Dead thrust


The invention of this method of deadlift belongs to weightlifters from Romania - to athletes whose achievements are famous all over the world. One of its common names denotes lifting from the surface of a fixed ("dead") load - dead thrust. The technique involves the use of barbells, dumbbells or weights.

More muscle means less risk.

More muscle means less risk.

They call the exercise in different ways: in honor of the creators - the “Romanian ascent”, in distinctive feature - “thrust on straight legs”. The purpose of this deadlift is to strengthen the muscles of the thighs, buttocks. The originality of the proposal of the Romanians is that the bar should not fall to the surface, but only to the central part of the tibia.

Dead thrust on straight legs includes selected muscle groups in active work, while the load on the lower back is not as significant as in the case of classical exercises. Due to the nature of the performance, the risk of injury and painful sensations as a result of training is significantly reduced.

Most athletes and coaches recognize bargaining as preferable. With such a tool, the position of the hands and the observance of the necessary distance, control over the correctness of movements are ensured. However, manipulations with dumbbells have their fans.

Dead Thrust: Technique- for exercise effect

Dead thrust

Correct actions in case of Romanian backlog will ensure harmonious development of the gluteal muscles. Despite the fact that in the description of the exercise there is a phrase "on straight legs", the training should be carried out with correctly bent legs. A constant tension should be created on this part of the body. When you reach the lower point of the movement of the knees need to bend more compared to the upper point.

Thanks to precisely this position of the legs, the joints are protected from accidental damage. It also contributes to keeping the lower back sagging. And if the slope is done on straight legs, then to maintain a smooth back you will need to stretch the spine.

Traditionally it is believed that the legs during this workout should be put together. However, you can choose another option (shoulder width). The main thing is to adopt the most comfortable posture for effective efforts.

Dead traction for women implies such execution techniques:

  1. Becoming in the original position - exactly, with a barbell in his hands (grip on top). In this case, you need to make sure that the back was straight, slightly arched in the lower back.
  2. Lower the bar slowly down along the legs. The lowest point to stop is just below the knees. This stage is accompanied by a strong extension of the buttocks back. The bar should be held loose, not moving away from yourself and not pressing it to your feet.
  3. Keeping unhurried, lift the barbell, also leading it along the legs.

When training, do not forget about such important points:

  • inhale when lowering the bar, and exhale when raised;
  • maintain constant tension in the muscles;
  • Do not allow full straightening of the legs.

One of the popular exercises is deadlifts with dumbbells. The technique does not provide for significant differences from that with the rod. An important feature - you need to constantly pay attention to the position of dumbbells. When you are in the lower and upper point, you need to control that there was not even the smallest deviation of the projectiles. Only compliance with this rule ensures that the load on the paired muscles is evenly distributed.

When Romanian dumbbells need to perform such actions:

  1. Take the starting position - pick up the dumbbells, stand up straight, crouching in the lower back and straightening your shoulders.
  2. Slowly tilt the body forward, bending your knees slightly, to reach the mid-calf point.
  3. Smoothly rise from the bottom position, actively straining the muscles of the buttocks and thighs.

What mistakes need to be eliminated?

What mistakes need to be eliminated?

There are a number of factors due to which the Romanian recovery not only will not have an effect, but can also cause injuries. Here are the dangerous mistakes that often harm training:

  • roundness of the back. Because of her exercise will not benefit, moreover - there is a risk of serious injury. A prerequisite is to keep your back in tension, to maintain the absolute straightness of the spine;
  • Rod pull too far from the legs. The shell should be located as close as possible to this part of the body, touching it slightly when performing;
  • flexion of arms in elbows. With a significant weight of the sports tool does not always come out to hold it by force only forearms and hands. But with the help of bending the arms in the elbows, the grip cannot be strengthened. You need to take a projectile with less weight or apply special straps.

With the help of dead thrust, you can perfectly strengthen the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. In addition, the exercise develops the elasticity of the hamstrings. Training is carried out with the use of the bar, sometimes with dumbbells. By adhering to this type of traction technique, a woman can provide her body with beautiful athletic forms. It is important to avoid mistakes and care for the preservation of health.