Dry cough without fever


Cough does not pass within a few days, while the body temperature is normal and there are no other signs of a cold?Could this be cause for concern? How to get rid of annoying coughing? Do I need to immediately go to the doctor, take medicine or can you do with folk remedies? First you need to identify the cause of irritation in the throat.

Dry cough without fever: causes

First of all, it is worth noting that cough is not a disease, but only a protective reaction of the body on irritant respiratory tract mucosa.

Dry cough without fever: causes

  • Dry cough can be causedallergies. The causative agent, getting into the respiratory tract, causes immune reflexion - thus, the body as it pushes the aggressor with a stream of air.
  • It may also be reaction to cold air, smoke, strong smell. In the absence of an annoying factor, the cough itself disappears without a trace.
  • One more reason - emotional over-stimulation. In this case, such a cough is an asthmatic attack.
  • Often dry cough appears in smokers. It occurs as a result of irritation with tar in tobacco. You can get rid of it only by giving up completely from cigarettes.
  • Do not forget that prolonged cough can be a sign of a cold, and possibly an infectious disease, for example, tracheitis, bronchitis, pleurisy and pneumonia. In this case, it is necessary to consult a doctor!
  • And the most dangerous thing is tuberculosis. In this disease, a dry cough should be mild and prolonged, i.e. Do not pass a few months, about six months. At the same time, the patient, as a rule, does not bother anything, but in the lungs at this time the process of destruction of mycobacterial tissues is underway.

Dry cough without fever: traditional medicine

After determining the cause of dry cough without temperature, you can take up treatment. Come to the aid of popular recipes.

  • Firstly, decoctions of various herbs will help: nettle, mother and stepmother, fennel, licorice, Althea root. Look for something in your first-aid kit. Herbs can be boiled separately, and you can make a medicinal fee.
  • The best cough remedy at all times remains rubbing fat - goose or badger.
  • Hot eucalyptus bath relieves dry cough: add 50 g of oil and steam for 15–20 minutes. This procedure can be carried out 1 time in 2 days.

Dry cough without fever: traditional medicine

  • Also good inhalation with chamomile or calendula In a boiling water, add a pinch of healing herbs, let it brew for 5 minutes and then breathe over the pan for 15 minutes, covering your head with a towel, thereby creating a greenhouse effect. This can be done daily.
  • Does not interfere with dry cough without temperature and radish with honey. To do this, cut off the top of the root, make a recess and put honey in a dimple. After a few hours the juice will stand out, this is the medicine that should be taken 1 spoon 3 times a day.

Dry cough without fever: treatment and prevention

Do not get carried away by self. If a dry cough does not pass for a long time - go to the clinic, consult your doctor and get tested. For determine the cause of cough You will be given a general blood test, fluorography and sputum culture. Usually prescribed drugs that contribute to the dilution of sputum, while doctors advise to drink more fluids: tea with lemon or raspberry jam and hot milk.

Even if you rarely get sick, do not forget about prevention. Especially in spring and autumn, when the number of colds increases. Take vitamins, eat more vegetables and fruits, take a walk in the open air, but only in good weather. Keep your respiratory tract from caustic odors, perfumes, tobacco smoke and cold air. Take care of your health!