Drops for eyes from inflammation for children and adults.


The human eye is a delicate organ, therefore it often suffers from inflammation. In the pharmacy assortment there are various tools that make it possible to quickly remove puffiness, itching, redness and tearing. But what eye drops for inflammation choose? It is clear that the price can not be the right reference. What drugs are the most effective today?

Features of eye therapy: why drops relieve inflammation?

all eye drops have a common feature: they can reduce swelling

On TV, you can see ads anti-inflammatory drops that eliminate all the symptoms of inflammation immediately. In fact, miracles do not happen even in pharmacology. Universal drugs have not yet been found. Different groups of drugs have different effects on inflammatory mediators.

But all eye drops have a common feature: they can reduce swelling, reduce pain, and eliminate redness. In addition, some of them prevent pathological changes in the eye tissue. The high efficacy of such drugs is associated with a special composition and the fact that the components of the drug fall directly into the eye - to the site of the disease.

Eye drops for inflammation: 3 main groups of drugs

If you tell the pharmacist that your eye hurts, he will offer one of these drugs:

  • The tear is natural;
  • Vizin;
  • Octylia

But this medicine is only for emergency and short-term assistance. They can be used to relieve pain before consulting an ophthalmologist. Primary therapy is carried out with the use of such groups of drugs:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs - Diclofenac, Naklof, Indokollir. They are indicated if the inflammation is infectious. Plus, these tools - analgesic effect and a minimum of side effects. If they arise, they do not cause serious damage to health. It is usually limited to allergic reactions;
  • steroid eye drops for inflammation. This group includes Dexamethasone, Dexapos, Maxidex. These drugs are used in severe cases. They have a large number of contraindications, therefore should be used only with the permission of the doctor and in prescribed doses. With prolonged use appears addictive, which leads to a decrease in therapeutic effect;
  • combined means - Garazon, Maksitrol. Their peculiarity is a combination in one medicine at once 2 drugs - antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Treatment with such drops helps if the inflammation is associated with a bacterial infection. They are also prescribed for prophylactic purposes - to prevent or reduce the inflammatory response.

But steroid and non-steroid drugs do not guarantee a complete cure, if they do not connect antiviral (Poludan, Atypol, Ophthalmoferon, Sulfapiridazin) or antibacterial drops to them. The most popular are such "eye" antibiotics: Levomitsetin, Tetraceklin, Floksal, Tobreks.

What is the correct way to treat eye inflammation?

What and how to treat eye inflammation?

If eye inflammation has begun, the treatment (drops will be the main means of eliminating the problem) should be consistent with the diagnosis. What drugs are used for different diseases?

Conjunctival inflammation

It is caused by microorganisms of different nature. Treatment - treatment with an antiseptic (which include zinc sulfate 25%), boric acid or resorcin. Drops of chloramphenicol, sulfacyl sodium, and sulfapyridazine are also prescribed. If the pathological process is very intense, then use hormonal agents - Hydrocortisone or Prednisone.

Problems due to "drying out" of the eye (malfunction of the lacrimal glands)

If the cause of this condition is associated with neuritis, then a good effect will be provided by the use of keratoprotectors - Vizomitin, Oftagel, Intox, Licontin or natural tears. To cope with the inflammation that provoked the infection, it is necessary to use the combined drugs: Maxitrol, Dex-Gentamicin, Sofradex, Garazon.

Inflammation of the century

If there is barley on the eye, a furuncle or an abscess has begun, as well as with cellulitis, blepharitis and some other specific problems of the century, the prescription list will include antibiotics that are administered orally (in tablets), as well as topically: Penicillin drops, Sulfacyl sodium, solution Erythromycin.

To suppress severe inflammation, the doctor may also prescribe hormone drops - Hydrocortisone Emulsion.

Allergic inflammation

Very often the cause of inflammation lies in allergies. Then corticosteroid drops are used, the main active component of which is Prednisone.

In addition, it is advisable to use special drops, "able" to deal with allergies and inflammation - Naphthyzinum, Okumentil, Vizin. They have a vasoconstrictor effect, so do not get too carried away with such treatment.

Safe and effective eye drops for children with inflammation

Features of eye therapy: why drops relieve inflammation

Parents often have to look for similar means. Children permanently and actively in contact with the environment, therefore, on their hands are bacteria, which then get into the eyes. In the atmosphere of humidity and heat, they begin to multiply rapidly, which causes pain and other unpleasant symptoms of inflammation.

What drops will help to save the baby from painful sensations and prevent the development of dangerous eye diseases? According to children's oculists (parents and parents agree with them), the best drops from eye inflammation for young patients are:

  • Albucid Excellent antibacterial agent. Used to eliminate blepharitis and blistering in newborn babies;
  • Tobrex. The safest drops that are included in the group of broad-spectrum antibiotics. They are suitable for babies from the first days of life, as they are excellent in relieving the inflammatory process and are practically not accompanied by negative reactions;
  • Floksal. With the help of these ophthalmic drops, conjunctivitis caused by viruses and bacteria is treated. A specific feature of this drug is that it continues to have a therapeutic and prophylactic effect even after stopping treatment;
  • Syntomycin. Allowed for children from 2 years. The drug is antibacterial.

One of the most inexpensive (from 15 rubles), effective and proven drugs - eye drops for inflammation of chloramphenicol. They can be used by children from 4 months at the first signs of illness. However, this drug is quite suitable for adults.

The importance of timely diagnosis

No one needs to explain how important vision is for a person of any age. However, if the eye begins to disturb - it turns red, it hurts, it swells up, then some, instead of hurrying to the ophthalmologist, choose another route - to the pharmacy. Of course, they will offer drops of inflammation (often the most expensive ones), but treatment without taking into account the cause of the disease may be inconclusive.

Each medicine has its own spectrum of action, and only a doctor can select the most effective drug based on the symptoms and on the basis of a patient’s examination.

The eyes are not only the mirror of the soul. They perform one of the most important duties - they show people the world around them. But they also reflect a way of life. Lack of sleep, long sitting in front of the monitor, neglect of hygienic rules turn into unpleasant symptoms. Healing at random is the worst way to get rid of a disease. The risk is too high, so let the doctor register eye drops.