Dekaris or nemozol


Anti-parasitic drugs are an important element in the first-aid kit of those who live with pets or who often come into contact with animals. Moreover, experts advise to choose a medicine for the smaller brothers. But the most attention, of course, deserve the anthelmintic drugs, designed for the treatment or prevention of the human body. Among such demand are Dekaris and Nemozol.

"Dekaris": instructions for use and reviews of the drug


The active substance of "Decaris" - levamisole, the dosage of which per 1 tablet is 50 mg or 150 mg for children and adults, respectively. In the preparation with a lower concentration of levamisole include dyes and flavorings to take in children was held as easily as possible.

  • Levamisole is active only against helminths that have well-developed muscles, since its effect is to provide a paralytic effect. In addition to the fact that after this the parasites die, after 24 hours from the moment of taking the drug, they are completely eliminated from the body.
  • Dekaris has a weak immunomodulatory effect due to the stimulation of the production of monocytes and neutrophils, as well as their increased activity. But this property is not directly used.

Experts write out "Dekaris" to fight the nematode, ascaris, pinworms, intestinal eels, necators. Tapeworms this drug does not cause damage.

  • From the reviews of parasitologists on "Dekaris" it can be understood that its attractiveness lies in the immediate effect, as a result of which a single dose is recommended with repetition in 10-14 days if necessary. For prevention, you can drink the drug for 3 days.

Adverse reactions after consuming "Decaris" are recorded by the digestive and nervous systems, and skin manifestations of allergies are also possible. The drug is prohibited in children under 3 years of age.

  • Tatyana: After taking Decaris, you begin to think that the reaction to a drug or the presence of parasites in the body is worse. Endless cramps in the intestine led to the need to drink antihelminthic agent, chose "Dekaris". She took a pill for the night, woke up in the morning with fever, bitterness in the mouth and the same pains. His condition improved only after 24 hours, analyzes showed the absence of parasites, but taking Decaris again, even with urgent need, no desire arises.

What you need to know about the drug "Nemozol"?


This anthelmintic agent works due to albendazole, whose dosage in 1 tablet is 400 mg, and in suspension in 5 ml there is 100 mg. Its scope of application is somewhat broader than that of the above medication, since the effect on the parasites is through their intestinal tract and muscle cells. Children it is prescribed from 2 years.

  • Indications for the use of "Nemozol" are any nematodoses, as well as mixed invasions caused by the presence of worms, giardiasis, toxocariasis. Specialists note the merits of the drug in combination therapy for the treatment of cysts provoked by echinococcosis.
  • Reception of “Nemozol” most often requires a short course - up to 7 days, however, for some diseases, doctors schedule a schedule for 30 days and even 2-3 cycles for 28 days. The established dose for an adult and a child’s body per day is 400 mg, which is equivalent to 20 ml of suspension.

It should be noted that it is impossible to call "Nemozol" an analogue of "Decaris" because of the difference in the active components. If you need to choose a drug that works in the same way as Nemozol, then you should pay attention to Sanoxal and Helmodol-VM. However, they are not recommended for children under 3 years old.

  • Elina: Anthelmintic medicines we drink to the family every spring and autumn, because our pets live in the house, you can easily pick up the parasite. After going through several drugs personally, they stopped at Nemozol. The cost, of course, is slightly higher than that of its counterparts, but the absence of adverse reactions (for all family members) speaks for itself - at the moment it is the most successful antiparasitic medicine.

Which is better - Nemozol or Dekaris?

Which is better, Nemozol or Dekaris?

Make a decision in favor of one of the drugs is easy, if you read the opinions of consumers. Nemozol definitely wins precisely because the body’s adverse reactions to the drug are recorded much less frequently than in Decaris, and it has a milder effect on the children's body. In rare cases, nausea and burning in the epigastric region were noted, but in comparison with the list of problems with the digestive tract and nervous system that accompanied the "Decaris", "Nemozol" can really be considered a benign remedy.

And yet, before making a choice between these medicines, it is worth visiting a specialist, as well as to make sure that their components are completely portable, since no manufacturer gives any guarantee against an individual negative reaction.