Dmitri fructorian


Dmitry is a fruitarian. He began his way to a healthy diet a long time ago, gradually moving to raw food, and then to consuming some fruits. Today he is experiencing incredible lightness, energy boost and freedom. Food choices have become his lifestyle. Have a wonderful and healthy life!

Dmitry TO:

  • How did you find out about the new type of food, when and why did you decide to switch to it?

Once I got acquainted with the books “Ringing Cedars of Russia”, in which nutrition is mentioned relatively little. However, there is a short, but rather capacious concept - "eat, how to breathe", those. without thinking about the very process of eating food, just as we do not think about the process of absorbing air when we breathe. And what is it - KEY to increase speed of thought with all the ensuing good consequences. Absolutely no propaganda syroedeniya in books. Just a suggestion: once a year, try for three days to eat only what has grown on your plot. I tried it five years ago, to be honest, it was hard to endure these three days. At least, I felt out of my comfort zone. And no wonder, with an extra weight of 110 kg. Despite the fact that in the next 2 years I managed to change the shape and weight of the body with oxygen gymnastics, the idea of ​​the consistency and rationality of the phrase "eat, how to breathe", did not leave. And such a first step to this, as raw foods, I realized, sooner or later, will come into my life. Finally, a little more than two years ago, this “sooner or later” came - the topic of raw food particularly caught my attention. I got acquainted on the Internet with some associates of the ideas that gave me links to forums and books on eating non-cooked food. Having studied the experiences of other people, two years ago, approximately in February 2010, I set foot on my raw food way ...

  • Do you plan to continue eating like this?

Of course. Fruitorism is already my comfort zone. Although, sometimes, if I really want, I can afford anything.


  • How easy was the transition?

No matter how I tried to be a "sharp transition", I still often used something non-syrupable by evening. But in the afternoon I felt comfortable with raw plant foods. Of course, weakness, "stars" in front of his eyes with sharp slopes, it was all. In addition, it was a pity to part with the figure “stuck together” in the gym a year before making the decision to become a raw foodist. The mass inexorably melted, melted ...

This regime lasted from February to July 2010. In early July, he made a firm decision to renounce the influence of society and become one hundred percent raw foodist. This period lasted 3 months. In general, within 8 months, body weight dropped to 65 kg with height of 182 cm. Such a mop became! Beginning in October, followed by a monthly breakdown on the evening reception of fried. Again, the body recovered a kilo to 77, but no longer muscles, but fat. Nevertheless, all these 10 months of raw food experience did not pass without a trace - a certain adaptation did take place and it was not so difficult to get out of the evening gluttony.

By the New 2011, sprouted cereals almost ceased to be consumed, less and less time was spent on the preparation of raw food dishes (mostly, these were salads). And since January 2011, I switched to the same fruit. Mostly they were oranges, tangerines and their hybrids, apples, and sometimes persimmon. Eaten 4-5 kg ​​per day, divided into 2-3 meals. Along with this, after a six-month break, I continued to exercise, but without the simulators, except for the horizontal bar. Somehow this fruitarian regime stabilized, however, to date, the fruit has become less eaten, 3-4 pounds per day. Stabilized weight: 70-75 kg.

  • How did you fight public opinion?

I didn’t experience much pressure from the outside world, such as, say, against long hair or facial hair! However, friends often ask a question that always surprises me: "Why do you need this, eat some fruit?" Well, how can I bring my vision to their consciousness in one answer ?! I confine myself to the fact that "it is interesting for me to experiment, now SUCH I am conducting an experiment." From time to time, someone will say: "Dima, you have to eat meat, otherwise this and that ...". I am amazed at such simplicity and tactlessness - I don’t say to them: "Stop smoking - it is unhealthy."

On the other hand, I feel the respect of friends, they are pleased that they have such an "unusual" friend. Of all my surroundings, probably, only mom seeks to keep up with my lifestyle, which I am genuinely pleased. You can say it inspires when the "roots" not only support you, but also take pride in you, trying to be like.

Dmitry NOW:

  • Were there moments when you returned to the previous steps or did you allow yourself to eat something that you refused?

For 2 years, I have never fully returned to the previous mode of eating "boiled" food. During the day - only raw vegetable food, only in the evening I could afford something else. The world around and the dish-domic origin still have an influence, from time to time stimulating the desire to eat something cooked on fire. However, when you leave your surroundings for some time, for example, you leave for a synergy, then such desires do not arise. Very fun and comfortable to spend time with like-minded people in abundance of fruits. It would be nice to constantly live in such conditions!

  • Are there any side effects?

On weight loss, I have already spoken. There were no illnesses, but still, and last winter suffered cold symptoms during the week. The last time the cold had passed was very easy, without much indisposition, as if really, only to save me from the accumulated debris (loss of taste, runny nose and cough).

  • How has your life changed in connection with the transition to raw food eating, and subsequently to fruitorialism: in the spiritual, physical, social terms?

In the spiritual sense? ... If something has changed, I don’t know if this is connected with the new attitude to nutrition. Development, it, as before, went on, and now in the process! The transition to almost unchanged food (from breeding today is nowhere to go), has more spiritual foundation, rather than physical. This is an attempt to get closer to the truth, or something. The desire for a more complete, more perfect, not distorted worldview.

On the physical plane ... Such disadvantages as a decrease in physical strength and the loss of seemingly useful mass are obviously temporary. But the pros are quite stable: lightness, increased endurance, satisfaction with a shorter sleep, changes in blood properties (quick-healing cuts that do not require disinfection) ...

BUT clean breath! This is just a dream! If only this aspect speaks about the correctness of the chosen path! For many years, the thought that most people, from time to time, needed to throw chewing gum behind their cheeks, especially before some meeting, did not give me any peace. My nature shouted to me: "It can not be that we were created so polluted! We must be clean from the inside, without resorting to various adaptations from the outside!“To admit, I am delighted with the fact that I found one of the answers. And such a“ fat ”plus, as an increase in free hours per day due to the lack of need to prepare food?

Socially ... Imagine that a society can be divided into: 1) strangers; 2) acquaintances (colleagues, friends, relatives); 3) "cordial" relationship. Many people who are not familiar to me, who learned about my "unusualness", show interest. I see how their degree of trust towards me increases, for no apparent reason. Colleagues also show interest, but by and large, everyone is busy with himself, and for them I am another reason for talking. But in relation to the sexes: I understand that I deliberately reduced the circle among which I would like to find that one!

  • What advise those who are just going to start eating the same way as you?

Sure, everyone has their own way. I can advise based only on my own experience. Is this suitable for everyone? Therefore, I will be brief! It does not hurt to collect and study information on this topic. Consider your health, because at the beginning of the journey you need a certain stock of it