and effective medicine for the treatment of broncho-pulmonary diseases. It can be taken both by children and adults. The only negative is possible allergic reactions, but doctors say that they are quite rare.