Absorbent preparations should be present in each first aid kit: their use can be carried out not only for the purpose of therapy, but also for reasons of prevention. They allow you to clean the body of toxins of toxins of any level, restoring most of the internal processes. Among these drugs most often, doctors mention Enterosgel. Is it really better than its counterparts, or is its value too high?

The main characteristics of the drug

The tool is a classic enterosorbent with a pronounced effect of detoxification and sorption

The tool is a classic enterosorbent with a pronounced effect of detoxification and sorption. Available in the form of a gel-like gel of white color, the texture of which may be somewhat non-uniform, as well as in the form of a thick paste of white or similar shade to it. Each form has no smell, the active ingredients are identical, with the exception of water in the composition of the paste. The volume of the drug - 225 g, of which 100% for the gel of the active substance, 70% for the paste (30% - water).

  • The active substance of the drug "Enterosgel" - polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate, which is based on silicon. The porous structure allows you to influence the molecular weight metabolites, while they are not only neutralized, but also excreted from the body through the digestive tract. The active ingredient is not absorbed into the walls of the digestive tract and does not affect the mucous membrane, as a result of which it is absolutely safe for ulcerative lesions.
  • Enterosgel is effective against endogenous and exogenous toxins, regardless of the nature of their origin: it can be used both to remove food allergens, and to get rid of infectious and drug intoxication, heavy metal salts. The ability of Enterosgel to bind and remove poisons, urea, reduce alcohol intoxication and lower cholesterol levels is noted.

Thus, the range of effects of the drug is quite wide, with the only contraindication to its reception - atony and individual intolerance of the active component. During pregnancy and breastfeeding its use is not limited. The main indications are the following:

  • Dysbacteriosis of any origin;
  • Violation of microflora due to prolonged use of antibiotics;
  • Food and drug allergies;
  • Alcohol intoxication;
  • Drug poisoning;
  • Intestinal infections in acute form;
  • Any intoxication in the chronic stage and in the period of exacerbation;
  • Hepatitis (viral), renal failure;
  • Disruption of the liver;

It should also be noted that Enterosgel can be used as a preventive measure for people living in areas with unfavorable ecology and working in enterprises. Doctors also mention the inclusion of medication in cancer therapy.

Some features of the application

Some features of the use of "Enterosgel" can be found by reading independent consumer reviews. In particular, the ability of the drug to reduce the possible negative effects of heavy eating or alcohol abuse, if you eat 1 tsp. paste / gel for 2-3 hours before. The reaction of the body will be less pronounced, because in the next 12 hours the drug will act.

  • "Enterosgel" is consumed before meals, for 1-2 hours (the same applies to its distinction with other drugs), while the paste / gel is diluted with water or washed down with a large amount of it. Throughout the course of treatment, it is imperative to increase the daily fluid rate.
  • The course duration is determined by the doctor: for acute conditions, 3-5 days are considered optimal, for chronic conditions - up to 21 days.

Despite the fairly safe composition and the absence of serious contraindications, Enterosgel in rare cases provokes nausea, constipation and aversion to the taste of paste or gel. All symptoms go away on their own 12 hours after administration.

"Enterosgel": cheap analogues for children and adults

According to numerous reviews, the drug is extremely attractive because of its safety and versatility.

Judging by the numerous reviews, the drug is extremely attractive because of its safety and versatility, but has a significant drawback: its price. 225 g of funds in pharmacies can cost as much as 350 rubles, and 420 rubles, which raises a logical question - are there any worthy counterparts? This is especially important with regard to children's treatment.

  • "Smekta"
  • "Fosfalyugel"
  • "Enterodez"
  • "Enterofuril"
  • "Polyphepan"
  • "Polysorb"

These are the main names that pharmacists and doctors mention when they are asked about the more affordable (at a price and availability in pharmacies) Enterosgel analogues. However, how much are they really able to replace it? Far from each of these drugs can be called a counterpart, since they differ greatly in chemical composition (and not only), and the only thing they have in common is being in a group of sorbents.

  • The absorption power of all the above mentioned medicines is not the same: “Polyphepan” is the weakest sorbent (no more than 20 sq. M. “Dirt” captures 1 g of the drug), “Smekta” - an average activity (up to 100 sq. M), and “Enterosgel” "recognized as highly efficient (150 sqm). The highest rate is seen at Polisorb (300 sq.m).
  • The sorption capacity is also different for all products: while Enterosgel is aimed at medium-sized molecules, Polysorb collects absolutely any elements.

The safety of all the above mentioned drugs is at the same level: each of them is approved for use in infants, pregnant women and nursing mothers, and is not absorbed into the mucous membrane, but some form an additional protective film, and some besides slags also relieve the body of beneficial trace elements.

"Polyphepan": instructions for use, price, consumer reviews

This drug is the cheapest and most affordable.

This drug is the cheapest and most affordable, as well as one of the most famous, since it has been produced for a long time and is familiar to everyone. It is a dark-brown powder, which must be washed down with plenty of warm water. Sorption capacity, as already mentioned, is low.

  • The natural origin of this sorbent (works on coniferous wood) causes the softness of the effect and complete safety for children and adults. Affects toxins and microorganisms.
  • The main indications for the use of "Polifepana": diarrhea, food and alcohol intoxication, gastrointestinal disorders. May be included in the complex therapy of peptic ulcer.
  • At 1 tbsp. powder you need to take 100 ml of warm water. Children dosage is reduced to 1 tsp. Reception is carried out before meals and continues until the stools are normalized, or 3 times a day, throughout the week.

From the reviews we can conclude that this tool is most effective in relation to problems of digestion, therefore it cannot be a full-fledged analogue of Enterosgel.

Inna, 26 years old:“By its composition,“ Polyphepan ”is the same coal, with the same drawbacks: you need to take a lot for a strong effect. However, it does not make the body worse. I drank it not only for poisoning, but also purposefully for cleansing the body: good detoxification option without negative consequences. But something serious with its help is extremely difficult to treat. "

The cost of 100 g of powder ranges from 60-80 rubles.

What you need to know about "Enterofurile"?

As for Enterofuril, it has absolutely nothing to do with the previous analogue of Enterosgel, since it works at the expense of nifuroxazide and a large number of auxiliary substances. The drug is presented in the form of gelatin capsules with a yellow powder, as well as in the format of a syrup. Contraindications and side effects (in addition to allergic reactions) are not stated by the manufacturer, allowed to receive children from 1 year.

  • The scope of Enterofuril is infectious intoxication: rotovirus infections, gram-positive enterobacteria and gram-negative infections.
  • Children need to open the capsules and dissolve their contents in warm water. Adults - swallow with water. The course of treatment lasts a week.

According to the manufacturer, the indications for use of Enterofuril are not analogous to Enterosgel, moreover, it cannot be called a budget preparation - 30 capsules cost 300-370 rubles. Syrup (90 ml) - 420 rub.

Alena, 25 years old:“The drug is the best in its niche: it treated her daughter (1 g and 8 months), and after her little (7 months) son from infectious diarrhea. The doctor first prescribed“ Smektu ”, but her condition only worsened.“ Enterofuril "The children suffered equally well, relief came as early as the next day. The course was carried out for only 4 days."

There are no full-fledged analogues in Enterosgel: some drugs in the methyl silicic acid group, where Atoxil, Polysorb and Sorbolong are, are close to it, but are different in quality characteristics. Some of those that are called analogues, are focused on other problems. Thus, it is possible to choose a replacement only on the basis of a specific violation.