Drops fenistil for children


Children's allergies - a common disease. It can even occur in breastfed babies if the mother eats the “wrong” product. Allergy can cause not only food: it provokes dust, household chemicals, pet hair. To make the child feel healthy and happy again, you can use an effective antiallergic agent - Fenistil drops for children.

Phenystyle is an agent that suppresses histamine receptors and reduces the increased capillary permeability that occurs due to an allergic reaction. The drug has several advantages over other means of similar action. The first plus is the release form. Since it is liquid, even a baby can easily swallow it. The drug has a pleasant taste, so the mother will not have to persuade the child to drink this medicine.

When prescribed Fenistil - indications for use

When prescribed Fenistil - indications for use

If a child, especially infants, is allergic, then many mothers are bewildered. Everyone knows that most antihistamines have a strong effect on the body. They can cause drowsiness and addiction. In this regard, such drugs (even the most benign) are not recommended for children under 6 months.

Drops Fenistil for children are the only means of allergies, which can be given to the crumbs from the first month of life. But this should be done only after consulting a pediatrician and under the strict supervision of a physician.

When will this drug come to the rescue? Indications for its use are such situations:

  • insect bite irritation;
  • severe itching that is accompanied by such childhood infectious diseases as chicken pox, rubella, and measles;
  • allergies (drugs and food);
  • various types of dermatitis.

In what other cases it is recommended to give to small patients. Fenistil for children? Instructions for use contains such an important indication: drops can be used as a prophylactic agent to prevent an allergic reaction to the vaccine.

At Fenistil there is one more special property that both mothers and their babies will like - the medicine starts to act as quickly as possible. Already 15-45 minutes after the child drinks the drops, the symptoms of allergy will subside.

Dosage features for children of different ages

An important point that must be paid attention to moms before giving their children Fenistil for children - dosage. Before you drop drops in your spoon for getting rid of allergies, you need to determine the correct amount.

Manufacturers warn that children under 12 years of age per day can give no more than 0.1 mg of the drug per 1 kg of body weight. For children whose age is more than 12 years, the maximum permissible dose is defined as from 9 to 18 mg per kg of weight.

To make it easier for moms to use the medicine correctly and conveniently, a pipette is included in the kit. With its help you can accurately measure the required amount of the drug:

  • for a baby from 1 month to 1 year will be enough 3-10 drops three times a day;
  • a child from one year to three years old should be given 10-15 drops 3 times a day;
  • children aged 4-12 years old doctors advise giving a medicinal composition in an amount from 15 to 20 drops 3 times a day.

How to use Fenistil drops correctly?

Many parents have already included Fenistil for children in their home medical kit.

Many parents have already included in their home medical kit Fenistil for children. Instructions for use which is necessarily inside the package, will help to figure out how to properly use this anti-allergic agent for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

The drug does not need to be diluted before use. It has a pleasant taste, so even little children do not refuse such treatment. In no case should the drug be diluted with hot tea (or other heated beverages), as this may reduce its effectiveness.

If it is necessary to give drops to the baby, then they can be added to the bottle with milk or given from a small spoon.

To give or not to give - what do moms advise?

Drops are quite expensive, in addition, the list of possible adverse reactions is quite impressive. These two factors make parents think about whether it is reasonable to resort to such treatment. A way to help get an accurate answer to the question of how safe Fenistil - reviews. For kids, allergic sufferers, this drug is prescribed very often, so many mothers can evaluate its effectiveness.

Parents of allergic children note that after taking Fenistil allergy symptoms begin to subside quickly, itching and redness disappear. In rare cases, the child drowsiness occurs, but it is considered normal for antihistamines. Experienced moms advise to always have Fenistil drops for children with you if you are allergic to a newborn.

As for the use of the drug as a prophylaxis of complications after vaccination, there is no unequivocal opinion, since it is not known for certain whether the drug helps or if the child simply does not have a reaction to the composition injected.

The advantages of this drug, in addition to efficiency, are called by many mothers convenient packaging and a long shelf life (2 years).

What complications can phenystyl cause?

In the instructions for use drops can detect quite a lot of side effects.

In the instructions for use drops can detect quite a lot of side effects. But before you put the medicine in the far corner of the cabinet, you need to remember that this is an original drug, so even isolated cases of undesirable reactions are recorded. It is clear that it is impossible to make such a tool that is suitable for absolutely everyone.

The list of side effects includes the following states:

  • drowsiness;
  • nausea;
  • headache and dizziness;
  • excessive arousal;
  • feeling dry in the mouth;
  • skin rash;
  • swelling and muscle spasm.

The most dangerous complication that scares most parents is apnea. So called the state in which pulmonary ventilation in a dream stops for more than 10 seconds.

Such a warning is indeed alarming. But manufacturers (like pediatricians) assure that side effects are rarely fixed. To prevent adverse reactions, you should use the drug only after consulting with a doctor and closely monitor the health and behavior of the child with the first spoon of this medicine.

Special instructions for use of the drug

Any medication, including drops Fenistil for children, has contraindications. Doctors do not recommend allergy treatment to this drug for those who suffer from bronchial asthma, glaucoma, or bladder diseases. The drug should not be given to infants who are under one month old.

The drug should not be used in case of hypersensitivity to the components included in its composition. Drops are contraindicated for pregnant women (in the first trimester) and nursing mothers.

The newest antihistamine, Fenistil, is rated positively by up to 90% of parents who used it to treat their children. But only a pediatrician who knows the child well and the features of his body can prescribe such a remedy! Otherwise, even this effective original remedy can provoke even greater problems.