Decoction of oats


Strengthening the body - an important task for every person. And this concerns not only the prevention of seasonal colds, but also more serious diseases of internal organs. In this sense, a decoction of oats has truly magical properties. The benefits and harms, reviews on the use of this tool require careful examination.

What is the use of decoction of oats?

The benefits of oats decoction

If you care about your health and at the same time strive to strengthen the body with natural means, you will benefit from a decoction of oats, the healing properties of which have a very wide range of healing effects.

  • The beneficial effects on the nervous system due to the high content of B-group vitamins. Broth oats allows you to get rid of fatigue associated with seasonal changes, and depression.
  • The presence of antiseptic substances allows the use of decoction for washing wounds.
  • Antioxidants, which are in the broth of oats, cleanse the liver and kidneys of toxins. Therefore, the decoction is especially useful for those who live in an environmentally unfavorable zone, for example, near hazardous production.
  • Vegetable proteins decoction improve the condition of muscle tissue and promote healthy and sound sleep.
  • Beta glucans, which are also in a decoction of oats, are good prevention of cancer.
  • Vitamins and active substances contained in the broth, fill the lack of fluid and are diaphoretic remedies for colds.
  • The content of vitamins E, A normalizes the condition of the skin, accelerates the regeneration of its cells. A bath with a decoction are good prevention of fungal diseases. Hair masks with the addition of cereal in liquid form help to cope with seborrhea and alopecia.
  • Vitamin K improves the condition of blood vessels and promotes the renewal of blood.
  • The active components of the decoction in combination with a balanced diet contribute to weight loss. The fact is that the minerals present in it allow the body to perceive the oatmeal drink as a way to satisfy hunger. Therefore, to reduce the amount of food consumed, it is recommended to drink decoction before eating.
  • The content of scopoletin - a biologically active component, a derivative of coumarin - has a psychopharmacological effect on people suffering from nicotine and alcohol dependence, helping to get rid of the disease.

Harm to drink

Harm of decoction of oats

In its pure form, that is, as a drink, there is no harm from the decoction of oats. But using it for enemas or washing the kidneys is not recommended. Also note that:

  • for losing weight you need to follow the diet, and not to bet only on the decoction;
  • you can not combine the decoction and diuretics, as this will lead to loss of fluid, which can become critical for the body;
  • while taking "liquid oats," it is better to refrain from products containing caffeine, because it blocks the action of many components;
  • when using broth as a component of yogurt, you should consult with your doctor, as intestinal disorders are possible due to the combination of prebiotics and oat active substances.

Contraindications to the use

If you have an individual intolerance to amino acids contained in cereal crops, drinking a decoction of oats is contraindicated. In addition, doctors do not advise doing this if you have:

  • gall bladder problems;
  • heart disease (in particular, cardiovascular failure);
  • pyelonephritis;
  • acidity of the stomach is increased.

The use of decoction in children requires special attention. This kind of treatment can be carried out only after consulting with the pediatrician, as it is possible to cause irreparable harm to the immature body of the child.

User Reviews

Oats in Latin is called avena, which means "to be healthy." Indeed, the use of cereal decoction deserves only a positive assessment in reviews. In its pure form, its use during the month normalizes the work of the liver, thyroid gland. Patients with an ulcer note the positive effect of the drink on the well-being. The decoction is used as part of various compresses, ointments, which is effective for rheumatic inflammations. Also, this tool helps people with recovery from pulmonary diseases and in the postoperative period.


Oats decoction: cooking recipe

To ensure the effectiveness of folk medicine, you need to know how to properly prepare a decoction of oats. It is best to use for these purposes purified or filtered water and fresh oats, intended for germination (then you can be sure that it contains all the necessary vitamins and active substances).

  1. 2 tbsp. oats pour boiling water and put on a slow fire for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Cover broth tightly and leave for 30 minutes.
  3. Strain through gauze ready drink, pour into a glass container with a lid.

Store oatmeal should be in the refrigerator for no more than 7 days.

How to cook a decoction of oats with additives?

To enhance the immunostimulating action of the decoction, you can add onion juice or garlic (on a glass of decoction juice of 1 onion or 1 head of garlic). Patients with intestinal problems are advised to regularly drink yoghurt based on oats decoction: a special starter is added to the prepared decoction and prepared with the help of a yoghurt maker. For dietetic food, the drink can be prepared in milk with zero fat content. Whatever supplement you choose, the main thing is to drink the decoction properly: the throats should be small and should be made slowly.

Natural products have a whole range of useful components for the human body. No exception, and a decoction of oats. The benefits and harms, reviews about this product, which were discussed above, speak about the effectiveness of its use in many diseases and as a preventive measure.