Diaper rash in adults

Various skin diseases are often diagnosed. Among their number there are rare, and there are common. The latter include diaper rash. This pathology can occur in both children and adults.

Diaper rash in adults: what is it?

Diaper rash is a non-infectious skin disease. The cause of inflammation becomes fungi or microbes. Diaper rash can occur on any part of the body, but most often it is located in the area of ​​skin folds, in the places where sweat and sebaceous ducts open.

So why do these defects occur? The fact is that a certain microflora lives on human skin - bacteria, fungi, microbes. Under normal conditions, with the normal functioning of immunity, these microorganisms do not bring any harm, they are even useful. But as soon as the conditions change - overheating, prolonged wetting, rubbing of the skin, increased sweating and sebum secretion, allergic reactions, sweating, lack of proper hygiene - the protective layer of the skin is destroyed, and germs can cause inflammation.

In a humid environment, microorganisms begin to actively develop and multiply. These conditions are the starting point for diaper rash formation. Most often they occur in the warm season, especially in people with excessive sweating, obese people. In addition, diaper rash may appear after a shower, if the skin is not sufficiently dried.

Do not forget about poor-quality synthetic linen, which rubs the skin and violates ventilation. Also at risk are people with severe illnesses - kidney failure, endocrine diseases, or during the infectious disease (fever).

The main places for the formation of diaper rash:

  • In adults, diaper rash can appear almost anywhere on the skin, but is most common in the area of ​​the inguinal folds, on the buttocks, under the mammary glands, in the armpits and between the toes.
  • Diaper rash in the groin area is formed equally often in both children and adults. Such inflammation is specific, because this area is populated with a large number of opportunistic microflora. Moreover, when walking this particular area is subject to the greatest friction.
  • Diaper rash between the toes occurs in persons with excessive sweating of the feet or when wearing low-quality footwear. The most common cause of the manifestation of the disease in this area is the long wearing of rubber boots.

Stages of development and symptoms of pathology

Diaper rash can develop very quickly, literally within a few hours. As a rule, they have the same symptoms regardless of where they are located. In the lesion occurs redness of the skin, it can be joined by various kinds of acne.

The skin that has been subjected to inflammation may become wet or dry, patients may feel burning, itching and even pain in this area. If the treatment is delayed or completely absent, microcracks can form. Subsequently, they are able to ulcerate and bleed.

If there was an accession of a secondary infection, suppuration may form - a serous or stormy patina with a characteristic odor. Diaper rash with a complication can take a chronic course with periods of remission and relapse.

In its clinical course, diaper rash passes through 3 stages. Stage 1 - the formation of redness in the inflammation. Stage 2 - redness, the formation of cracks and erosion. But in the 3rd stage is the accession of a secondary infection.

How to treat diaper rash?

  1. At the first stages of diaper rash are well treated. But before embarking on therapy, it is necessary to find out the cause of the development of the ailment and eliminate it. Only in this case, you can count on a positive result. Special attention must be paid to personal hygiene. The site of inflammation should be washed as often as possible under running water, the use of baby soap or antiseptics is permissible.
  2. After taking a shower, the whole body should be well dried, with special attention should be paid to the places of defeat. To dry the skin, you can use a cotton towel, but the affected areas can not be wiped, they can only promakivat.
  3. But these treatment-and-prophylactic methods are not enough; it is also necessary to use drugs. A good result can give a variety of drying compositions, for example, baby powder, ointment with zinc.
  4. Modern medicine offers a wide range of methods and preparations for the treatment of diaper rash. Some of them can and should be done at home, but for some procedures you will have to visit the doctor’s office.
  5. Air baths are often used as home remedies. After taking a shower, the affected skin should be left open for about 20 minutes. The most important thing is that there are no drafts in the room and it is warm enough.
  6. Various procedures can be performed in the doctor's office, for example, irradiation with lamps, effects on the foci of inflammation of the electromagnetic field, the use of various ointments, and chatterboxes.
  7. One of the oldest and proven methods of treating diaper rash is the use of Minin's lamp. This method is based on the effects of infrared rays and their characteristic thermal energy. In the end, after exposure, improves blood circulation, metabolism, tissue regeneration.
  8. Ultraviolet radiation is also used, which has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal action. This radiation is very important in the presence of a secondary infection.

Diaper Rash Ointment: How to choose?

Contrary to popular belief, the treatment of diaper rash should be taken very seriously. If on the first day of therapy with air baths, there is no improvement in the change of linen, it is necessary to use ointments. Ideally, the tool should be advised by the doctor, after the interview, examination and necessary tests. Most often, such ointments as "Drapolene" and "Bepanten" are prescribed.

"Bepanten" - a tool for daily care and treatment of the skin, both children and adults. The active components of the ointment have a beneficial effect on the dermis, accelerate the regenerative processes in it. The composition of the product includes various oils that form protective barriers on the skin, which prevents its drying.

In case of diaper rash at the 2nd stage of development, it is necessary to use talkers that contain talc, zinc. Adults can use different pastes with zinc, children's creams. In case of pronounced diaper rash, it is advised to apply moisturizing dressings and lotions containing 0.1% copper and 0.4% zinc. In addition, at the stage of healing using ointment for healing, for example, "Solcoseryl", "Panthenol", "Levomikol".

In the treatment of diaper rash are often used, both medical and traditional medicine, which have been tested by time. But the main thing in therapy is the elimination of the reason why the disease develops. If it is not possible to eliminate this cause, then it is necessary to carefully consider actions that will reduce the risk to a minimum. The doctor will provide substantial assistance in this matter.

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