Epigenes spray for thrush

Thrush is a disease that every woman has experienced, and more than once. Symptoms of the disease are forced to visit a specialist and select a qualified treatment. But what if a thrush does not pass for a long time, and if it passes, then for a short period? How to treat thrush pregnant, because most drugs are contraindicated?

Epigenes spray: instructions for use

Epigenes spray: instructions for use

Epigen-intim has such useful actions as stimulation of local immunity, it also has antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect, relieves itching. What is quite important in the treatment of many diseases of the female sphere, including candidiasis.

To date, Epigen spray is one of the most commonly prescribed drugs for the treatment and prevention of thrush. Equally well manifests itself in the prevention of relapse in chronic forms of candidiasis.

In gynecology, Epigen spray is often prescribed in tandem with other drugs to enhance local immunity, to eliminate discomfort - itching, burning, increased dryness of the vaginal mucosa, etc. The absence of artificial fragrances and other elements that can cause allergic reactions.

To start work on the treatment of candidiasis, in order to increase local immunity, the active substance of the spray should go directly to the vaginal mucosa, which can be achieved with a special nozzle, which is included in the kit. Epigenes spray is designed for use not only in women, but also in men. Due to the convenient form of application there is no difficulty in using.

Epigen in pregnancy is the most appropriate and versatile tool in the fight against thrush, regardless of the timing of carrying a baby. According to numerous reviews, the spray helped to quickly cure thrush, due to the antifungal, anti-inflammatory effect and at the same time increase the body's resistance. Obstetrician-gynecologists do not recommend using Epigen spray intervaginalno, exclusively for surface irrigation.

Reviews of doctors about the drug

Epigen Spray: Doctors reviews

Despite the fact that, according to reviews, the spray helped many women quickly get rid of the symptoms of thrush - yet this is not a panacea. It should be used only in tandem with other antifungal agents, in fact the spray is an excellent addition to the main treatment.

To achieve the result, the use of the drug should be strictly regular, at least 3 times during the day at the same time intervals. The course of treatment is 7 - 10 days, you can not stop taking the drug, even with the occurrence of improvements.

To prevent the appearance of thrush, Epigen spray is recommended to be used in courses of 5 to 10 days, during cold seasons and to maximize immunity - autumn, spring. In addition, the drug is recommended for use when exposed to all factors that will contribute to the development of thrush - taking antibiotics, the use of oral contraceptives, stress, change of sexual partner and change of the climatic zone.

A significant role in preventing the occurrence of thrush is played by personal hygiene, which not only needs to be regular, but also properly implemented.

We select inexpensive analogues

Epigenes intimate spray: inexpensive analogues

The cost of Epigen spray is quite high, in accordance with this there is a need to replace the drug with analogues. The analogue of the active substance Epigen spray is Glyciram, Epigen labial, Glycyrrhizic acid. Unlike Epigen-intima itself, which can be produced in the form of a spray and gel, the listed analogs are presented in the form of tablets, granules for solution preparation, which are used for oral administration.

Glyciram is an analogue of Epigen spray only for the main active ingredient, but despite this, the indications for use and the dosage forms of the drugs are completely different.

Epigenes spray belongs to the class of drugs that has no analogues yet. Even if they are according to the active substance, the area of ​​their use is completely different. For these reasons, it is not necessary to experiment and experiment on your own body.

Almost all the reviews about this drug are extremely positive, it has long and firmly established itself as effective. Epigen intim spray has a special value in the treatment of chronic candidiasis in pregnant women. But, as well as before use of any preparation, consultation of the expert is necessary.

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