Elderberry in folk medicine


In some nations, elder since ancient times is considered a sacred plant. Our ancestors never worshiped an elderberry, also called "Swiss tea" in our area, but for a long time in Russia they knew and used the healing properties of this shrub.

Help - elder black

Black elderberry is a low tree up to 7 m in height or a perennial shrub from the honeysuckle family. The stalks of the elder are branchy, the branches grow alternately opposite each other, their core is loose; warty bark, exuding a sharp unpleasant odor, the leaves of the elderberry are pinnate, the flowers are yellow-white, also exude an unpleasant odor, grow in inflorescences, in the fall of them ripen fruits - small berries of dark purple or black. Flowering time: May-July.

Where to look for elder black?

Elderberry is widespread almost throughout the entire territory of our country. A shrub grows in garden and forest thickets, on the banks of rivers and streams. In the countryside, elderberry is often found near residential buildings.

Features of collecting elderberry black

Medicinal raw materials are flowers, leaves, bark and black elderberry fruits.

Flowers should be collected in the midst of flowering, cutting off whole inflorescences. To dry such raw materials is necessary as follows: first, it is necessary to slightly wrap up, spreading out in small bunches or scattering evenly with a layer of 10–15 cm on sheets of paper in a regularly ventilated place protected from moisture. After 1-2 days, the flowers must be picked from the inflorescences and dried until the raw materials are fully prepared in the same place, or in the oven at a temperature of 30-40 degrees.

Black elderberry leaves must be collected in the spring when they are still very young. To dry them should be in the fresh air under a canopy. Elder bark should also be cut from young branches. Drying of this raw material should be carried out in an oven at a temperature of 35-40 degrees. Elderberry fruits should be harvested when they are fully ripe and have a dark purple or black color. You can dry them gradually, laying out a thin layer under a canopy on paper, or using an oven heated to 40 degrees. The shelf life of black elderberry raw materials is 1 year.

Contraindications: pregnancy, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, ulcerative enterocolitis; children under 12 years old are not recommended to take black elderberry preparations.

Side Effects of Elderberry Black

Preparations based on elderberry flowers, while respecting the prescribed dosages, do not cause side effects. Preparations on the leaves and bark of the black elderberry with prolonged use may cause irritation of the gastrointestinal tract. With an overdose of black elderberry nausea and vomiting occur.

Recipes for Elderberry Black

Infusion from arthritis

1 tablespoon of dried crushed flowers of elder black pour 1 glass of hot water and bring to a boil over medium heat. Then reduce the heat and boil the infusion for 15 minutes. Then, for 45 minutes, the infusion should be cooled, filtered and squeezed, and then brought to the original volume with cooled boiled water. The infusion is necessary to drink warmed, before each meal, 125 ml for the treatment of arthritis, as well as rheumatism and gout.

Baths against salt deposits

A pinch of dry crushed raw elderberry black pour over 1 cup of boiling water and leave for 30 minutes. Then pour the resulting infusion into the prepared bath with a water temperature of 37-38 degrees. For more effective treatment, such baths should be combined with the reception of tea from the flowers of elder black. His recipe: 2 teaspoons of dried crushed flowers of elderberry pour a glass of boiling water and leave for 10 minutes. Such treatment is indicated not only with salt deposition, but also with radiculitis and polyarthritis.

Tea from the elderberry flowers can also be used as a diaphoretic, for this it is necessary to give the patient 0.5 liters per day in a heated form. To get rid of rheumatic pain will help the course of treatment: 1 cup of tea 3 times a day for 21 days.

Diuretic black elderberry tea

2 teaspoons of the dry crushed raw elderberry (bark or leaves), pour 250 ml of cold water, put the mixture on the fire and bring to a boil, then quickly strain. Cooked tea should be drunk gradually throughout the day in small sips. It contributes to the removal of excess fluid from the body, regulates stool and urinary processes.

Broth with diabetes

1 tablespoon of dried crushed black elderberry roots pour 1 cup of hot water and boil in a water bath for half an hour, then cool 10 minutes, strain and bring the broth with cooled boiled water to the original volume. Take a decoction before each meal at 85 ml.

Black elderberry infusion for external use

2 teaspoons of dried crushed flowers of elderberry pour 1 cup of boiling water. Insist 30 minutes, after strain and squeeze. This infusion gargle with stomatitis or sore throat.

Choleretic infusion of elderberry black

  • Recipe number 1: 1 of dry black elderberry berries pour 10 parts of boiling water and leave for 45 minutes, then strain and squeeze. Take 100 ml of infusion before each meal for 20 minutes. Infusion will not only improve biliary excretion, but also provide a quick exit of the contents of the intestine.
  • Recipe number 2: 1 tablespoon of dry and chopped raw elderberry black pour 1 cup boiling water and leave for 20 minutes, then strain and squeeze. Take an infusion of 2 tablespoons before each meal for 20 minutes.

Broth from rheumatism

4 tablespoons of dry minced raw black elderberry with top (bark) pour 1 liter of boiling water, put on a slow fire and boil until the liquid is evaporated in half. Strain the broth and strain. Take on an empty stomach in the morning in 3 doses.

Black elderberry infusion for obesity

3 teaspoons of the dry crushed raw materials (flowers) of elder black pour 1 cup of boiling water and leave to infuse for 10 minutes, then strain and squeeze. Infusion is necessary to drink for 5 receptions during the day.

Medicine from the young leaves of the black elderberry

Young leaves of black elderberry, collected in early spring and cooked in milk, can be applied in the form of compresses to burns, chafing and hemorrhoids.

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