Drops from alcohol addiction without the knowledge of the

How to beat a painful addiction to alcohol? What causes the dependence on alcohol? How to get rid of the green snake, if a person does not recognize his illness? Unfortunately, today these questions interest many women. The good news is that there is a way out. This drops from alcohol addiction without the knowledge of the patient.

Types of funds from alcoholism and the principle of their action

Types of funds from alcoholism and the principle of their action

The prohibition of open propaganda of alcoholic beverages and even the punishment for selling alcohol after 10 pm in our country, unfortunately, does not bring tangible fruits. The number of dependent people every year becomes only more, and with the advent of heat, “lost souls” are more and more often found on green lawns.

It is not even the numerical superiority of suffering people that is striking, but the fact that many of them did not recognize their problem. A drinking husband will beat his fists on his chest, saying that he is not at all an alcoholic and there is no need to treat him. “I can quit drinking at any time, I just have to want it,” how often do you hear this phrase from your faithful? Nevertheless, this same "wish" never saw.

When patience comes to an end, and there is simply no longer enough power to wait, many women indulge in serious and begin to look for a cure for alcohol without the knowledge of the patient. And after all actually similar preparations exist, moreover, they have the classification:

  • Suppositories and pills designed to reduce the effects of "hangover". They act on the principle of relaxation of nerve endings and pain receptors, discomfort sensations quickly subside, headache disappears. These drugs include aspirin, analgin, paracetamol, alkoztop.
  • Medicines that help reduce alcohol cravings, the so-called "Gold Standard". Their essence is to help a person give up alcohol and, in principle, block the desire to drink. Unfortunately, on the territory of the post-Soviet space they have not found wide application. Of all the spectrum can be distinguished, perhaps, only a drop of "Proproten-100".
  • Drugs that promote the appearance of alcohol intolerance. The principle of action is laid in the chemical processes that occur in the body after drinking and cause consequences in the form of severe vomiting, headaches and other things. These are drops called "Colme", ​​"Tetlong-250", "Teturam" and tablets "Lidevin".

Doctors-narcologists are sure that the solution of the problem should be approached comprehensively, and not to use one of the drugs "according to the advice of a friend" Therefore, before buying, be sure to consult a specialist. He will help you choose the right line of anti-alcohol products, talk about the dosage and outline future prospects.

The second side of the medal

Drops from alcohol addiction without the knowledge of the patient: reviews

Regular “feeding” the patient with drops from alcoholism is supposed to lead to the formation of a persistent aversion to alcoholic beverages in a person. By and large, that's exactly what happens. However, this medal has another side:

  • If the patient becomes aware of conducting similar experiments and experiments on him, things can end in tears and for the most friendly relative. Such actions can be regarded as deliberate harm to health and incur punishment in accordance with the law.
  • Do not forget also that each organism is individual, and it is very difficult to foresee the possible consequences. What can be a panacea for one person will cause irreparable harm to another, even cardiac arrest.
  • Drops from alcoholism affect only the internal state of the body, without affecting the psychological factors. Therefore, anonymous treatment may not always bring tangible results, especially if a person has developed the so-called acute addiction reflex. No matter how much you would like, you cannot do without the help of a psychotherapist.

Do not forget about the official instructions to one or another drops. Many of these drugs are strictly contraindicated in the presence of such diseases as:

  • diabetes;
  • pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • kidney or liver failure;
  • psychiatric diseases;
  • epilepsy.

In any case, it is better to think a few times before proceeding to such radical measures. And of course, consult with experts in this field. They certainly pick the right drug with minimal consequences for the patient's health.

Yes, he will not know ...

successfully cured her husband of alcoholism with the help of drops or tablets

It is in this vein that the conversation of two women usually takes place, one of whom successfully cured her husband of alcoholism with the help of drops or tablets, when the devout himself could not even suspect them. Just according to the principle of such "word of mouth" in our country, advertising of medicines takes place.

So, especially favorable reviews among those who managed to cope with an alcoholic illness, received the drug "Colme". It is colorless, odorless and tasteless, therefore it is perfect for combination with food without the knowledge of the patient. Side effects are not observed. Perhaps his only shortcoming in the people is considered only a high price category.

But the reviews about the drug "Alkostop" as a drug are very contradictory. The drug is more suitable for prophylactic treatment and elimination of symptoms of hangover. "Alkostop" easily cope with a headache, clarify thoughts, eliminate the urge to nausea and vomiting.

Of course, in the treatment of alcohol dependence, all means are good, including those that are used without the knowledge of the patient. However, it is difficult to say which of them will become a lifeline in a particular situation. We will have to try a lot and go even further after taking the drops. The recovery process is very long, and getting rid of craving for alcohol with drugs is only the beginning. In the future, without the help of experts can not do. Good luck to you!

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