Dzhoset's cough syrup for children


If children grow up in your family, then the topic of cough treatment is surely relevant for you. Someone, and mothers know how difficult it is to cope with such a problem, especially if the child is small and has not yet learned to cough up sputum. In such cases, it may be useful dzhoset - cough syrup with a very powerful effect. What is this drug and is it really that good?

What does Jocet contain and how does it work?

What does josst contain and how does it work

Dzhoset syrup is produced in India. It has a strong bronchodilator, expectorant and mucolytic action. Speaking in a non-medical language, it dilutes the sputum (which helps her to cough), relaxes the bronchi and expands their lumen (and thus, makes breathing easier) and helps them to free themselves from mucus without a cough. However, in the pharmacy assortment you can find a lot of drugs that promise to do the same. What is so special about Djoset's cough syrup?

This drug has a unique combination of active ingredients. Its composition contains the following substances:

  • Bromhexine. Many are well acquainted with him thanks to the same preparation. This substance has antitussive effect, reduces viscosity and elasticity of sputum, which helps its discharge;
  • Salbutamol. It has a high bronchodilator effect, warns of bronchospasm;
  • Guaifenezim. Makes sputum less thick (without increasing its quantity), converts unproductive (dry) cough into productive (wet);
  • Levomenthol. Antispasmodic with antibacterial abilities. It effectively soothes irritated bronchi and gently stimulates the secretion of their glands.

In the composition of the drug there are several auxiliary components, starting with purified water and ending with dyes and methyl para-hydroxybenzoate. They are required to give the tool the necessary consistency, to promote better absorption of active ingredients and to make the taste, smell and color of the syrup pleasant. After all, children should not refuse to take such medicine.

When to use the drug?

When can a potent drug like Joset come in handy? This cough syrup for children should be used with a pronounced symptom that can occur with such diseases:

  • diseases of the lungs and bronchi (in the acute and chronic stages);
  • emphysema;
  • asthma;
  • tracheobronchitis;
  • tuberculosis;
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease;
  • pneumoniae.

That is, the indications for the use of the remedy are not acute respiratory infections or colds, in which the child "coughs a little" because of the common cold, but serious diseases accompanied by cough with difficulty in expectoration of sputum.

How is Josset syrup treated?

How to be treated with Dzhoset syrup

Warning: this remedy has a very strong effect, therefore, even if the child is suffering from strong attacks, never give him an increased dose of Joset’s cough syrup. The instructions for use contain precise instructions on how to drink this drug in pediatric patients:

  • if the child is not yet 6 years old, he is allowed to give 5 ml (1 tsp) of this medicine three times a day;
  • children 6-12 years old should take 5-10 ml syrup (from 1 to 2 tsp.) 3 p. in a day;
  • adolescents (over 12 years old) should drink 2 tsp. medication in three doses.

A measuring cup is provided in the package - 10 ml of the medicine is placed in it (accordingly, half a glass will be 5 ml). The drug is not allowed to drink alkaline drink (for example, mineral water).

Contraindications for children

The drug contains salbutamol, which can cause heart palpitations and other components that have a rather strong effect on different organs and systems. Therefore, before giving it to a child, it is necessary to study the contraindications for its reception. They are serious enough. The drug can not be used to combat cough with:

  • tachycardias and cardiac arrhythmias;
  • diabetes;
  • serious disorders in the liver and kidneys;
  • an ulcer;
  • myocarditis.

The remaining contraindications are relevant only for adult patients.

What adverse reactions can a syrup cause in a child?

In some cases (especially if you violate the rules of admission) Dzhoset syrup can provoke such undesirable effects:

  • hyper irritability, headache, sleep disorders, tremor of the extremities, drowsiness, dizziness, convulsions;
  • nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, worsening ulcers;
  • increased heart rate, falling blood pressure, heart failure;
  • rash on the skin, urticaria;
  • bronchospasm.

In the course of treatment, the urine of the child may be colored pink, which is due to the presence of guaifenesin in the composition of the medicine. This should not be a reason for its cancellation.

Effective and inexpensive: how are patients evaluated by Joset?

Joset cough syrup reviews

On the Internet you can find a lot of opinions about Dzhoset. Cough syrup (reviews confirm that many moms and dads have already put this drug in their home first aid kit) has earned a good reputation. Almost everyone notes its high efficiency. The drug helps to defeat a cough, even if such a task was beyond the power of other similar drugs. "It helps a lot", "It is inexpensive, about 150 rubles." little patients.

As for the minuses, consumers attributed to them the fact that not every pharmacy can find such medicine. Parents are worried about the side effects (they are serious enough), so everyone is advised to drink this syrup only as directed by the doctor. Some taste of the drug seemed too cloying. But many did not notice his flaws at all.

Joset syrup, in the opinion of the patients, justifies the hopes placed in him. He treats cough (and helps to cope with dry and wet, and running) - and this is important! But he is not one of those drugs that parents can give the child on their own. This warning is especially true if it is planned to use the drug for young children.