Elevated blood sugar

Elevated blood sugar is a fairly serious sign of the onset of diabetes. But, despite the seriousness of the situation, you can lower your blood sugar levels yourself. This will help a variety of folk remedies.

Nutritional restrictions for high sugar

If you have signs of high blood sugar, one of the methods of treatment is to limit the use of products containing a large amount of easily digestible carbohydrates. These include: confectionery, lemonade, liqueur and wine, candy and jam. You should also abandon raisins, grapes, figs, liver, fatty meats and fish, smoked products, pickled and salted foods. They all contain glucose, which will lead to an even greater increase in blood sugar.

Increased blood sugar: treatment of folk remedies

Should increase the amount of vegetables and fruits eaten, which contain vitamins, fiber and minerals. These are cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots. Bilberry will be especially useful, which will help restore vision, which is deteriorating due to the high level of sugar, and reduce its level. Sour milk products, buckwheat porridge, peas and beans will have a healthy effect. Cabbage and beets, onions and dill, parsley and eggplants, zucchini, cucumbers and pumpkin - all these vegetables will help reduce elevated blood sugar.

Most useful for reducing blood sugar from fruits there will be orange, lemon, kiwi and grapefruit. From berries - bilberry, chokeberry, lingonberry and hawthorn, gooseberry and cranberry. If you drink fresh juices from these fruits and berries, eat them regularly, then the blood sugar level will gradually decrease and normalize.

High blood sugar: herbal tea treatment

With elevated sugar, any liquid in sufficiently large quantities will be useful, as long as it does not contain carbohydrates. Teas in this process occupy a special place, helping to reduce blood sugar and stabilize its level. One of the most useful would be blueberry. It is prepared by brewing blueberry leaves with boiling water. Its leaves contain compounds that help reduce sugar levels.

Sage and red tea will also be helpful. The first will help the work of the organs, restore immunity and relieve fatigue caused by high blood sugar levels. And the second - will reduce the feeling of hunger and give the sweetness of natural origin. One cup per day is enough.

Increased blood sugar: treatment of folk remedies

Folk recipes for lowering blood sugar

  • You will need 50 g of blueberries, dried white bean pods, 20 g of flaxseed and 1 l of water. All mix and pour boiling water. After that, wrap the container and leave for 5 hours to infuse. Take the resulting decoction before meals 3 times 0.5 cups for 2 weeks. After a break, repeat if necessary.
  • The following recipe will help to quickly reduce sugar levels. To prepare, take 50 grams of wheat and oats, 20 g of rice straw and pour 1 l of boiling water over them. Put to boil in a water bath for 15 minutes. After 3 hours, strain. Broth store in the refrigerator. Drink it 7 days before meals for 15 minutes at 0.5 cups. If necessary, repeat, take a break for 2 weeks.
  • Take 50 g of walnut leaves, 20 g of dandelion roots and 1 liter of boiling water. Mix and pour boiling water. Carefully close the container with the decoction, wrap and leave to stand for 3 hours. After decoction strain. Keep it in the fridge. Use 1 tbsp. spoon 6 times a day after meals. This will help reduce urine sugar levels. You can also prepare alcoholic tincture of walnut partitions. It will be enough for you for 6 months. It will help gradually reduce high sugar. A sign of improvement is the disappearance of burning tongue and dry mouth. Take 1 tbsp. spoon partitions and fill them with vodka, so that she covered them on top. Leave to infuse for 2 weeks. Take on an empty stomach 1 time a day, spreading 6 drops in 2 tbsp. spoons of water. Water should be warm. Reception course from 1 month to 3.
  • Horseradish root rub on a fine grater and mix with sour milk in a ratio of 1 to 10. Take the mixture on an empty stomach before eating 3 times a day and 1 tbsp. a spoon. Sugar will begin to decline gradually..
  • Also help and oats. Pour 1 cup of oats with 6 cups of boiling water, then boil for 1 hour. Keep the decoction in the refrigerator. Strain and drink whenever you want, in any quantity.

Increased blood sugar: treatment of folk remedies

  • Boil the lilac leaves with boiling water and drink like a regular drink throughout the day. This drink will help to safely reduce the level of sugar. To normalize sugar, prepare a tincture of lilac buds. Need to pour 2 tbsp. boiling water 2 tbsp. spoons of kidneys, and after 6 hours, drain. The resulting mixture should be drunk for 1 day in 4 receptions.
  • A cocktail of eggs and lemon juice is able to quickly reduce elevated blood sugar. Squeeze the juice from the lemon, add to it the raw protein and whisk. An hour before the meal, drink. Drink this cocktail for 3 consecutive days in the morning. Repeat after 10 days.

Increased blood sugar will help reduce exercise and good mood, which appears after them. To do this, try to walk more, wherever possible. Give up the elevator, take walks in the evenings, and longer ones at weekends.

Proper nutrition, the use of recipes collected by the people over the years, the right loads and the rhythm of life - all this will help reduce high blood sugar.

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