Dry cough syrup - for children and adults. what inexpensive


Attacks of dry cough deliver a lot of unpleasant minutes, and many would like to get rid of it as soon as possible. If the child is suffering, parents try to immediately acquire the most effective syrup from dry cough. Do not forget that before using it, you must carefully read the instructions and recommendations of specialists.

Dry cough is unproductive, as it is not accompanied by expectoration. This form of it appears in case of infectious diseases, allergies, ingress of particles of irritating substances to the mucous membrane of the respiratory organs, the common cold and causes painful painful sensations. In order to prevent microtraumas of the respiratory system as a result of sharp spasms and to remove sputum from the body due to the inflammatory process, treatment should be started immediately.

How to choose dry cough syrup for children?

How to choose dry cough syrup for children?

Before visiting a pharmacy to purchase a medicine, consider the fact that self-treatment of cough is allowed only with a cold and a mild degree of bronchitis - it is possible that you should consult a doctor. Pediatricians are often prescribed to children:

  1. Libeksin muko. This drug really relieves bronchial spasms, but it can only be taken by children who have reached the age of two.
  2. The widely known syrup Dr. Mom. Such a medicine is permissible to give a child only three years old. In addition, its rich composition can cause an allergic reaction.

When choosing a dry cough syrup, keep in mind that the children's organism is very sensitive, so the mixture’s multi-component nature does not always relate to its positive characteristics. If you want to find the best dry cough syrup for your child, pay attention to the following remedies.

  1. Dr. Theiss. The composition of the syrup is a natural medicine - plantain and improves the taste of sucrose, which is important for children. The tool stimulates the process of sputum discharge, quickly reduces inflammation.
  2. Herbionum plantain syrup. In addition to the leaves of the plantain, this preparation has petals of mallow. It contributes to the lining of the mucous membrane of the larynx with a protective layer that prevents the negative influence of irritants.
  3. Flawamed is considered the safest medicine that is even used to treat newborns. But do not combine this syrup with drugs that suppress cough, so as not to provoke stagnation of inflammation products in the bronchi.
  4. Gedelix reduces the viscosity of sputum and has an antispasmodic effect due to the main active component of plant origin - ivy extract. Doctors say a very high efficiency of this tool.
  5. Ambrobene makes sputum more liquid, which contributes to the rapid purification of the respiratory organs. This syrup can be given to the baby immediately after birth. But the wrong regimen can lead to stagnant processes, so check the duration of the course of treatment and the dosage with the pediatrician.
  6. Prospan is also a good choice: it helps against all types of cough, has a pleasant fruity taste.

What syrup is suitable for adults?

What dry cough syrup is suitable for adults?

The high-quality dry cough syrup recommended by adults should also liquefy bronchial mucus and stimulate its discharge, and not just suppress cough. Among the effective, often prescribed by therapists means such.

  1. Glaucine-containing broncholitin, a non-narcotic antitussive, and ephedrine hydrochloride, which expands the bronchi. It helps not only with bronchitis, but also with pneumonia, bronchial asthma, SARS. Syrup is contraindicated:

  • pregnant women;
  • nursing mothers;
  • hypertensive patients;

people suffering from diseases:

  • thyroid gland;
  • hearts;
  • insomnia.
  1. Codelac Fito. In the syrup is codeine and medicinal plants. Efficiency means due to the fact that the components affect the brain, preventing the cough reflex, contributes to the dilution and enhance the production of mucus. In addition, it relieves inflammation and kills pathogens. This medicine should not be taken:
  • if you are pregnant or nursing;
  • if you suffer from bronchial asthma;
  • with respiratory disorders of various etiologies.

Codelac Fito is incompatible with alcoholic beverages and affects the reaction rate, so for the period of treatment, refrain from controlling mechanisms.

Codelac Phyto is incompatible with alcoholic beverages.

  1. Syrup from dry cough Gerbion contains natural ingredients, helps to get rid of cough smokers, relieves inflammation in the bronchi and larynx. As a result of taking this drug, the cough softens, the expectoration begins, the proliferation of bacteria stops. The tool is often advised to purchase those who are looking for an inexpensive dry cough syrup. But the drug should be abandoned:
  • women expecting a baby and breastfeeding;
  • diabetics;
  • in violation of the assimilation of glucose;
  • allergies to fructose.

This syrup is unacceptable to combine with other means of coughing.

  1. Linkus is a popular homeopathic medicine that prevents spasms and at the same time softens cough, makes sputum less viscous, facilitates its elimination, relieves allergies and inflammation, acting as an antibacterial agent. In addition to cautions for pregnant women, nursing and diabetics, there are no contraindications. But the possibility of individual intolerance to the drug is not excluded.
  1. Stoptussin Phyto based on extracts from thyme, thyme and plantain enhances expectoration, inhibits pathogenic microorganisms. With it, you can remove viscous mucus with bronchitis and tracheitis. This syrup can not be taken:
  • in position;
  • during breastfeeding;
  • impaired functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • pathologies of the organs of excretion and liver.

In addition to a possible allergic reaction, which cannot be excluded when taking any medication, side effects of Stoptussin Phyto have not been identified.

If you need dry cough syrup, do not rush to buy a medicine without having information about its indications and contraindications, especially when it comes to the child's health. Modern pharmacology provides us with a wide selection. The main thing is to remember that a popular remedy is not always the best remedy, and carefully study the characteristics of medicines.