Dilated pupils


One of the most interesting facts is that when a person comes face to face with any other person, his pupils dilate, as at the moment when he sees nothing.

In the normal state, the pupils change their shape depending on the illumination, focusing of the gaze, for some physiological reasons. But if the pupils have been dilated for a long time, you should understand the reason for this in order to avoid further health problems, since they can be a signal of some serious illness.

Why do pupils dilate?

Despite the fact that any abnormality in our physiological state is perceived as a sign of the disease, dilated pupils will not necessarily indicate this. According to scientific researchdilated pupils can talk about a person's good mood or agitated state. Also, pupils dilate due to reaction to light.

During stress or just a bad mood, the pupils are in a constricted state, and as soon as a person begins to experience positive emotions, his pupils immediately begin to expand. A woman's pupils become dilated as she begins to communicate with a man who is really interested in her. This is just the body's physiological response.

Dilated pupils: the main reasons

In general, there are several other main causes of dilated pupils, which are established by medical research:

  1. Insufficient light
  2. Damage or disease of the nervous system
  3. Psychological reasons
  4. Response to medications taken
  5. Pathology of the retina
  6. Brain tumor
  7. Glaucoma

Extended pupils: standard response to light

The human body is designed so that it is configured to preserve the retina and protect it from ultraviolet radiation and various damages. A person perceives more than 80% of information from the surrounding world through vision. With a very bright sun, strong artificial light occurs constriction of the pupil. But when the twilight in the room, the pupils immediately begin to expand. This is due to the need to provide clear vision.

When it is dark, it is difficult for a person to see the environment, so the eye muscles begin to focus, the eyeball becomes wider. In the dark, the pupil expands to 9 mm, having a normal diameter of 3 mm.

Dilated pupils: psychological causes

When too much adrenaline enters the body during anger and aggression, the pupils instantly become dilated.This state of the pupils suggests that the nervous system directly affects the pupils. When strong emotions such as fear, pain or extreme events occur, the body reacts immediately with dilated pupils.

During the performance of some important work with a full concentration on its result, the pupils of a person also expand.

Causes of dilated pupils: diseases

The reasons for the appearance of dilated pupils can be symptoms that signal the appearance of health problems. Usually this is a head injury or some thyroid abnormalities. If, in addition to dilated pupils, any other symptoms of deterioration of well-being began to appear, for example, high blood pressure, headaches, vomiting and nausea, then you should immediately seek medical help. Only a specialist can determine the real cause of these symptoms and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Some medications can cause dilated pupils. One of them is the drug "Atropine", which is prescribed for the treatment of various diseases, especially patients with problems with the gastrointestinal tract. The use of other eye drops in the composition, of which tropicamide is present, quite often causes the appearance of dilated pupils. The reasons for the temporary expansion of the pupils may be a central nervous system disorder, such as stroke or epilepsy.

If the eye or head is damaged, the eye muscle, which is responsible for the proper functioning of the pupil, could be damaged. In these cases, the process of contraction and expansion is violated in them. The causes of dilated pupils are also excessive alcohol consumption, taking drugs, psychotropic tablets. If the causes of dilated pupils are such, then it is necessary to immediately begin treatment: both physical and psychological.

Chronic pupil dilation: causes

The reasons for the chronic expansion of the pupils are partial lesion of the optic nerves, which have lost the ability to properly respond to light.People suffering from this disease, feel pain in too bright light. In the dark, they have vision problems. Because of the impaired ability to see clearly at night, they should be especially careful when traveling at night.

In addition to the natural causes of dilated pupils, unfortunately, the causes may also be health problems that have arisen. Therefore, if you notice that your pupils remain dilated for a long time, immediately contact your doctor for help, do not self-medicate. But still, in most cases, the causes of dilated pupils are certain features of a person and the body’s natural reaction to the environment and events.

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