Enterosgel for babies


"Enterosgel" belongs to the category of sorbents and is most effective for removing toxins, in particular, in case of poisoning or infection. It can also be used during dysbacteriosis in order to restore the intestinal microflora, and in case of allergies - as a weak antihistamine preparation. How safe is the remedy for a child at the most tender age, and how to use it correctly in pediatric therapy?

Enterosgel: general description of the drug


Activated carbon is present in the composition of the drug, however, the latter loses much before it, since Enterosgel has a unique hydrogel structure. The format of the medicine is the same for everyone, so babies take the same packaging as adults.

  • The main indications for use of Enterosgel in all ages are intestinal infections and disorders, intoxication of any genesis, liver problems (including hepatitis), allergies of any kind. In children, the drug is often used in diathesis.
  • This sorbent can be prescribed to babies already from the first week of life, since it does not adversely affect the digestive tract, and its components are not absorbed into tissues and blood. However, the dosage and reaction of the child to it must be monitored with special care.

Despite the fact that, in fact, "Enterosgel" is absolutely safe, you must understand that to use it thoughtlessly in a child is to harm him. Choosing the dosage and schedule of therapy, it is important to focus not only on weight and age, but also on a number of other points.

How to give "Enterosgel" babies?

First, it is worth remembering that when violations of the chair to use "Enterosgel" recommended very carefully. With constipation, it, as well as other sorbents, is contraindicated, and for diarrhea, it is necessary to first clarify its cause. The fact is that infants (up to 1 year) have problems with a chair often caused by a lack of enzymes, and no sorbent does not affect them, but it can worsen the condition. Secondly, doctors remind of the inadmissibility of the drug in the presence of internal bleeding and intestinal atony, as well as peptic ulcer diseases.

The next nuance is the dosage and the problem itself, which the sorbent should solve. Most often, parents begin to give Enterosgel to babies with allergies (including diathesis). Moreover, the drug is allowed and to remove external manifestations (rash, diaper rash, peeling), and to prevent the development of entericolitis. The drug can be prescribed together with probiotics for the effectiveness of which does not affect.

The baby is ill

  • In case of allergy, infants need a course for 10-14 days, and for situational manifestations of disorders of the digestive tract, it is enough to take the drug up to 3 times per day for 2 days.
  • For newborns, Enterosgel is given in 1/3 tsp, which must be diluted either in water or in milk, which is taken in 2 / 3-1 tsp. Those. there should be enough liquid mixture. Reception is carried out before feeding.
  • Babies over six months can be diluted 1/2 tsp. drug in the same amount of water, also give before feeding.
  • Babies from one year old are allowed to give up to 2 tsp. for the reception, and the sorbent is diluted with fruit puree.

If it is not possible to feed the baby directly with a mixture of a spoon, the liquefied paste is put into a syringe and squeezed into the baby’s mouth. Or you can mix the drug with milk.

Reviews of parents and pediatricians about the drug

As for the direct reaction to the drug by the doctors, they claim that Enterosgel is the only sorbent allowed for babies from birth, even they have a sensitive body and intolerance to most drugs. Young parents agree with them - this is a tool that does not make you worry about side effects.

  • Anna: He added some sugar to his son in Enterosgel, because he refused to swallow the drug - he turned away from the spoon with all his might, then he spit it out. Such a “liberty” did not affect the treatment - the child got rid of the diathesis in 4 days, but we drank 8 days just in case.
  • Valentine: “Enterosgel” I constantly “heal” myself, so there was no particular concern regarding pediatric therapy. Daughter during the rotovirus infection helped to transfer the disease easily, only he, with activated charcoal in general, cannot be compared - Enterosgel is much more effective.

It should be noted that in children older than 1 year, therapy is carried out between meals (that is, mashed potatoes are snacks), and morning-evening is considered the optimal scheme. However, it is allowed to bring the frequency of receptions up to 3 times per day. If the manifestations of diathesis have not weakened for 5-7 days, it is necessary to clarify the diagnosis with a doctor.