Diet for gastritis with high acidity. features of nutrition


Gastritis - a disease accompanied by inflammation of the gastric mucosa. An important part of therapy for him is dieting and avoiding bad habits. After all, it is often the wrong diet, smoking and drinking alcohol lead to this disease. Gastritis can be with high or low acidity. Recommendations for nutrition in hyperacid type, when the acidity in the stomach is above the norm, requires separate consideration.

Diet for gastritis of the stomach: features

Often, aggravations of gastritis are accompanied by vomiting, and at the same time a person has to give up food for almost the whole day. After that, the patient is allowed to eat light and very lean foods, for example, pureed mashed soups and liquid cereals. But even if you do not have an acute attack, you will have to follow a therapeutic diet, which is based on compliance with strict rules for the preparation and processing of almost all food.

For example, meat should be chosen completely without fat, soft, which does not contain streaks and cartilage. It should be cooked for a long time and carefully, in 2 broths. The first, most saturated decoction, cannot be used for gastritis. Vegetable dishes are also prepared by cooking or steaming. Fruits are most useful to eat in baked form or prepare compotes from them. Seeds and peel must be removed. The most important requirement for food products - they should be soft to the taste and texture and uniform.

Diet for gastritis with high acidity

In the medical diet must be present the required amount of protein products. Recently, scientists have concluded that the amino acid glutamine is useful for the treatment of such a disease. This substance prevents the development of inflammation and autoimmune diseases. In large quantities, the amino acid is found in white cabbage, raw leafy vegetables, legumes, but these vegetables are usually prohibited for people with gastritis. Therefore, a sick person will have to receive glutamine only from animal products, because fish, milk, eggs and beef.

When inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach will have to minimize the amount of salt in the diet, spices, especially sharp ones, must be completely abandoned. You can not drink strong tea and coffee, smoke and consume any alcoholic beverages. Since in many products the patient with gastritis needs to limit himself, doctors prescribe dietary supplements to compensate for the lack of vitamins. Such drugs will give you strength and strengthen the nervous system, which is important in the development of pathology. The first reason for gastritis is prolonged stress and constant nervous tension. To vitamins digested more actively, the drugs should be taken immediately after the main meals.

When gastritis can not drink carbonated drinks and water, it is best to give preference to simple purified water without gas and chemical components. Doctors recommend preparing their own compotes and teas from various medicinal herbs.

Proper nutrition during gastritis with increasing levels of hydrochloric acid

Diet for gastritis with high acidity

The diet should be aimed at reducing the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the glandular cells of the gastric mucosa. For this you need:

Remove from the diet foods that contain a large amount of fiber and fiber, as well as having a rough structure. Such food can mechanically damage the gastric mucosa, which will further complicate the situation. These products include fish with cartilage, meat with veins, turnip and radish, cereal, swede and bread with the addition of bran.

To exclude those foods that increase the secretion of hydrochloric acid by the glands of the stomach. This group includes: citrus fruits, black bread, alcoholic beverages, sparkling water, various sauces and spicy dressings for dishes, cabbage, all types of mushrooms, coffee, cocoa and chocolate.

Refuse to take too hot or cold dishes. Food temperature will also have to be monitored. It is optimal to heat food up to 15-60 degrees. Hot foods will irritate the gastric mucosa, and cold foods will require a lot of effort and energy to process them.

When hyperacid gastritis is allowed to eat such products:

  • River fish is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 unsaturated fatty acids, which are good for the whole body and perfectly restore damaged stomach tissue.
  • Protein chicken eggs.
  • Various dishes from cereals.
  • Low-fat types of meat, for example, chicken, rabbit. Skin should be removed from the chicken. It is necessary to exclude mutton, meat of a duck and a goose.
  • Seafood.
  • Fatty home or store milk in boiled form. The most useful goat and sheep.
  • From vegetables you can eat carrots, young green peas, tomatoes without peels, squash and pumpkin, beets, lettuce and parsley, dill and green onion feathers.
  • Berries and fruits can be eaten almost everything except citrus. It is recommended to use them boiled or baked, not on an empty stomach. The most useful is to eat strawberries and strawberries, raspberries.
  • Herbal teas and herbal infusions. When gastritis useful chamomile, wormwood and yarrow, sage and mint.
  • It is not recommended to eat the following foods:
  • Low-fat milk and products from sour milk.
  • Simple carbohydrates, which are rich in all sweets, pastries, confectionery.
  • Onion and garlic.
  • Spicy spices.

Diet for gastritis with high acidity

It is important to observe the following rules:

  1. You need to eat in small portions, but often. The optimal number of meals per day 4-6.
  2. After eating, you should rest at least 15 minutes in a reclining or lying position.
  3. Doctors recommend that food be chewed for a long time and very thoroughly.
  4. When gastritis need to eradicate the following bad habits:
  5. Binge eating.
  6. Chewing gum.
  7. Food while watching TV, work on the Internet, reading.
  8. Snacks on the go and in the process of work or communication.
  9. Compliance with strict diets for weight loss.

To alleviate the condition of gastritis and prevent exacerbations, observe the following rules:

  • Roast substitute cooked and low-fat dishes.
  • Eat bread slightly stale and dried, yesterday. Pasta and other flour products are extremely rare.
  • For breakfast it is useful to eat porridge, which is prepared very quickly.
  • Lunch is recommended to start with the use of broth from meat, vegetables or fish. It stimulates the secretion of digestive juices in the stomach and thus speeds up and facilitates the absorption of all food.
  • Drink as much purified water as possible without gas and compotes. Useful for gastritis will be natural homemade jelly.
  • Fast food and convenience foods should be completely excluded. When inflammation of the gastric mucosa, you need to eat only homemade food.

Gastritis with high acidity: treatment

Treatment prescribed by the doctor after a thorough diagnosis. Patients are advised to undergo inpatient treatment. The basic principles of the treatment of hyperacid gastritis:


  • Means that can reduce the release of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. These include "Almagel" and "Famotidine".
  • Enveloping drugs to protect the gastric mucosa from adverse effects. Drugs with white clay and Smekta.
  • Enzyme preparations will help to normalize the processes of digestion. This group includes "Festal" and "Panzinorm".
  • In cases where the examination of a person in the stomach detected the bacterium Helicobacter shows the use of special antibacterial agents. Usually prescribed "Amoxicillin" or "Clarithromycin".
  • Physiotherapy is also useful, the procedures are performed daily in the hospital. The average course of treatment is 10 days.
  • To relieve pain used analgesics, for example, novocaine.
  • Phytopreparations for gastritis prescribed especially often. They normalize sleep and relieve irritability.
  • During periods of remission it will be useful to go to special sanatoria.

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When gastritis is important to eat right and avoid the use of harmful and dangerous products. If you have found such a disease, you will most likely have to adhere to a special diet for a very long time, or even your whole life. In order not to experience a lack of nutrients and vitamins, use regularly dietary supplements, include more permitted vegetables and fruits in the menu.