Deprive a person


Names of ringworm, pityriasis, or multi-colored versicolor can cause a smile, especially if you are a teenager and have never encountered a similar skin disease. In fact, there is little fun here. Depriving a person of symptoms can be quite diverse, and his treatment will take a lot of time and deliver certain inconveniences.

What is zoster, and how can they get infected?

What is lichen, and how they can get infected

Deprive is an infectious disease of the skin caused by a certain type of fungus - dermatophytes. Fungi, in turn, are microscopic spores, tough enough to survive for several months on the surface of human skin, in the soil, or on household items. They quickly multiply and thrive in a warm and humid place, and can also be spread in four different ways:

  • in case of physical contact from person to person;
  • during human contact with an animal, for example, if you pat an infected cat or dog;
  • from an infected person to public goods;
  • after prolonged skin contact with contaminated soil.

Most adults have fungal spores without obvious signs. This is because the body has developed a certain line of defense with age. But at the same time, an adult carrier of the virus can easily transmit the infection to a healthy child or another more sensitive individual. In this case, the symptoms of depriving the infected person will appear in full force.

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According to the research, it was found that the chance of contracting the disease is great in such cases:

  • in young children and old people of old age;
  • in the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes;
  • with very overweight (obesity);
  • in case of development of pathologies that weaken the immune system, such as HIV and AIDS;
  • with treatment aimed at suppressing the work of the immune system, for example, with chemotherapy or taking steroid tablets;
  • if you have had a fungal infection in the past;
  • with atherosclerosis;
  • with venous insufficiency.

People who fall into one of these categories should be more careful about their health.

Types of fungal skin diseases and symptoms

Types of fungal skin diseases and symptoms

Contrary to the general opinion that the versicolor appears only on the skin of the hands or feet, its distribution may have a wider character. Depending on the localization of the focus of inflammation and characteristic signs, fungal infections are divided into 4 types. Consider them.

Ringworm in a person: characteristic symptoms

According to statistics, dermatophytes most often affect the general skin of the human body. This pathology in medicine is called ringworm and has the following symptoms:

  • a ring-shaped red or silvery rash appears on the skin - most often practically healthy looking inside a circle and with dry scaly edges;
  • certain skin areas are too dry and scaly, causing an unpleasant sverbezh.

In more severe cases, one can observe such symptoms of a ringworm of a person:

  • rings can multiply, grow in size and merge together;
  • the affected area looks slightly raised, and the skin beneath it is very itchy;
  • blisters and pus-filled ulcers may form around the ring.

In addition, lichen ringworm on the face of men will help manifest hair loss in the area of ​​the beard and mustache. And fungal infections of the hands lead to a hardening of the skin and are very often colored bright red.

Fungal infections of the scalp

It is believed that infection of the fungal spores of the skin of the head is most susceptible to women, especially African-American appearance. This type of fungus has the scientific name of shingles or lichen pink and has the following characteristics:

  • small areas of the scalp are covered with scaly patina, and when touched they cause pain syndrome;
  • possible partial loss of hair or individual strands;
  • persistent and unbearable itching of the scalp.

With complications such symptoms appear:

  • small, pus-filled wounds on the skin;
  • peel of dense epidermis;
  • bald spots.

In very severe cases, herpes zoster can be accompanied by fever and inflammation of the lymph nodes.

Athlete's foot or mycosis - what is it?

Athlete's foot or mycosis - what is it?

Reproduction of fungal spores on the feet is called mycosis. This infection is most susceptible to athletes, which is where the second name came from - the athlete's foot. Mycosis manifests itself as a red and flaky rash, usually between the toes.

With advanced stages, the following symptoms are possible:

  • cracks in the skin in the affected area;
  • purulent blisters;
  • soft tissue swelling;
  • burning and tingling;
  • overgrowth of the affected area.

Intimate question, or why itching in the groin?

A constant desire to scratch the groin area can also signal the presence of an infection, especially if the following symptoms are added to it:

  • red-brown ulcers, sometimes small blisters and ulcers around the edge of the external genital organs;
  • distinct reddening of a small area on the inner surface of the thigh or its lower part;
  • scaly and flaky skin.

Gymnastics or walking in tight underwear can only exacerbate the problem.

What to expect at the doctor?

Deprive is usually diagnosed based on medical history and physical examination. Skin damage is so unique that it is almost impossible to confuse them with other diseases. In rare cases, it may be necessary to donate blood and take a soft tissue scraping to confirm the diagnosis.

Treatment for the symptoms of rosy lichen in a person may include local spectrum antifungal drugs, which are usually prescribed for a period of 4 to 8 weeks. In addition, as a therapy, the doctor may recommend the use of a special shampoo.

Therapy for ringworm of the body, groin and feet is usually the use of antibacterial ointments and gels, as well as a course of antifungal tablets. The duration of treatment in this case will depend on the location of the nidus with the infection.

If you suspect that you have deprived, immediately consult a doctor. It is important to note that folk remedies do not provide effective treatment. Be healthy!