Dark urine in men

Men and stick can not drive to the doctor. Therefore, the disease they are detected only during scheduled inspections or if the symptoms, as they say, "got it." So, rarely does anyone pay attention to the phenomenon of dark urine. In men, the causes of darkening of the urine can be evidence of health problems. Which ones? Let's talk about the weak points of the stronger sex.

Brown urine: Do you need medical help?

Brown urine: Do you need medical help?

If the body is functioning normally, tomocha has straw yellow or amber color. In men, changing its color is quite common. The reason lies both in their particular way of life, malnutrition, and bad habits. Fortunately, with the darkening of urine is not always a reason for serious concern. But to show attention to your well-being still follows.

If this happened once, it does not matter. But if the urine constantly has a tinge of dark beer, then even in the absence of other symptoms (and even more so if they exist), you should visit the doctor as soon as possible. After all, this way serious pathologies can manifest.

Dark urine in the morning: so it happens at all?

Of course, the morning portion of the urine may be darker. After all, at night the bladder was not emptied, so it becomes concentrated. This phenomenon even has its medical name - "morning hyperchromia." Darkening causes an increased amount of pigments (urochrome) that collect in the urine overnight. Sour and concentrated urine is excreted in smaller volumes and is distinguished by increased density.

If it's all about physiology, then throughout the day urine color will return to normal and acquire a "classic" pale lemon color. Why is this happening? A person drinks water and drinks - this leads to a dilution of the yellow pigment, and the urine becomes lighter.

It should be dealt with the concept of "dark". If the urine in the morning has a light brown color, then it is not so bad (especially for older men). But when it becomes in color similar to a very strong tea brew or Coca-Cola, this can no longer be attributed to physiology. It is time to take tests and consult with a specialist.

Natural and non-dangerous causes of urine darkening

There are several reasons why urine is dark in color. Let's start with those that are not associated with diseases. The following factors may cause an increase in the color saturation of urine in men:

  • excessive physical exertion (for example, increased workouts in the gym);
  • lack of water in the body. Men do not drink too much fluid. This reduces the daily volume of urine and contributes to increasing the amount of red pigment;
  • the presence in the menu of some products: beans, beef, beer, spiked black tea;
  • overheating of the body (during hot weather);
  • use of certain pharmaceutical preparations (Cresol, activated carbon, Lysol, Phenol, Salol, Naphthol, laxatives with hay, Rifampicin, Metronidazole, anti-malarial drugs);
  • alcoholic (including beer) overdose.

It is clear that in these cases, treatment is not required. It is enough to change the diet, drink more water, reduce physical exertion and stop taking medications, “quit” with alcohol so that the normal color of urine is restored.

Dark urine as a symptom of disease

Dark urine as a symptom of disease

Unfortunately, very often diseases provoke such a symptom as dark urine. In men, the causes of hyperchromia may be associated with such dangerous pathologies.

Diseases of the genitourinary system

  • prostatitis. The most common problem in which urine becomes brown;
  • inflammation or swelling of the epididymis;
  • urethritis. Urine becomes dark, turbid, with an admixture of pus;
  • concrements in the bladder. They damage tissue, which causes the urine to darken due to the presence of blood;
  • abnormalities in the work of the kidneys caused by polycystosis, oncogenesis;
  • infectious diseases - pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis. Pus may be found in the urine;
  • cystitis;
  • trauma to the scrotum.

Acute and Chronic Liver Diseases

  • hepatitis;
  • cirrhosis. The edematous substance accumulates inside the peritoneum and increases the pigmentation of urine;
  • neoplasms in the liver.

Diseases of the digestive tract

  • gallstones;
  • swelling in the pancreas.

Metabolic disorders

  • hemochromatosis;
  • tyrosinemia.

Blood diseases

  • sickle cell anemia;
  • march anemia;
  • hemolytic anemia or Markiafair-Mikelli disease (rare).

Food poisoning (which causes dehydration)

Poisoning with heavy metal salts

SARS, injuries, burns

If, along with a change in urine color, other manifestations of the disease have appeared - pain during urination, frequent urge to go to the toilet, fever, flatulence, pain in the right side, purulent contents in the urine, it is urgent to consult a urologist, nephrologist, or at least a general practitioner to start treatment

But it happens that there are no additional symptoms. Is it necessary then to register with a doctor? Sure to! Indeed, with prolonged discharge of dark urine and the absence of other signs of ill health, there is a suspicion of cancer pathology.

For an accurate diagnosis, a biochemical blood test, urinalysis, determination of antibodies to hepatitis, ultrasound examination of the kidneys, liver and gall, CT are necessary.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for answering the question “If the urine is dark, what does this mean?”. Have you noticed that the urine is dark? Start with simple measures. Try to drink more water (up to one and a half liters per day), stop smoking, beer and alcohol. Did not help? Then do not delay visiting the doctor. Remember that joking with health is very dangerous!

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