Diarrhea diet


The main symptom of diarrhea is fluid frequent bowel movements. But It should be noted that in itself it is not a disease, but only a symptom. This condition may be accompanied by fever, nausea, and abdominal pain. For adults, diarrhea does not represent a great danger and often does not bring harm to health. But in babies, it is more serious and can harm their still fragile body.

Surely each of us faced this condition, it causes a lot of discomfort, so I want to get rid of it as soon as possible. This can be done not only by taking the necessary medicines, but also by properly organizing your diet.

Many people are afraid to eat something during diarrhea, in order not to provoke further bowel relief. But this is wrong, food for diarrhea is necessary! There is a special diet that anyone can stick to when such a condition occurs.

What to eat for diarrhea?

Diet for diarrhea: features

During diarrhea, food should be primarily full, but special, that is, it must have binding properties. Allowed to eat meat, but not fat. Ideally, it should be beef or veal, chicken, rabbit meat, and turkey meat. Moreover, the meat should be processed in a special way: tendons should be removed, and skin should be removed from poultry meat. Cooking this product is best for a couple or just boil. And from it you can cook dishes such as meatballs, meatballs, meatballs, etc.

Bread is also allowed to be consumed for diarrhea, but it is best if it is in the form of crackers. Fish is allowed, but only freshly purchased. It is better to choose low-fat varieties. By the way, it is recommended to cook fish also by steaming or cooking.

Many people stop using soups during diarrhea, and this is fundamentally wrong! They can be eaten, only they should be cooked in a low-fat broth and always with the addition of cereals. You can even cook the soup from meat or fish meatballs.

Also, experts say that with diarrhea, it is necessary to actively eat porridge cooked in water. Especially useful will be buckwheat, rice porridge or oatmeal. You do not need to limit yourself in the use of cottage cheese, especially if it is pureed and baked calcined.

There is no need to give up eggs, you can make an omelet from them or cook.

And what should be careful with vegetables. If you use them - it is only in soups or boiled. With fruit and berries, prohibitions become a little weaker. When diarrhea, you can eat apples, dried blueberries, cook jelly from pears, rose hips, dogwood, etc. It is also allowed to drink fruit and berry juices, except grape, plum and apricot. Black and green tea, coffee and cocoa can be included in the diet.

What can you eat with diarrhea: an exemplary menu

Diet for diarrhea: features

One of the main and necessary conditions for diarrhea is the use of the required volume of fluid, as diarrhea causes dehydration, and this causes significant damage to the whole body. You can also drink special powders for the treatment of diarrhea, for example, "Gastrolit", "Regidron" - that's just to be diluted and consumed, you must strictly according to the instructions. It is also helpful to drink warm alkaline mineral water and weak black or green tea with lemon. Fluid in the body should be taken regularly - every 15 minutes. And its volume is better to check with the doctor, it depends on the cause of the occurrence and the course of the condition itself.

And in no case do not need to limit yourself to nutrition, because in this case, fasting will only aggravate the process of restoring all the necessary functions of the intestine.

Here is an exemplary adult day menu for diarrhea:

  • First breakfast: oatmeal, boiled in water, grated, low-fat, calcined cottage cheese with no additives and not strong green or black tea, can be served with lemon;
  • Second breakfast: a decoction of dried blueberries (1 tbsp.) And grated apple;
  • Lunch: meat broth prepared from lean meat, with the obligatory addition of cereals (manna, rice or other). On the second: steamed meat or fish meatballs with boiled rice or steamed rice. You can drink pear jelly or water-diluted juice;
  • Snack: decoction of wild rose (1 tbsp.);
  • Dinner: steamed omelette and buckwheat porridge;
  • Bedtime: a glass of jelly.

Diet for diarrhea: features

When diarrhea it is forbidden to eat sauerkraut, beets, radishes, cucumbers, radishes, grapes, plums, peas, beans, lentils, fatty fish and meat, spices, spices, sauces, black bread and, of course, alcohol. It is also necessary to limit yourself to the use of sugar, and in any form. During this period, it is necessary to eat regularly so that the condition will pass as soon as possible, and the intestines will again work in their main mode. Sharply moving from the diet menu to the usual products is also not recommended, it can provoke a relapse of the condition.

At first glance, diarrhea that does not cause much harm to the body and in fact causes only discomfort is a serious condition that requires timely and accurate treatment. Pharmacies in a huge range of presented pharmacological agents to combat this disease, but before their use, you must carefully read the instructions. But the best thing is not to delay the visit to the doctor, because only he will prescribe the most appropriate treatment and be able to choose the most correct diet!