Differences between dexpanthenol and bepanten


The disease is not a pleasure for any person. Of course, at this time you can relax, lie down a bit longer in bed and feel the care from loved ones. However, at the same time, it is necessary to find answers to many questions: the causes of the disease, which doctor to go to, which medicine to buy. For example, when skin lesions, wounds, burns, the question arises: what is better dexpanthenol or bepanthen?

What is the difference between these drugs?

Dexpanthenol and Bepanten: Differences

Despite the fact that at first glance, these drugs are very similar, have the same basic substance in their composition, the differences between bepanthen and dexpanthenol do exist:

  • Dexpanthenol is made using preservatives, so bepanten, without such components, is safer for the skin;
  • The consistency bepanten more liquid, making it easier to apply, especially on large areas;
  • The effect after the application of bepanthena comes rapidly, so the reddening will pass in a couple of hours. When applying dexpanthenol, results appear in about a day;
  • However, dexpanthenol has a wider scope of application, this drug is also prescribed for the treatment of abscesses, boils, bepanthen for such diseases will not work;
  • The price of dexpanthenol is significantly lower - from 70 to 200 rubles, depending on the region and the pharmacy chain. And bepanten will cost you about 250-500 rubles.

Thus, the best drug for you will be the one that best suits your individual testimony and needs. For an adult patient there is no significant difference between these drugs, but if you need body care for your mother and newborn, it is better to choose bepanten. Its advantage is maximum safety and good care.

Description of drugs



Release form and composition

Ointment 5%, color - light yellow, has a characteristic smell.

The main substance - dexpanthenol, auxiliary - petrolatum, cholesterol, nipazol, nipagin, water.

Ointment 5%, color - white or light yellow, has a faint odor.

The main substance - dexpanthenol, also contains alcohol, beeswax, almond oil, paraffin, water.


It promotes skin regeneration and normalizes metabolism in the cells.

The drug is aimed at regeneration and improve metabolism in the cells.


2-4 times a day with a thin layer on the damaged areas. If necessary, it can be applied more often.

1-2 times a day, apply on the affected area of ​​skin and rub in a little.

Side effects

Allergy (rare).

It is possible urticaria or itching.


· Violation of the skin: burn, abrasions, wounds, bedsores;

· Inflammations on the skin: boils, ulcers, colostomy, etc .;

· Skin care after natural phenomena: wind, frost, dampness;

· For the care and protection of dry skin.

· Dry skin with injuries;

· In the period of lactation, breast care;

· Baby skin care;

· Minor lesions, burns of initial degree, cracks, ulcers and skin irritations.


Intolerance to any components that make up.

Individual intolerance to substances that are part of bepanthen.

Gestation period

If there is an inflammatory process or cracks in the nipples (be sure to consult your doctor).

You can apply.


Can be used for diaper rash, after the negative impact of the sun, with scratches.

Can be used with the appearance of dermatitis or diaper rash.

Pharmacy holidays

Over the counter.

Over the counter.

Dexpanthenol and Bepanten Reviews

Dexpanthenol and Bepanten reviews

If you examine the reviews of dexpanthenol, then the conclusion is asking for itself - the ointment likes the buyer. Many note the fact that the effect and quality are not inferior to the German bepanten, so there is no need to pay extra money. Nursing mothers are particularly pleased with their use for breast healing. Views on dexpanthenol:

  • Marina.Beautiful and budget analogue bepanten. Perfectly copes with the healing of various wounds, you can spread it on a baby under a diaper.
  • Olga. I had dermatitis on the face, which was accompanied by an ugly red shade and peeling. After the first application, the purple color began to pass a little, swelling and itching disappeared. Already on the 3rd day, the skin became almost completely normal, my dermatitis was caused by nerves and now always rescues dexpanthenol.

Reviews of bepanthen are also pleasing to the eye and most of them are positive, although you can also find opinions of those for whom this ointment did not seem effective:

  • Sonya. We have three males in our family, so bepantin always finds its use. We use for cuts, abrasions, it helps a lot when it burns in the sun. Apply the ointment easily, relieves pain, and even gives a slight cold effect.
  • Valentine. An indispensable tool if there is a child. Removes redness, heals, moisturizes. I smear dry cheeks, scratches, helps very quickly.
  • Anastasia. Good ointment, we slept more than once, but when the baby had diaper rash, it did not give any effect. But it copes with small reddenings and abrasions instantly.

Dexpanthenol analogue - bepanthen has its advantages: it is safe for the skin, it is beautifully applied and quickly helps to get rid of damage. However, this drug can be bought much more expensive than dexpanthenol, which is inferior to it a little. The choice between these drugs should be based on your testimony and individual characteristics, you can examine the reviews before you buy. However, in order to avoid side effects, it is better to consult a doctor.