In pursuit of a slim figure and chiseled muscles, many of the fair sex perform grueling exercises in the gym. However, not all of them give the desired result. One of the most effective exercises is the deadlift, the technique of which has its own characteristics and requires caution.

Technique for deadlift for women: the classic version

Deadlift: execution technique

As you already understood, deadlift implies the obligatory presence of a weighting agent (barbell or dumbbell) during a physical exercise. When the camp is pumped, it is not only the spinal muscles that are pumped in: during the exercise of such exercises, you can build muscle mass on the buttocks and thighs. Girls give preference to this type of strength exercises in order to gain the cherished relief on the abdomen and calf muscles.

There are several different techniques for performing deadlifts. Which of them is right for you, will help determine the professional coach. Independently calculate the load and perform such strength exercises is not recommended, because there is a likelihood of spinal injury. The first classes should be conducted under the guidance of a personal trainer. You should not immediately take the maximum load, as this may provoke the development of complicated consequences.

Before you begin to perform the deadlift, read the basic rules:

  • In order for exercise to be beneficial, all muscle groups must be well warmed. Particular attention should be paid to the back muscles, hip, calf muscle tissues.
  • For beginners, it is better to hone the technique of performing deadlifts with a simple mop or other non-heavy object, and then lift the empty bar of the rod.
  • Be sure to listen to the instructions of the coach. In the classic version, deadlift recalls the lifting of any load in everyday life.
  • The back must be straight. So the load will be distributed evenly, and if the exercise is performed incorrectly, for example, when rounding the back, a lumbar injury may occur.
  • As a warming up warm up, you can choose cardio load, running, jumping, etc.

How is deadlift done in the classic version? If you follow all the rules, you will be able to master such a physical exercise in minutes:

  1. You should approach the installation with the rod and get as close as possible to the bar.
  2. Legs should be set shoulder-width apart. For convenience, the socks should be turned slightly outward.
  3. Then you need to make a deep squat with a flat back and clasp the bar holder with your hands. The range of hands can be anything depending on your physical fitness and comfort.
  4. The barbell holder should be slightly in contact with the lower leg, and the forearm with the external femoral part.
  5. With a flat back on the exhale, you should gradually get up. First the body straightens and then the legs.
  6. When performing deadlifts, the gluteal muscles and the press should be as tight as possible.
  7. After full straightening, the main mass of the rod should be evenly distributed.
  8. By analogy, the bar should be returned to its original position. The number of repetitions depends on your physical fitness and trainer recommendations.

Technique of deadlift

Power thrust on straight legs

People involved in powerlifting, bodybuilding, weightlifting practice power traction on straightened legs. Such a power load in practice is called a dead weight. Athletes and professional coaches pay attention to the fact that lifting the barbell cannot be performed on absolutely straight legs. Therefore, even when performing deadlifts on straight legs, knees should be slightly bent. This will reduce the load on the knee joints and minimize possible harm.

During the execution of the deadlift of this type, the main load falls on the femoral and gluteal muscular tissue. That is why many of the fair sex prefer to perform this exercise.

If you want to learn how to perform deadlift on straight legs, follow all safety rules and strictly follow the power load algorithm:

  1. First you should take the neck bar. The arms should be slightly wider than shoulder width.
  2. After the bar is removed from the racks, you should take a step back.
  3. The legs should stand slightly narrower than the width of the shoulder girdle. For convenience and maximum load on the gluteal muscles of the socks, it is better to slightly turn inwards.
  4. Holding your back straight, you should go down while inhaling. At the same time, the knees are slightly rounded, and the pelvis is retracted.
  5. The bar should be lowered to the middle of the calf or lower, as far as stretching allows.
  6. Doing a smooth exhale, you need to return to its original position.
  7. During the execution of this deadlift, the bar should be pressed as close as possible to the legs.

To avoid injuries, you need to warm up before taking classes. Particular attention should be paid to stretching the Achilles tendons and ligaments. Legs should be kept as smooth as possible, slightly bending at the knees so as not to experience excessive stress on the joints. The back is flat, slightly arched in the loin. When tilting your back should be parallel to the floor.

Technique for deadlifts

Romanian deadlift

According to the technique of performing the Romanian deadlift is very similar to the straight line. The difference is only in the angle of the bend of the knees. During the execution of such a power exercise, the load mainly falls on the femoral muscle tissue. As a result of these exercises, you can tighten the outer part of the thigh and make it relief. In addition, the gluteal muscles and the press are involved during the deadlift of the Romanian technique. The exercise is performed in the following sequence:

  1. The bar should be held by the neck. The arms should be slightly wider than the width of the shoulder girdle.
  2. Taking a breath, you should lean forward, putting the buttocks as far back as possible. The back should be parallel to the floor.
  3. Then, as close as possible to the body of the bar, it should be lowered down, not making jerks or sudden movements.
  4. Without stopping down in the same way, the bar should be lifted, while exhaling.

The number of repetitions and the weight of the bar depends on physical fitness and individual readings. It is important when exercising to constantly monitor the position of the back, knee joints and breathing. When you repeat the exercise break is not done. A short pause must be made between the block approaches.

Romanian deadlift: execution technique

Features of the Sumo

During the execution of power traction in the style of Sumo, the main load falls on the hip muscle tissue. The back is loaded with minimal. Features of the performance of such a power exercise are as follows:

  • feet should be placed as widely as possible;
  • the lifting of the bar is performed from the half-seat;
  • the bar should lie on the floor, and its neck should touch the ankles;
  • with a flat back, you should lean forward slightly, setting the pelvis back;
  • need to take the barbell with a good scale;
  • It is necessary to raise the bar, straightening the body and knees at the same time.

With good physical training, the bar can be raised to the level of the chin.

Sumo deadlift: performance features

Many girls prefer to use dumbbells or other weighting materials instead of the barbell. In this case, it is best to choose the classic technique of deadlift. Do not forget at the same time to comply with all security measures and constantly monitor the position of the back. Using dumbbells, you can perform power traction in the style of Sumo or on straight legs. Dumbbells with a minimum mass are recommended to use for beginners who master the technique of deadlift.

Sumo deadlift: performance features

It is best to perform such strength exercises after prior consultation with the attending specialist and under the strict guidance of a trainer. The deadlift allows the girl to strengthen her gluteal and femoral muscle tissue and become the owner of a beautiful embossed body. Do not forget about safety: do not make sudden movements, jerks and in any case do not round your back. Improper execution of the deadlift technology can cause injury. Be beautiful and healthy!

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