Does no-shpa help with headache

A headache, but in a purse of pills only No-shpa? Headache can also be saved with the help of this famous antispasmodic. But such a drug is not always able to bring you back to life, if we are talking about the head. Why not all pain gives in to But-spé and is it possible to drink such medicine for pregnant women?

The head periodically hurts at all. But the reason for such ailments may be different. Is No-shpu to use in such cases? Yes, this drug is able to get rid of a headache, but of a certain origin, since not every kind of it fits into the “scope of activity” of the medicine. After all, its main task is to eliminate the spasm.

Therefore, before blaming the drug for its inefficiency, it is necessary to figure out why the head is concerned. The answer to this question directly depends on whether Ho helps the shpa from a headache.

When should I drink No-shpu with headaches?

When should I drink No-shpu with headaches?

Doctors found out that the drug based on Drotaverin gives the highest effect for headaches resulting from nervous or physical overstrain. Here are the main types of headaches in which it is advisable to take No-shpu:

  • which occurs if the nerve of the cervical spinal trunk is pinched;
  • pain in the temporal region associated with high pressure (you can identify it as follows: if you squeeze the temples, it will subside and then reappear);
  • unilateral pain in the head;
  • pulsating nature, the intensity of which then increases, then decreases.

No-Shpa will eliminate smooth muscle spasm, relax tense muscles and reduce pain. The medicine effectively fights fatigue. It can be used as a means of escape from insomnia, which is provoked by squeezing sensations in the head.

When does victory remain for pain?

But the spa is useless for headaches of a vascular nature. This drug will not help with migraines. It makes no sense to swallow it with very strong pain (for example, toothache). If the pressure has strongly increased, it is also necessary to look for alternative ways of treatment.

How to take the drug No-Spa: dosage

If you have pain, then it is better to take the tool in pill form. Yellow bitter-tasting "pills" are familiar to all. They should be drunk after eating - then the active components of the drug will be better absorbed into the blood. Dissolve in water or dissolve under the tongue No-shpu is required, it is enough to drink it with water.

The drug may have a different dosage: in 1 piece 40 ml or 80 ml (No-spa forte). To the hearth of pain, the medicine will “get” in 20-30 minutes. Therefore, if you do not feel immediate relief, you do not need to swallow pill by pill, you just need to wait until the medicine starts working.

For an adult, the daily dose should not exceed 240 mg, which is 6 tablets of normal or 3 tablets of No-shpy Forte. This portion should be divided into 3 doses. The drug is allowed to combine with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory.

How to take the drug No-Spa: dosage


But-shpa has a minimum number of contraindications, but they should still be considered. It is absolutely not suitable for people who have serious violations in the liver. You should not try to treat headaches with pills No-shty asthmatics and those who have low blood pressure.

A serious reason not to use this medicine is a heart rhythm disorder. Such self-medication can cause acute heart failure and even a heart attack.

In case of lactose intolerance and allergy to Drotaverine, it is not advisable to seek relief from the headache with the help of No-shpy. Although it will not harm the body in small doses, it is still necessary to consult a doctor in advance.

Master of Disguise: The principle of action No-shpy and side effects

Regularly"to cure "headaches with the help of No-shpy is a big mistake. And it's not just about the possibility of side effects. There are actually a few of them, and not one of them is life threatening. The undesirable effects of taking this drug include:

  • sleep disturbance;
  • tachycardia;
  • stool disorders;
  • decrease in blood pressure;
  • rash and itching;
  • dizziness.

It must be understood that No-shpa is an antispasmodic, therefore it does not eliminate the cause of the pain, but only masks it. If you do not find the source of such a problem, the discomfort will repeat again and again.

Is the drug suitable for headache in pregnant women?

Is the drug suitable for headache in pregnant women?

Pregnant women are often prescribed No-mash (especially in the early stages), but not from a headache, but to reduce the hypertonia of the uterus. Women in an interesting position often have a headache, which is associated with an increased hormonal level and restructuring of the body. Many use an antispasmodic to alleviate the condition. But the future mother is absolutely wrong to independently “prescribe” any drug whatsoever.

But shpa from headache during pregnancy can be used only in the absence of general and specific contraindications. For any complications during gestation (in particular, if it is detected cervical insufficiency), this drug is banned.

If the tone is normal, but the headaches are tormented and they are not associated with high blood pressure, then the doctor may allow No-silo (but not on a regular basis).

Pregnant women are often worried about migraine. It is dangerous for a woman who is carrying a child, but Nope can not overcome such pain. From painkillers in this case, you can use Paracetamol or acetaminophen. But only the doctor will select the safe dosage of these drugs. Aspirin and Analgin absolutely should not be used by pregnant women.

But the headache from the headache really helps. But its effect is limited only by an analgesic effect. It can be used as an emergency aid (if there are no other analgesics on hand). If the pain worries regularly, it is better to consult a doctor to find out her character. Even taking such a well-known drug should be conscious, despite the fact that it can be bought at any pharmacy without a prescription.

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