In folk medicine, for many years, a medicinal plant with a beautiful nickname has been known. It is used to treat a variety of diseases, helping to deal with them much faster, improving the effects of medications.

But, like any medicinal herb, virgin requires a serious attitude and does not accept self-treatment. Therefore, before taking advantage of its healing properties, it is necessary to carefully study the rules for its use, and especially to get acquainted with the contraindications that elecampane also has.

Medicinal properties of elecampane

For the preparation of healing recipes in folk medicine, only rhizome of elecampane and its roots are used.. The flower itself is usually harvested when it is already one year old.

Elecade: useful properties

  • Elecampen is used to treat a variety of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract..
  • A decoction of it becomes an excellent expectorant for respiratory diseases.
  • Deviasil can add to the list of its healing properties a diuretic effect, which is often necessary with high blood pressure.
  • Nine also improves metabolism and activates the process of digestion, which helps speed up the struggle with excess weight.
  • In addition, it can, if necessary, cause menstruation and speed up the end of lactation.

Traditional medicine refers virgin to the most powerful medicinal plants that are used in the treatment of diseases.But before using such a wonderful plant, be sure to visit the attending physician. Only he can allow you to take devyasila, since his strong healing properties are not suitable for everyone. He has a number of contraindications that you need to know in order to not get harm instead of benefit. For example, in case of kidney diseases, diuretics, such as decoction of elecampane, are simply contraindicated.

What are the contraindications have devyasila?

But, despite all the healing properties of devyasila, he has a number of serious contraindications.

Elecampane: contraindications

  • Nard should never be taken by people with serious diseases of the cardiovascular system.Uncontrolled intake of decoctions and tinctures from it can cause a deterioration in general health and cause complications.
  • During pregnancy and lactation, the use of this herb should also be abandoned. In general, during this period, nothing can be taken without consulting a gynecologist.
  • Since Devayasil is a strong diuretic, it is contraindicated for use in kidney disease.
  • In addition, infusions and decoctions from the roots of devyala can reduce the secretion of enzymes in the stomach, necessary for digestion, and with gastritis with low acidity can only cause deterioration and cause harm instead of benefit.
  • Because of its ability to cause menstruation, Devysil High is forbidden for use in gynecological diseases, accompanied by copious menstruation.
  • Hypotonics should treat it with extreme caution.
  • The unique wine, which is prepared from elecampane, is highly recommended for the reception of weakened after illness and convalescent people. But unlike the decoction of rhizome and roots of elecampane, it increases the acidity of gastric juice, which has a negative effect in the period of exacerbation of gastric ulcer, as well as in the so-called state of hyperacid gastritis.

Some traditional healers believe that devasil is able to reduce the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin, which are necessary for normal blood composition.

Symptoms of Poisoning

Even in the absence of direct contraindications that prohibit the use of devyala for medicinal purposes, a violation in doses and the number of its methods can cause poisoning.

Elecampane: symptoms of poisoning

The first symptoms of this poisoning are nausea and weakness. In case of moderate poisoning, drooling occurs, slowing breathing, shakiness. Poisoning with a strong nagger is characterized by a weakening of cardiac activity. Any of these symptoms require an immediate emergency call, as delay can cause a comatose..

After taking the devyasila be attentive to your condition, in order to respond in time when it deteriorates, and the best way to start receiving devyasila with small doses in order to avoid complications.

When deciding to use nyasyl for the treatment of a certain disease, it is imperative that you consult with your doctor. Healing herbs used for many years in traditional medicine have earned recognition and love. But their use is strictly defined. Each plant has its own list of contraindications, which should be reviewed before using. Same thing applies to the unique elecampane, which has a significant list of contraindications. Take care of yourself, do not self-medicate and be healthy!

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