Diet after gallbladder removal

The human body is a perfect system, and every organ or even tissue performs its functions. Without some organs, existence is possible, but not so fully, some restrictions are imposed on the patient’s vital activity, including on nutrition. These prohibitions must be strictly observed by persons who have undergone surgery to remove the organs of the digestive tract: parts of the stomach, intestines, gallbladder (cholecystectomy), etc.

Bans on food that comes from the patient’s condition will largely depend on the prescription of the surgery. Depending on the recovery process of the body, one or another diet, certain prohibitions in the quantity and quality of products, etc. will be recommended.

The main purpose of the appointment of a diet after removal of the gallbladder - as soon as possible to restore the function of removing bile. For these reasons, the most stringent requirements for meals are distributed on the first day after the operation. During these 24 hours, the patient is forbidden even to give liquid. It is allowed only to lubricate the surface of the lips with water for the first 4 hours. Based on the patient's condition, only with the permission of the doctor, subsequently, it is allowed to periodically rinse your mouth with decoctions of herbs.

Diet after gallbladder removal

After 2 days from the moment of surgical intervention, it is allowed to drink boiled water or tea from rose hips (without sugar), the total volume of the liquid should not be more than 1 l per day. On the recommendation of a doctor, you can later replace water with a compote of dried fruit, weakly brewed tea, or low-fat kefir. Based on the patient's condition and the processes that occur in his body, it is recommended to drink 100-150 ml of liquid, every 3 hours. But the total volume of water consumed / compote cannot be more than 1.5 liters.

As soon as it takes 3 days after surgery, the patient's diet expands significantly. The patient can be offered a small portion of boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes, fruit or vegetable juices (apple, pumpkin, beetroot, etc.), soups on a weakly concentrated vegetable broth (ground), scrambled eggs made exclusively from proteins, or fruit jelly. It is permissible to drink a cup of weak tea with a small amount of sugar. But despite this, portions should be limited.

It is best to break the daily volume of nutrition into 8 equal parts of 200 g. On the 5th day after cholecystectomy, it is acceptable to include bakery products (one day old) in the patient's menu with a total amount of not more than 100 g. On the 6th day, you can enter oatmeal, wheat, buckwheat porridge, pre-grated. Ideally, it is best to cook them in water, but it is permissible to add non-fat milk, in the proportion of 50 to 50. The menu may also include steam and chopped fish, meat. Also in the diet include cottage cheese, mashed vegetables and dairy products.

Starting from 8 and 53 days after surgery, you will need to strictly adhere to a special gentle diet. The main criterion of which is 6 meals a day in small portions at the same time of day. In the future, it will be possible to switch to general food - "table number 5".

Which menu to choose after removing the gallbladder?


  • For the preparation of broths, use only vegetables, as a result it is necessary to obtain a weakly concentrated decoction. When cooking soups use a variety of cereals, which must be crushed.
  • When choosing dishes for the "second" must be used lean meat - beef, veal, chicken. A couple of times a week you need to arrange a fish day, but the fish should not be oily, special preference is given to the sea.
  • At lunch and dinner, you can serve dishes cooked with the addition of cottage cheese, which is recommended to fill with low-fat sour cream or dairy products. In the menu may be egg.
  • Proper and balanced diet implies the presence of all the nutrients in a certain concentration - proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Each of them participates in certain processes in the body, and their complete intake is simply necessary. The patient's diet must be rich in vitamins and minerals. For these reasons, special emphasis is placed on fresh vegetables and fruits, with a categorical ban on sour species and varieties.

What is forbidden to include in the diet?

Doctors warn that there are a number of products that will have to forget forever. Otherwise, you can provoke serious complications in health and deterioration. This group contains products that irritate the gastrointestinal mucosa - hot spices, onions, garlic, radishes, spicy, sour, pickles, pickles and preservatives.

Nutrition after removal of the gallbladder: what is prohibited?

All fatty foods are banned, mainly it concerns fatty meats and fish - lamb, pork, wild and poultry - geese, ducks, etc. Also, more sweets are prohibited, such as sweets, confectionery and soft drinks. Foods containing a large amount of coarse fiber should also disappear from the patient's menu. All cold dishes, especially cold rice, ice cream, cold soups, will contribute to the spasm of the biliary tract, which will reduce the digestive activity. Accordingly, the food served for the patient should be warm or at room temperature.

Healthy Food Recipes After Surgery

After talking about all the exceptions in nutrition or recommendations, many patients are discouraged, because it seems that most of the tasty and familiar dishes after the removal of the gallbladder is strictly prohibited. But this opinion is wrong. From the allowed and recommended products, you can make a tasty and varied menu.

After waking up:

Most patients after cholecystectomy wake up with great thirst. To quench it, it is quite possible to drink lightly brewed tea or compote before breakfast. It is worth remembering about the temperature, drinks should not be hot or cold.



Six meals a day, which is prescribed by the diet, requires a relatively dense breakfast. As a breakfast you can serve boiled potatoes, with the addition of a small amount of butter. You can also offer a variety of cereals, vegetable salads, scrambled eggs made from steamed proteins. For lovers of sandwiches, you can continue your traditions - to have a sandwich with cheese sandwich. Milk at room temperature, kefir, etc. are recommended as drinks.


At first, you can cook vegetarian borscht, dairy, fish, vegetable soups in low-concentration broth. On the second - low-fat meat dishes, as a garnish to use potatoes, turnips, cereals or cabbage. You can also make a salad from vegetables. Freshly squeezed juices, compote can be used as drinks.

Tea time:

It is permissible to drink a cup of tea, milk, kefir, yogurt with dry biscuits. Snack on fruit.



Dinner should be light. You can make a casserole of cereals and vegetables, cottage cheese pudding. As drinks recommended tea with a small addition of milk.

Before bedtime:

It is recommended to eat yogurt, fruit, kefir. As drinks you can use compote, fresh juice, always diluted with water!

In addition to the direct restrictions on nutrition, it is worth remembering about the recommendations on the choice of products, their preparation, etc. Doctors talk about 3 fundamental criteria that must be strictly observed. First, all foods should be fresh and fully cooked. Secondly, the diet should be varied, for these reasons it is necessary to constantly combine the allowed products. Thirdly, it is necessary to comply with the temperature diet - food and drink should be warm.

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