Many suffer from a lack of calcium in the body. However, not everyone decides to take radical measures and seek help from traditional medicine. A good alternative in such a situation would be the eggshell. How to take and properly prepare a healing mixture, read in our material.

Fragile shell - good health

The benefits and harm of eggshell, how to take and cook it

There is one good Russian folk tale that fully reveals the essence of the benefits of the egg shell. Its meaning is that a hen laid an egg, grandfather and grandmother beat and beat him, but they didn’t break it. Of course, the author does not describe the details of the undertaking, but, apparently, the old men knew that the value of the egg is not at all in the golden shell, but in the content itself. And after all these wise men were right! As part of the shell you can find almost all the vitamins, in particular D, B, A and K, as well as a lot of calcium, selenium, iron, phosphorus and as many as 13 macronutrients.

The benefits and harm of the eggshell, how to take and prepare it - the relevance of these issues will not fade even after many years. After all, it was not without reason that our ancestors actively used the product of chicken production to strengthen the immunity and to treat many diseases. Recently conducted research only confirms all the advantages of this tool:

  • in baby food, eggshell prevents the formation of rickets and the development of anemia, contributes to the formation of strong skeleton and bone tissue;
  • with orthopedic diseases, as well as osteoporosis and limb injuries, accelerated tissue healing and restoration of bone elasticity is observed;
  • while taking as a prophylaxis, the eggshell strengthens the tooth enamel, hair and nails;
  • to some extent, its effectiveness is confirmed in the treatment of bleeding gums, diarrhea, asthma, urticaria, and nervous disorders;
  • The use of chicken-based powder is especially indicated for people with reduced calcium metabolism, for example, for pregnant women.

In addition, in recent studies conducted by US scientists, it was found that eggshell is an excellent absorbent. It contributes to the removal of strontium from the body and thus becomes extremely useful for people living in areas of high radioactivity.

"Shell therapy" in due form

Taking eggshells is easy

It is easy to take egg shells, you just need to know how to handle it properly:

  1. To begin with, the eggshell must be thoroughly washed and dried at room temperature or in the sun.
  2. Then the most difficult and long stage - the separation of the film from the inside of the shells. It is necessary to make it so that the finished powder is better absorbed by the body. By the way, the film can be used in other recipes.
  3. Now the shells need to knead slightly in a mortar, and then bring to the consistency of the powder with a coffee grinder.

In principle, you can stay on the third stage of preparation and simply pour the mixture into a glass container. The dosage of calcium powder is directly dependent on the age of the patient and ranges from 1.5 to 3 grams per day. But it is much more convenient to take eggshell for calcium as a pill. To do this, purchase special gelatin capsules at the pharmacy. This option is also convenient due to the fact that one capsule accommodates the recommended rate and there is no need for constant monitoring of the dosage.

For those who, for aesthetic reasons, are not very pleased to take powder from the shells, you can prepare calcium water:

  1. Boil 2-3 chicken eggs in water until ready, and then cool.
  2. Remove the shell, you can immediately eat the inside, but you need to separate the film from the shell.
  3. Then grind the shell in a coffee grinder, pour the mixture into a clean glass container and pour 3 liters of filtered water.
  4. Let stand for several hours, and then you can use the mixture for drinking or cooking.
  5. It is necessary to replenish the volume of the can after each fence, and after a week and a half, the shells should be changed.

Calcium water from the usual filtered differs in its acid-base balance. In particular, it is recommended to drink to people who live in areas with water, where the pH level is well below normal.

Himself a doctor: reception regimens for various diseases

how to take egg shells to strengthen bones

The existing options for how to take eggshells to strengthen bones or calcium, are not too different from each other. But there are other reasons for intensive calcium enrichment:

  • Allergic diathesis in infants - ½ tsp per day in two doses.
  • Skin diseases, prickly heat, urticaria - no more than 5 grams of egg powder per day.
  • For gastritis and ulcers - ½ teaspoon before each meal for 10 days.
  • Burns, blisters and open wounds are covered with a pinch of egg powder.
  • For diarrhea and cholelithiasis - ½ teaspoon of powder should be stirred in 1 cup of grape juice.
  • For the prevention of diseases of the shell is taken twice a year, courses from 15 to 20 days.

When eating a mixture of eggshell, you need to consider the following aspects:

  • To get the calcium better assimilated by the body, you need to take the mixture before bedtime.
  • During the period of recovery it is also necessary to adjust the diet. From the menu, it is desirable to remove or minimize the use of such foods as spinach, chocolate, cocoa, rhubarb, peanut butter, caffeine-based drinks.
  • It is recommended to combine the intake of egg shell powder with lemon juice or diluted citric acid. And with a strongly increased acidity of the stomach, lemon can be replaced with water, milk, or just add powder to the porridge.
  • An excessive amount of calcium in the body can lead to chronic constipation, the formation of stones in the kidneys and ureter, and also interferes with the absorption of phosphorus, zinc and folic acid.

Eggshell is an indispensable natural source of calcium. It can truly be a real find for naturopaths who do not want to take medical drugs. However, you should not rely only on this folk remedy. Remember that egg powder is a medicine assistant, but not a substitute for the main course of treatment. Be healthy!

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