Drops taufon for eyes


Today, many have a long time to be at the computer. As a result - deterioration of vision. To help the organ of vision to cope with increased loads and keep it healthy, you can use drops Taufon for eyes. The benefits, contraindications and objective assessment of the possibilities of this medicine will certainly be of interest to many.

Is there any salvation from myopia without surgery?

How do drops for eyes Taufon, instructions for use

Bring vision back to normal today is possible not only with the help of surgical intervention or other radical measures. This problem, especially at the first signs of the disease, is effectively solved by eye drops.

Why should one pay attention to Taufon from the huge amount of means for restoring eyesight? Because he has a unique composition. The drug contains a very useful amino acid - taurine. It promotes healing of the eyes, normalizes the nutrition of local vessels, enhances regenerative processes, which has a positive effect on visual acuity.

But it should immediately be said that in order to feel how Taufon eye drops work, the instructions for use recommend using them at the first signs of deterioration of visual acuity and be treated for a long time - up to 6 months.

The drug is available in a special bottle, its volume is 5 or 10 ml. It is equipped with a pipette with a dispenser, so it is very convenient to use the medicine: you never put more than the prescribed dose in your eye. After the bottle has been opened, it is allowed to be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 28 days, then it is not suitable for use. Those who have ignored this risk run the risk of an infectious eye disease. And unopened drops can be stored for 3 years in a plastic container and 4 years in a glass vial.

To whom and under what diseases is the medicine indicated?

Taufon prescribed for eye diseases

Taufon is prescribed for eye diseases that tend to progress. The regenerating effect of this remedy often helps to completely restore the functionality of the organ of vision. The drug is included in the complex of therapeutic measures for such diseases:

  • cataract. A disease of the elderly, in which the lens becomes cloudy. This leads to partial, and then complete blindness. Taufon inhibits the development of the disease. It is prescribed both before and after surgery. Used according to this scheme: 1-2 cap. from 2 to 4 p. per day for 3 months. Then you should take a monthly break and continue treatment;
  • with keratitis, blepharoconjunctivitis, escleuritis, iridocyclitis and recurrent corneal erosion (these pathologies are found in adolescents and children from 1.5 to 5 years) such vitamins for the eyes are shown especially. Drops Taufon help eliminate pain and discomfort in the eyes. The doctor selects the dosage depending on the age of the patient and the degree of damage to the organs of vision;
  • glaucoma. The disease and its etiology is not fully understood. Her main symptom is high intraocular pressure. Usually with this pathology, Taufon is prescribed in combination with thymol. Instillation - twice a day with a time interval of half an hour;
  • eye injuries and burns. Since Taufon restores the cornea, if it is damaged, it will significantly speed up recovery. It is dripped daily 3-4 p. 1-2 cap;
  • degenerative retinal degeneration. This disease is more susceptible to the elderly and those who suffer from myopia. Taufon will strengthen the vessels and start the recovery process. With this pathology, the drug is administered under the conjunctiva at 0.3 ml once a day for 10 days. Therapy is repeated after 6 months.

How does Taufon work?

How does Taufon

When the medicine is buried in the eye, metabolic processes increase, oxygen begins to flow to the eye tissues. If the organ of vision is healthy, it produces taurine on its own (in necessary quantities). If there are violations, then its production is sharply reduced. Taufon raises the level of this amino acid and restores the normal functions of the eye.

What to look for before starting treatment?

The instructions say that the drops are intended exclusively for adults. With care, it can be used by pregnant and lactating women.

The tool should be applied in the form of instillations of 1-2 drops from 2 to 4 p. per day (unless the doctor prescribes a different scheme).

Before carrying out the procedure, the bottle must be well shaken. After you drop the eye, you should perform several rotational movements with the eyeballs so that the components of the medicine spread throughout the entire organ of vision.

Who is not suitable for the medicine and are undesirable effects possible?

Side effects are extremely rare. They are manifested by itching, burning, swelling and redness. As for contraindications, it is only one thing - individual intolerance to the components.

Patient Opinion on Tauphone

Patient Opinion on Tauphone

To make a final decision on whether to acquire Taufon, it is worthwhile to study the opinion of the "independent experts" - the consumers themselves. They note the following: drops perfectly remove the discomfort in the eyes after a person has not taken his eyes off the monitor for several hours. Most users appreciate the action that Tauphon eye drops produce. Reviews show that it eliminates redness, fatigue, eliminates the effect of a dry eye. And many are so sure that these are harmless "vitamins" for the eyes, that they use them without consulting an optometrist.

Some admit that, on the advice of their acquaintances, they have been using this medicine for years with the aim of prevention, with a monthly course twice a year. They are sure that the drops "work" - protect against cataracts and help to see well.

The only thing that causes discontent among patients is that the drug has risen sharply in price. Now you can buy it for 100 rubles.

Regardless of the mass of accolades that have received drops of Tauphon for the eyes, the benefits of the application will be only if they are prescribed by a doctor. The eyes are too thin a tool that can easily be spoiled by improper treatment. Even if these drops have become a salvation for all your friends and acquaintances, before you begin to drip them into your eyes, do not be lazy to go for a consultation with a specialist.