Ear drops with ear congestion. what drugs to use after a


Everyone knows how unpleasant when laying ear. After all, with any decrease in hearing a person begins to feel great discomfort. Not only do the sounds become muffled, it also causes dizziness, sometimes pain. What to do in this situation? The most popular aid for ear congestion is ear drops. How to apply them correctly?

Why does "sudden deafness" arise and is it necessary to do something?

Ear drops with ear congestion

Treat the ears should be at the first symptoms of their illness. If possible, it is better to use simple and affordable tools for this. This rule also applies to stuffiness. From it should get rid of, until it came to unpleasant incidents on the street, at work and at home.

The causes of this phenomenon are most often such factors:

  • sulfur plug;
  • water ingress when bathing in a shower or an open pond;
  • foreign object in the ear (button, seed, insect, piece of cotton);
  • inflammation (against the background of purulent otitis, flu, cold, measles, scarlet fever, head injuries);
  • aerootite (appears when the aircraft is landing and taking off, riding on rotating mechanisms, moving too fast on the elevator);
  • Otomycosis (a consequence of the "work" of pathogenic microorganisms);
  • otosclerosis.

Since there are many reasons, drops in the ears with a congested ear may not be the primary means of treatment, but part of complex therapy. Nevertheless, their use helps to quickly get rid of such an unpleasant phenomenon.

When and what means will save the situation?

Doctors recommend to use drops in the ears in case of ear congestion in the following cases:

  • if sulfur has accumulated, then softening drugs are used;
  • for otitis, it is advisable to use anti-inflammatory drugs with an analgesic effect;
  • if the root of evil is the reproduction of fungi, then the patient is treated with appropriate ointments (an otolaryngologist will prescribe them) and drops;
  • symptoms of aerootitis are relieved by vasoconstrictor agents — Naphthyzinum and Ephedrine.

What exactly can I use? The use of such drugs gives the best effect:

Doctors advise to use ear drops in case of ear congestion.

  • Otipaks drops are a popular, proven and effective remedy for ear congestion that helps suppress inflammatory processes. Effectively with both congestion and otitis, but does not dissolve the plug. You can even apply to small children, pregnant and lactating, as the components of the medicine do not enter the blood. Does not contain antibiotics. May cause an allergic reaction. It is necessary to apply drops daily at 3-4 p., Digging into babies with 1 cap., For children 2 years old - 2 cap., From 3 years - 2-3 cap., For adults 3-4. Cap.
  • A-Cerumen, Remo-Vax - viscous substances for the treatment of the ear canal, soften the ear secret, facilitating the release of cork. If you do not have such drugs on hand, you can use hydrogen peroxide. Pour in a few drops of the 3% agent, after a couple of minutes the passage is irrigated with a warm water jet to remove the softened contents;
  • Otinum. Very famous drug. Indications for its use is acute otitis media; You can use it to soften sulfur. Drops produce anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antimicrobial action. It is forbidden to use Otinum, if there are signs indicating perforation of the eardrum. It is not recommended to be treated with this drug for pregnant women. Children under 1 year old drops can be used under the supervision of a physician. Means is instilled into the sore ear four times a day for 4 cap .;
  • Garazon Combined drops with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic action. They help with congestion associated with inflammation (they won't get rid of the ear plug). They contain gentamicin and betamethasone. The drug is forbidden to use for children under 8 years of age, pregnant women and during lactation. Use according to this scheme: 3-4 cap. 2-4 p. in a day;
  • Normaks. Drops with an antibiotic (active ingredient - norfloxacin). They produce a bactericidal effect at the cellular level, eliminate congestion, as they relieve inflammation. Relief in the application comes the next day. Normaks is strictly prohibited to women carrying a child and nursing mothers. Children are allowed to use this drug when they reach the age of 12. You can drip ears up to 4 p. per day 2 cap. (not longer than 10 days). One of the most inexpensive drugs of such a spectrum (the cost of 1 bottle is 50 rubles);
  • Candiotics. Combined product containing clotrimazole (antifungal component), lidocaine (anesthetic) and chloramphenicol (antibiotic), beclomethasone diopropionate (antiallergic substance). Not only eliminates congestion, but also reduces pain and reduces inflammation. The tool should not be used throughout the entire period of pregnancy, with lactation. It is contraindicated in children under 6 years. The medicine is instilled in 5 drops. 3 p. per day (course of 7 days).

The best ear drops with ear congestion after a cold

The best ear drops with ear congestion after a cold

Many faced the problem when the congestion of their ears becomes a consequence of a bad cold caused by a cold. Before returning normal hearing, the maxillary sinuses should be freed from mucus. To do this, it is advisable to use vasoconstrictor nasal solutions - Nazol, Naphthyzinum, Vibrocyl, Tizin, Galazolin. In addition, nasopharyngeal washing with a solution of distilled water (200 ml) and Furacilin is used. This should relieve the congestion of the ears.

Of the pharmaceutical preparations that doctors recommend in this situation, the antibacterial and anesthetics Otinum, Sofradeks, Albucidum (5-10%) are most suitable. A good result is given by the use of solutions of Rivanol, Polymyxin, Rizorcin, Etonia.

A deep yawn, gum chewing, a sharp pressing of the palm to the ear, the adoption of a horizontal position helps to temporarily eliminate the congestion.

What can not be done with such a problem?

Very often, for any problems with the ears, homegrown "healers" are advised to use boric alcohol. Doctors are categorically against such a "treatment." Instillation in the ears of such a tool will cause very painful sensations. In addition, it is a toxic substance.

Other means that are popular among people are camphor alcohol and oil. These drugs are allowed to be used only externally, burying their ears is prohibited! If such a tool settles on the eardrum, it will cause a burn and lead to loss (or decrease) of hearing.

Before you deal with the problem (especially if it is caused by unknown reasons or is accompanied by pain, discharge from the ear and fever), it is better to visit the otolaryngologist. In case of ear congestion, he will select ear drops individually, based on the inspection data and symptoms of the disease. Do not forget that such a problem may be one of the first signs of meningitis, and here you can’t help you with drops in your drops! Therefore, a medical consultation will never be an unnecessary precaution.