Dry eyes

By nature, our eyes have a mechanism of natural moisturizing of the mucous. But under the influence of various factors, this natural ability may decrease. This gives a lot of inconvenience. Also, such a violation may indicate characteristic failures in the body. The duration of such a violation may lead to a number of other problems of an ophthalmologic nature. Disorder should not be ignored. In the material we consider the problem of dry eyes, its causes and treatment of folk remedies.

What influences the process of natural moisturizing of the eye mucosa?

What influences the process of natural moisturizing of the eyes?

What are the main causes of dry eyes? Yes, many of them. This can affect both external factors and changes within the body.

The reasons due to which the eyes dry:

  • unfavorable environmental situation;
  • dry environmental air;
  • chemical vapors, including chlorinated tap water, in the pool;
  • side effect of taking certain medications;
  • diseases of ophthalmology;
  • age-related changes of the body;
  • hormonal imbalance, including menopause in women;
  • as a result of an allergic reaction;
  • autoimmune disorders;
  • wearing contact lenses;
  • reaction to the use of decorative cosmetics (hypersensitivity);
  • long stay at the computer, watching TV, reading;
  • effects of surgery;
  • rare blinking;
  • congenital dry eye syndrome.

There is one more reason - the "wateriness" of tears. The lacrimal glands can work correctly, but there will not be enough protein-mucous masses in the secreted fluid. This is observed in people on a strict diet, few resting (and with chronic fatigue), suffering from chronic kidney and liver disorders, pregnant and lactating. It is also found in avitaminosis, when the body lacks vitamins A, B, C and rutin.

It follows that you should not take dry eyes as a separate disease. It is rather a symptom caused by a certain disorder, triggered by external factors or an atypical condition. In parallel, there are other discomfort:

  • visual fatigue;
  • defocusing;
  • protein redness;
  • burning, cracking, itching;
  • feeling of "sand";
  • increased light susceptibility followed by uncontrolled tearfulness;
  • decrease in visual activity, as a result, decrease in human performance;
  • conjunctival disorders.

Under the influence of factors of influence, the lacrimal glands, the task of which is to produce a "lubricant" of the eyelids and the eyeball, produce an insufficient amount of tears, which violates the natural moisturizing of the eyes. There is a desire to rub eyes, blink, close eyelids more often.

In addition to certain inconveniences, impaired tearing can lead to more serious problems: conjunctive or keratitis inflammation, manifestation or perforation of the cornea.

Eye dryness treatment

Eye dryness treatment

Due to the fact that dry eyes can cause a variety of reasons, before you begin treatment, you need to find out what caused the disorder. To do this, you must pass an ophthalmologic examination. If the reasons are not only in the eyes, then other factors of influence are sought out. Only after this therapy is prescribed.

When the cause is not directly related to the eyes, the first therapeutic measures should be aimed at eliminating the pathology. When reacting to medications, you should refuse to take them or reduce the dosage. It is recommended to install in rooms automatic air humidifiers or tanks with clean water. If an air conditioner is used in the room, make sure that the air flow is not directed directly to your face.

When working at a computer, according to the rules, you should take a technical break at least every 45 minutes.

Various drugs are used to stimulate tearing and eliminate the symptom. These can be either innocuous “artificial tears” or drops from dry eyes that are used as an ophthalmologic treatment.

The safest drops are considered to be drugs that are equally approved for adults and children, with an unlimited frequency of instillation per day. This raster can be used when needed. A number of drugs are commercially available (without a prescription), and their prices are reasonable.

Special ointment lubricants are also used in the treatment. Substance is applied under the eyelid at night. Special ointments are sold in pharmacies with and without prescription. Ointments and drops should be used separately, as with the simultaneous use of drugs, the effectiveness of treatment decreases.

In radical cases, ophthalmic surgery is used, including the transplantation of salivary glands. Once again we emphasize, dry eyes - not a separate disease, but a symptom caused by something.

Folk remedies will come to the rescue

Treatment of dry eyes folk remedies

Even in the presence of modern pharmaceutical products of pharmaceutical production, we do not cease to resort to the famous "grandmother" methods of treatment of various ailments. The easiest way to increase tearing is to restore the body's water balance. To this end, it is recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of non-carbonated water a day.

Help and such tools:

  • eye wash with herbal infusions of chamomile, violet, pansies, rosemary. The recipe is very simple: 2-3 tbsp. l dry collection pour 200 ml boiling water and insist 60 minutes;
  • compress on the eyes with honey syrup (if you are not allergic to bee products). Proportions: 1 tsp. natural honey 3 tbsp. l water;
  • lubrication of eyelids mustard essential oil;
  • charging for the eyes;
  • visual relaxation sessions - we look at a burning candle for 10-15 minutes.

Proper distribution of the load on the eyes, compliance with the standards of work at the computer, preventive measures to maintain health, an active lifestyle - this and much more contributes to the proper state of the body. If you have problems, do not neglect medical care. After all, who warned, he is protected!

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