More and more various preparations appear in cosmetology and medicine as a whole, and the old proven means move further and further, among which one can meet dimexide. What it is? What is the spectrum of action of this drug? He is occasionally mentioned in the composition of various masks for the face and hair - is this correct?

The use of a solution of Dimexidum at home

The use of a solution of Dimexidum at home

A colorless, oily consistency liquid with an almost complete lack of flavor is what dimexide is. It usually comes into use after a certain processing, as a result of which it receives a subtle, harsh smell and a pale yellow tint. The reason why this substance aroused interest on the part of scientists and, subsequently, physicians is its ability to penetrate the blood through the skin and dissolve any other substances, lowering their concentration. In this way, preparations based on Dimexidum were created, which made it possible to use them on a sensitive organism with greater safety.

  • By origin, dimexide is a deramatotropic agent, helps to accelerate tissue regeneration, relieves inflammation, has an antimicrobial effect, and can even be used in areas affected by fungus. It is noteworthy that it "awakens" those antibiotics to which viruses have already developed immunity.
  • The classic use of Dimexidum is the treatment of the affected area with a liquid or the application of an occlusive dressing soaked with this agent. Previously, it must be diluted with water: otherwise there is a high probability of getting a burn.
  • Tampons with dimexide in gynecology are used during fungal infections, erosions, colpitis. To do this, 1 part of the drug is diluted with 9 parts of boiled water, a tampon is inserted into the vagina for 3-4 hours.
  • Known and hair masks with dimexidum, the proportion of which should not exceed 25% of the other components, and they need to be applied to dry and clean scalp.

Basically, Dimexidum solution is applied externally, but its use inside, with renal amyloidosis and irradiation is also possible. Independently on the basis of Dimexidum, it is better to prepare only ointments, masks and other means for external use.

The use of Dimexidum in cosmetology: consumer reviews

The use of Dimexidum in cosmetology: consumer reviews

Of course, Dimexide is of the greatest interest not in relation to its main purpose, but as a means of stimulating hair growth or even smoothing wrinkles. Does it work in this direction?

Tatyana: Already the 2nd month, weekly doing a mask with dimexidum, mixing 1 tsp. drug with 2 capsules Aevita, 1 tbsp. castor oil and avocado oil. I apply moistened gauze on my scalp, massage for 2-3 minutes, warm with a towel and walk for 1-2 hours. It happened that I even fell asleep with this composition. I wash off with shampoo, there are no problems here. They scared me with burns and an unpleasant odor, but perhaps the rest of the oils blocked everything - nothing happened. Not to say that the effect is phenomenal, but the hair in smaller quantities now remain on the comb.

Olga: I was looking for a safe and long way to get rid of wrinkles - dimex reviews in tandem with solcoseryl were seduced, I decided that I had to try, especially the price of each preparation was low. She survived while she was preparing the mixture: on all resources they scare them with burns and a strong smell, which does not erode for several days - I say that this is exaggerated. Dimexide slightly smells of garlic, but it is worth washing, and the skin does not "remember" it.

So, I diluted dimexide with boiled water 1:10, actively stirred and at the same time moistened a cotton pad to wipe his face with it. From above, I immediately dispensed solcoseryl, waited half an hour, washed off. I arranged the course for myself for 30 days, repeated the procedure every 2 days: the nasolabial folds smoothed out a bit, I did not dare to put a mask under my eyes. In general, the skin seems much more elastic. I will wait 3 months break and repeat.

It should be said that numerous reviews of wrinkles from dimexidum allow us to understand that it alone will not make the skin more elastic and will not eliminate any creases, but it can enhance the effect of any product with a lifting effect. The same applies to the hair follicles: dimexide is only a kind of conductor, so it will work only in tandem.

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