Do thrush in men

Some representatives of the stronger sex do not even want to hear about this problem, since they believe that it does not threaten them. If you ask them if there is a thrush in men, they will answer: "No!" We'll have to upset representatives of the "bearded" half of humanity - even as it happens! Where can they catch candidiasis and how can they cope with such a nuisance?

Should men be afraid of thrush?

Should men be afraid of thrush

For the stronger sex, there are two news - bad and good. To begin with, it is unlikely that they will be pleased: everyone has candidosis, and the stronger sex is no exception. According to doctors, thrush occurs in every fourth woman and every tenth man (of those who went to the hospital with characteristic complaints).

And now the good news: if a man is healthy and his body's defenses work well, then a meeting with the Candida fungus does not threaten him with any consequences. Infection is possible if his immunity drops sharply (due to chronic diseases, stress, surgery, lack of sleep), there are diseases of the endocrine system, and the natural bacterial balance is disturbed.

How does the stronger sex get infected?

Where does the "female" disease come from men? Although the conclusion suggests itself in its own right - from its sexual partner, some doubt whether thrush is transmitted from a woman to a man, since they do not show signs of illness after intimate affinity with an infected girlfriend. There is an explanation for this: a thrush can be quiet for a long time, waiting for an opportunity. And only when the immune defense fails, it will announce itself with unpleasant symptoms.

An infection can enter a man’s body in the following ways:

  • during normal sexual intercourse with a partner who has urogenital candidiasis;
  • during oral-genital sex with a woman with Candida species in her mouth;
  • from pregnant wives (as women in a position prone to this disease);
  • by contact through general hygiene items, bedding, dishes;
  • when visiting the pool;
  • possible and fungal infection of thrush by non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene (harmful microorganisms can get into the mouth from the intestine, where they live permanently in limited quantities).

Is thrush transmitted from a man to a woman if he is a carrier of the infection? In the case of the stronger sex, the candidiasis is “stored” in the space between the head and the foreskin (if it does not observe the hygiene of the sexual organ carefully, with the head exposed). Therefore, the transfer of the fungus in this way is quite real.

Signs of "courageous" candidiasis

In men, candidiasis can cause inflammation of the prostate gland.

Representatives of the stronger sex may not even suspect about infection with thrush, because in 10-15% of cases candidiasis is asymptomatic. If, however, signs of this disease appear, they will be somewhat different from the manifestations of fungal infection in women.

A man can find such anxious and unpleasant manifestations:

  • the head and foreskin of the penis swell and turn red;
  • during and after intercourse, as well as during urination, pain occurs;
  • constantly (or periodically) burns and scratches the penis;
  • a grayish-white bloom forms on the genitals, white cheesy spots. They have a sour smell.

It should be remembered that the colonies of the fungus can grow also on the skin and in the mouth.

Very often only a slight itch is felt. It is provoked by the fact that the fungus accumulates in large quantities in any area. Hips and buttocks may itch. One of the first signs is redness of the skin on the penis. This can happen as soon as the carrier has passed the baton to his partner. The rash gradually grows, seizes new areas and merges into a solid “carpet”. The pathological process moves to the scrotum and inguinal folds. If you do not start the fight against thrush and at this stage, the candidiasis will acquire a severe course. There will be persistent edema, non-healing ulcers.

In men, candidiasis can cause inflammation of the prostate gland, reduced reproductive abilities.

How and what to cure quickly and forever?

Many would be happy to contact a specialist, but they do not know who exactly is treating thrush for men, which doctor to address with such a problem. This disease is within the competence of the urologist or venologist.

Although the thrush is poorly taken root in men, if it does settle on its skin or mucous membranes, it is a problem of the whole organism, and not just of the genital sphere. Therapy of candidiasis includes the external use of Clotrimazole, Nystatin ointment (a week from 2 to 3 p. Per day). In some cases, a single dose of Fluconazole, Flukostat. Also, another antimycotic drug, Itraconazole, gives good results (it is prescribed for 5-7 days).

To the means of local treatment include creams - Pimafucin, Triderm (they are used twice a day). You can fight thrush with the help of herbs from herbs (chamomile, calendula, birch buds, barberry, oak bark). It is useful to wash the penis with soda solution (per 1 liter of water and 1 tbsp. L. Of soda).

In addition, a man should take vitamin complexes, immunomodulators and probiotics.

How to avoid dating with thrush?

man does not want to become a victim of thrush

If a man does not want to become a victim of thrush, then he should adhere to these rules:

  • have a permanent sexual partner and for any signs of fungal infection both start treatment. Before it ends, terminate intimate relationships;
  • use barrier contraceptives. You can protect yourself from a fungus, without giving up sex, using a condom. But, since candida can "live" on the skin and mucous membranes of the carrier of infection, the possibility of infection in this case still remains;
  • daily wash genitals. After the sexual act, treat them with an antiseptic;
  • since it is possible to become infected through the household way, it is better to have your own towel, dishes and other personal items.

Prevention of thrush in men includes hardening measures, avoiding harmful addictions, streamlining sex and proper body hygiene. Adhering to such simple recommendations, you hardly have to look for an answer to the question of whether there is thrush in men. And if it was not possible to protect oneself from the harmful fungus, then one should go to a doctor without hesitation for help.

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