Dropper for alcohol intoxication at home

Today there are many methods of getting rid of alcohol addiction, ranging from folk remedies to coding. However, they will not help if the victim is in a strong drinking bout. Narcologists advise, before starting a complex therapy, to remove the remains of ethyl alcohol from the body. Doing this will help the dropper with alcohol intoxication.

This is the terrible word "booze"

alcohol intoxication dropper

Drinking a little bit of alcohol for the holidays or 30 grams of red wine at dinner is quite normal and natural for a person. In small doses, alcohol does not harm the body and is even beneficial to some extent: it accelerates blood through the veins and promotes appetite.

But when drunkenness is delayed, and the set dose only increases each time, it is time to sound the alarm. Particles of ethyl alcohol are deposited in the body and cause poisoning, which leads to many negative consequences. It is this condition that doctors call alcohol intoxication.

Getting rid of the harmful particles of decay on your own is not so easy. It is only in the early stages of dependence that potassium permanganate solutions and such tablets as Alkozeltser help. But when binge has already replaced a cup of morning coffee, these affordable tools do not help. Here it is time to call a narcologist.

Only a qualified doctor can determine the correct methods of treatment for binge drinking, but first of all, when alcohol intoxication occurs, he will suggest that you put the drip directly at home. Why resort to such radical methods when you can use pills? In fact, the advantage of droppers over other means is obvious:

  • Drugs injected directly into the vein, faster into the blood, and therefore, the residence time of ethyl alcohol in the body is reduced.
  • In addition, quite often to take a pill for the victim is beyond the strength: terrible nausea and vomiting attack, or the patient is unconscious. The dropper can be put practically under any conditions.
  • The complex composition of the solution not only helps to remove harmful particles from the body and help the liver, but also supports other organs and systems.

However, remember: it is best if an experienced medical professional is involved in the installation of the dropper. Incorrectly chosen means or the inserted needle can only aggravate the process.

What did the doctor order?

When choosing the composition of the dropper doctor

When choosing the composition of the dropper, the doctor first takes into account the consequences that were caused by alcohol intoxication, and tries to eliminate them. These may be medications aimed at stopping the gag reflex, sedatives or liver maintenance products. Let us dwell on them in more detail:

  • With a strong poisoning of the body with the products of the breakdown of ethyl alcohol, tissues and organs usually suffer from a lack of fluid, as a result of which the blood flow is thickened. Glucose, "Hemodez" and saline, mixed in certain proportions, help to fill the gaps and cleanse the tissues of excess blood flow.
  • Special preparations, such as Calcium Chloride, Panangin, Disol and Inulin, are intended to normalize pressure and relieve the load on the heart muscle.
  • When alcohol is oxidized into the body, its derivative is released - acetaldehyde, which blocks the work of most enzymes and disrupts the acid-base balance. To return the situation to the previous course, the patient is put on a drip based on soda solution.
  • At the final stage of detoxification, Mafusol, Unitol, Reamberin and Sodium thiosulfate suspensions are used. Substances in their composition should remove toxins from the body and help get rid of acidosis.

In addition to conventional medicines and solutions, the dropper often includes vitamins - pyridoxine, ascorbic acid and thiamine.

In any case, remember that the selection of the optimal composition of the dropper during alcohol intoxication, even when treating a patient at home, must be carried out by a qualified narcologist. The wrong ratio of components and dosage can lead to serious complications up to a lethal outcome.

On the road to recovery

one dropper removes all negative symptoms

If a person drinks more than one day and not even two, but ten or fifteen, you should not rely on the fact that one dropper relieves all negative symptoms. To remove from a long bout, you will need to undergo a whole therapeutic course, which the doctor will distribute evenly over several days. Throughout the recovery path, the dropper solution changes periodically.

As for the total number of such injections, it is rather difficult to decide on it. Basically, the doctor always focuses on the patient's condition and how quickly the body removes toxins. However, it should be understood that one time will not be enough, except in cases where a person is simply poisoned by poor-quality drinks.

In addition, the patient himself must do a great deal of work. First, an important role is played by the mood of a person, the desire to recover and get rid of alcohol forever. Secondly, during the procedure of intoxication in the use of any, even low-alcohol drinks, his beloved will have to refuse.

If we assume that alcoholism is a disease, and the desire to get out of the binge is the first step on the long road to recovery, then an IV in the case of intoxication of the body is the best assistant for achieving the goals set.

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