Recently, more and more people prefer the right lifestyle. Almost everyone understands that any disease is better to prevent than to cure. That is why the number of people seeking to eat right, including healthy foods in their diets, is growing. One of these products is dogwood.

Dogwood - This berries are rich red in color. They have many healing properties.. Compote, liqueurs, jams, jams, jellies are made from cornel, marmalade and other sweets are made.

Cornel: useful properties

Thanks to all sorts of useful substances contained in the berries, cornel helps to cope with many ailments and diseases.

Cornel composition

In bright red berries with the easy name contains a large number of nutrients, involved in almost all vital processes of the human body. It is due to its composition dogwood has healing properties.

The composition of each dogwood berries include:

  1. simple carbohydrates: glucose and fructose;
  2. useful organic acids: malic, citric and succinic acids;
  3. nitrogenous,pectin and tannins, and flavonoids;
  4. phytoncides, essential oils and glycosides;
  5. minerals: salts of iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and sulfur;
  6. vitamins: A, C, E and P (it is interesting that cornel overtakes even blackcurrant in vitamin C content!).

Not only cornel berries are rich in nutrients, but also bones, leaves, even stalks and cornel roots.

The composition of cornel and its beneficial properties

  • In cornel bones contained fixed oils.
  • Dogwood leaves contain tannins (substances that give choleretic and diuretic properties of the product), as well as vitamins E and C.
  • In the bark and roots of dogwood contained tannins and organic acids.

Useful properties of cornel

  • Vitamin C, part of the berries, strengthens the immune system, therefore, eat dogwood during an exacerbation of colds with a view to prevention, so as not to get sick.
  • In addition, dogwood berries good for people with digestive problems., those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Jam, compotes, jellies (and many other goodies) help with poor appetite, heartburn and indigestion. Dogwood is especially needed for people with high acidity of gastric juice.
  • The phytoncides which are a part of a cornel possess antibacterial and anti-infective properties. Thanks to them berries help prevent infections and protect against internal infections.
  • In addition, dogwood removes toxins from the body and heavy metals. It is recommended to use in case of chemical poisoning.
  • Iron and other beneficial substances cornel contribute to normalization metabolismin the body,regulate fat metabolism, which is especially important for women who are predisposed to fullness.

Useful properties of cornel

  • Cornel is useful and the fact that has a tonic effect on our body. He is able to cheer up, give strength.
  • Dogwood berries increase hemoglobin normalize blood pressure and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Dogwood products are very useful for people with blood disorders such as anemia, anemia, etc. For the heart and circulatory system The role of dogwood is extremely positive.
  • At high temperatures, eat jam or other goodies, made from dogwood. After all, the product has excellent antipyretic properties.
  • In the period of avitaminosis, dogwood will become an indispensable product!
  • The cornel is useful (especially its juice) at a diabetes mellitus.
  • For the treatment of eczema and dermatitis compresses from cornel leaves will help.
  • Cornel leaves decoction is also used as diuretic and choleretic agent.
  • Broth from the crushed seeds of berries of a cornel will help relieve stress, nervous tension and mental disorder, calm you.

remember, that dogwood is contraindicated during pregnancy!

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The benefits of dogwood for the human body is obvious. It is due to the rich, diverse composition of the berries. Moreover, not only berries, but also leaves, and stems (bark), and even the roots of a plant are useful for dogwood. Dogwood blanks will help you at any time of the year: in winter they will protect you from colds, in spring they will help with vitamin deficiency, in summer they will reduce fever and normalize pressure, in the fall they will calm the nervous system and normalize digestion.

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