Drug fortrans


On the eve of surgical surgery, examinations on the small and large intestines, it is necessary to achieve complete emptying of the body. It is possible to resort to an enema in the old manner, or you can go in a progressive way and take advantage of a special medication that promotes quick and gentle bowel cleansing. Among these drugs is very popular Fortrans. The doctor will tell you how to take Fortrans correctly, but if you want to experiment on your own, then you should carefully study the instructions.

Clean and fast

The action of the drug Fortrans is based on its ability to bind water and remain in the intestinal lumen

The action of the drug Fortrans is based on its ability to bind water and retain in the intestinal lumen without adsorption and violation of water-salt metabolism. Thus, osmotic pressure on fecal masses increases and effective lavage is performed. The drug is taken orally by the patient, one pack contains 4 sachets, the contents of which are diluted in water.

Indications for admission can be considered endoscopic studies of the intestine. Therefore, it is worth mentioning how to take Fortrans before colonoscopy.

  • The contents of one sachet is designed to dissolve in 1 liter of warm water.
  • A single dose involves taking 1 liter for every 20-25 kg of weight, so the average adult will have to drink 3 or even 4 liters of solution before a colonoscopy.
  • The drug should be finished no later than a few hours before the procedure.
  • In the few days preceding the reception of FORTRANS, it is necessary to revise the style of food, go for light food.
  • The drug is administered in two ways:

The division of the total amount of the solution into 2 parts, one of which is drunk sick in the evening, and the other in the morning of the study.

The entire volume is drunk on one day, for 2 hours - 2 liters, a glass of the drug every 15 minutes, after which an hour break occurs; after him the patient finishes the solution at the same pace.

Intestinal cleansing occurs after about 40-50 minutes, as a rule, does not cause discomfort and does not cause pain.

Since fortrans promotes bowel emptying

Unambiguous contraindications to the use of Fortrans consider:

  • General dehydration;
  • Impaired cardiac activity;
  • Damage to the intestinal mucosa;
  • Tendency to intestinal obstruction;
  • Allergic manifestations on the components of the drug;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Age up to 15 years, in the absence of a sufficient amount of research.

"Rejuvenating apples" for a figure or a real danger?

Since Fortrans promotes emptying of the intestines, getting rid of toxins and drastic weight loss, many people are wondering how to take Fortrans to cleanse the intestines.

It is worth staying here in detail and explain that Fortrans is by no means the drug with which you can (and should) lose weight, you should not expect rejuvenation of the body and other miracles from it. Since the activity of the drug has a pronounced direction - a single bowel cleansing before medical research, it is not necessary to take the drug for preventive purposes. A one-off weight loss will undoubtedly be observed, but all the pounds will be back soon. Long-term use threatens dehydration and impaired water and salt metabolism, which, in turn, will adversely affect the appearance and condition of the skin. In addition, many patients note that the solution has an unpleasant taste, causing even emetic urges.

A large volume of solution, taken in a short period of time, leads to abdominal distension and discomfort. In order to lose weight and lose weight it is necessary, first of all, to change the diet, and not to expose the body to such shakes.

Reviews Fortrans

Fortrans supplied detailed instructions for use

Fortrans is supplied with detailed instructions for use, which clearly and clearly tells how to prepare for a colonoscopy and other medical research. The drug shows good results and, in general, well tolerated by patients. This is evidenced by numerous reviews on the Internet.

Artem, 26 years old:"Fortrans was appointed, the taste is disgusting, in order to fight the emetic urge to eat lemon when it comes to it, it helps! Still, it's better than an enema, and, frankly, I'm annoyingly participating in such an intimate process.

Elena, 38 years old:“A very effective drug, I drank 2.5 l for my 50 kg without any problems. The“ process ”went after 40 minutes. I didn’t even think that so much nasty things could accumulate in a person”

Numerous tests have proven that the drug Fortrans very effectively and painlessly cleanses the intestines, allowing medical examinations for suspected diseases of the colon, to clarify the diagnosis, evaluation of the therapy. Colonoscopy, as a method for detecting malignant and benign tumors, is recognized as the most productive. But to use Fortrans for weight loss and slag removal is not only not advisable, but also dangerous. Its use must be agreed with the doctor.