Diet for pancreatic diseases


Pancreatic diseases rejuvenate every year. People have no time to think about what they eat.

If suddenly you find yourself having symptoms of pancreatitis (you can read about them in the article “Symptoms of inflammation of the pancreas”), change your diet. This applies to both the menu and the meal schedule.

Food in diseases of the pancreas

The diet of a healthy person must necessarily include at least three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner!

According to your work schedule, you can add a second breakfast or afternoon snack to this minimum. In the evening, you can add a second dinner. These meals should be light, include something from fruits or vegetables. Do not eat bread, squeezed with carbonated (albeit mineral) water! It is very harmful for a healthy person. Not to mention the sick pancreatitis!

In normal meals should be 4 or 5. It is desirable that the meal was on your schedule. Suppose: at 8 o'clock - breakfast, at noon - second breakfast, at 3 o'clock - lunch, at 7 o'clock in the evening - dinner. If you want, add to this light second dinner, at 9 o'clock, if you go to bed late.

How to eat with acute pancreatitis?

Food for acute pancreatitis should be curative. Often the patient with acute pancreatitis is in the hospital. There the problem of diet (by the clock) disappears by itself. In all hospitals there is a special time for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. Moreover, under the afternoon snack and may be a second breakfast.

A patient who is admitted by ambulance to the hospital is given intravenous nutrition for the first days. The patient eats due to droppers. You can drink mineral water, alkaline content. When the pain subsides, the inflammation will decrease, you can eat yogurt. To do this, enter it in small portions (100 ml) in the diet. On this first day after the droppers, the patient eats sour milk every half hour he wants.

The next day, are introduced into the diet and other products, such as cheese. Again in small portions and at short intervals. Frequent meals in small portions make the pancreas return to normal functioning gradually. Thus, it does not overload and returns to its state, before the illness.

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How to eat with chronic pancreatitis?

The diet of patients with chronic inflammation of the pancreas should be in compliance with the diet and include foods that are easily digested.

  • Food should be predominantly protein.
  • Fatty foods are eliminated to the maximum.
  • Carbohydrates that cause fermentation processes in the body, such as carbohydrates, sugar, honey, jam, candy, are also excluded.
  • It is necessary to eat in small portions. The feeling of satiety should never occur. Rising from the table, you should remain slightly hungry. Get used to eat less!
  • Meal should be by the hour.
  • Included in the diet 5-6 meals.
  • Stewed and fatty foods are excluded.
  • Steaming is welcome.
  • Eat low-fat fresh cottage cheese, boiled meat and fish, protein foods, dairy products.
  • Porridges on water, white bread, vegetable cutlets, vegetables and fruits are useful for breakfast.

  • Soups are required for lunch! Cook soups in vegetable broth.
  • At bedtime, drink a glass of kefir or yogurt (an hour or half an hour before bedtime).
  • Drink jelly, compotes from fresh or fresh-frozen berries and fruits.
  • It is useful to eat boiled beets. You can rub it grated and add a teaspoon of vegetable oil (oil consumption is limited, do not forget about it!).
  • Watch out for the chair! If you cannot settle it, eat prunes for the night and in the morning. The chair should be normal in the morning.

What to exclude from the diet with pancreatitis?

  • Some foods in general can not be eaten by people with inflammation of the pancreas, either during the exacerbation or during remission. These are the following foods: fresh bread, baking, cocoa, coffee, borsch, fatty meat and fish broths, as well as fried and fatty.
  • Alcohol should be categorically abandoned! No amount of it can be consumed!
  • You can not eat offal, canned foods, boiled eggs, chocolate, candy, ice cream, caviar and some fruits: figs, bananas, grapes and dates. These fruits do not eat because of the reaction of fermentation and abdominal distention.

Only by dieting, you can get rid of the unwanted symptoms of pancreatic diseases! Do not forget to exclude harmful foods, enter the diet by the hour (5-6 meals per day) and eat in small portions, fractionally! No treatment can help if you do not adjust your diet! Healthy food is the key to your health!