The dehydrator is a dryer for berries, fruits, vegetables.. In the dehydrator it is convenient to cook raw food dishes, dry herbs, and use in-house: to dry crafts and complete compositions.

dehydrato: how to choose and where to buy it?

What is the benefit of cooked food? The fact that with the gradual drying in the products remain important enzymes that are responsible for the development of substances. This is an opportunity to make cookies, cakes, dried fruits without the use of high temperatures, which greatly diversifies the diet.

How to choose a dehydrator?

When moving to saturation, the question of the purchase of a dehydrator soon arises. When choosing, you should pay attention to the inheriting factors and ask yourself a few questions:

1. Drying construction: horizontal or vertical?

In a horizontal dryer, the heating element is located on the side inside. Trays are evenly blown with hot air. Heat is saved and drying time is saved, as it is not necessary to disassemble the dehydrator in order to change trays in some places. In vertical design, the lower trays heat up faster.

In the vertical dryer, the heating element is below the trays. Air flows from below. It is important that the heating element is covered by a drop, otherwise the device will quickly come out. The inconvenience is that you have to change trays several times. The more trays, the colder the flow of air under the lid. However, it is convenient if you dry products of different size and composition.

2. There is an adjustable thermostat fan.

An important factor of choice. Devices without a fan thermostat can spoil the products, for different types of products different drying temperatures are required, for example: herbs and flowers are dried at a temperature of 35–40 ° C, vegetables and fruits at 50–55 ° C, amyaso, and gypsum needles at 60 ° C. For those who adhere to the fundamentals of raw food research with the preservation of enzymes, it will be necessary to regulate the temperature and dry the products at 40C, since already at 47C the enzymes are destroyed.

3. Design: round or square?

Square trays are more profitable from the point of view of the usable area of ​​drying, in contrast to those around it. Allow to spread mash-like masses on sheets to dry long pieces. In addition, trays can be pulled out in the square drying chamber, thereby increasing the free space in height, which is convenient when drying whole fruits or handicrafts: bouquets, papier-mâché, clay figurines, installing containers. However, it is more convenient to wash the round ones, as in the square trays the leftover food gets stuck in the hard-to-reach corners.

4. Tray material.

Light their wash, undiluted, they are environmentally friendly and tested by health organizations. The safest plastic for contacting is polypropylene. Transparent lid and tea bags are also not recommended, as the light entering the products destroys vitamins.

5. The presence of a timer will be a significant advantage.

The dehydrator allows you to significantly diversify the menu igotovit useful bar-muesli, healthy chips, raw food bread, bread, cookies and other sweet dishes.

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