Ear phyto candles for removing plugs


In the old days, with congestion and pain in the ears, folk healers injected into the auditory canal tissue soaked in warm beeswax mixed with medicinal plants. Nowadays, when it is easy to determine that the source of problems is the accumulation of sulfur, it is also possible (according to the recommendation of the doctor) to use ear plugs to remove traffic jams.

Blocking the ear canal with a sulfur plug can lead to hearing loss, neuralgic pain, neuromuscular pathologies and even impairment of the functioning of the heart muscle. To remove blockages, in addition to washing the ear, use heat. Due to its sulfur dissolves and painlessly flows from the ear hole.

Which candle will warm your ears?

Ear plugs for removing traffic jams

A modern candle for the ears, after some improvement for security purposes, has acquired the following appearance: it is a tube made of natural fabric, empty inside, 20 cm long and more, about 9 mm in diameter, impregnated with wax, propolis and extracts from medicinal herbs. Phytopreparations relieve inflammation, increase antispasmodic and anesthetic effect of bee products. Most often, ear candles are produced with the addition of:

  • citrus fruits;
  • mint;
  • lavender;
  • carnations;
  • sage;
  • needles;
  • cinnamon

After the candle is lit, it becomes noticeable that the burning rate is low due to the fact that there is beeswax in the fabric. The pressure in the duct is reduced by the burden of fire, which creates a slight vibration. As a result, it massages and improves the blood supply to the eardrum. Heated air, filled with the scent of beneficial plants, penetrates the ear canal and affects the ear sections. Heat and negative pressure created in the healing "convolution":

  • equalize pressure in the middle and inner ear, maxillary and frontal sinuses;
  • relieves pain, improves nasal breathing and smell;
  • free the ear cavity from excess sulfur;
  • help calm the patient.

Ear Phyto Candles help only prudent

instructions for use of ear candles

Otolaryngologists say that non-compliance with the instructions for use of ear candles is fraught with darkening of the eardrum and may even worsen the patient's condition by clogging the auditory opening with wax. Use "burning medicine" according to the following recommendations.

  1. Lie on the couch on its side.
  2. Take a little baby or another moisturizer and make a light massage of the auricle for up to 1-2 minutes.
  3. Light a phyto candle end not wrapped in foil.
  4. When burning becomes uniform, vertically insert the opposite end of the tube into the ear.
  5. After the flame reaches the cessation mark (this will happen in about 6-8 minutes), carefully remove the candle and extinguish it, dropping it into a bowl of water.
  6. Dampen a cotton swab in boric alcohol and gently clean the ear canal.
  7. Repeat the cleaning, but with a dry cotton swab.
  8. Lay the ear with a cotton swab for 5-8 hours.
  9. After 12-15 minutes, put a candle in the other ear, even if you do not feel discomfort in it.
  10. In case of sulfuric traffic jams, this procedure can be performed daily during the week.
  11. If there is no effect, do not postpone the visit to the ENT doctor.

Need to be treated carefully

Before using the phyto-candle, you should consult with the doctor and make sure that this seemingly harmless remedy is not contraindicated for you. Also do not forget about the precautionary measures:

  • the tubule should be installed by the assistant, not the patient;
  • it is forbidden to leave a person alone during the procedure;
  • water must be placed near the patient so that at any time the flame can be extinguished;
  • A candle is inserted into a cardboard circle to create an additional barrier between the burning object and the skin;
  • not superfluous will cover the head of the patient's ear with a towel;
  • Do not allow candles to burn further than the indicated pointer.

You will have to refrain from removing sulfur plugs with ear candles when:

ear plugs for removing plugs, reviews

  • acute purulent otitis or sinusitis;
  • congenital or acquired defects of the eardrum;
  • skin diseases and scars in the ear canal;
  • inflammation of the temporal bone;
  • pathological bone growth in the middle ear;
  • tumors in the maxillofacial region;
  • allergic reaction to the components of the candle.

Someone else's experience is a good adviser.

People who used ear plugs to remove traffic jams, reviews of them give mostly positive. Those who tried to get rid of ear blockages by the thermal method, note that after 3-4 procedures:

  • pain and tinnitus stopped;
  • hearing has improved markedly;
  • sleep returned to normal;
  • from the ear managed to eliminate the remnants of dissolved sulfur.

Such a kind of "cleaning" drug was useless when too hard traffic jams. Patients who do not take into account contraindications, and especially - the fact that the ears can itch when allergic to the ingredients that make up the medicine, speak negatively about phytocalls. Another cause of dissatisfaction - in the case of an incorrect application, melted wax gets into the ear canal.

Remove the sulfuric plug, which prevents a person from enjoying the beautiful sounds and gradually worsens the general state of health, can be a simple popular way, approved by official medicine. Ear candles with extracts of medicinal herbs will help solve the problem associated with ear clogging, without unnecessary trouble and discomfort - of course, provided there are no contraindications and proper use.