Dancing and losing weight


Dancing is one of the most enjoyable activities for a woman. They not only give incomparable pleasure to anything, strengthen health, but are also an excellent way to lose weight. The most important advantage over diets and enhanced running in dancing is their accessibility, beauty and sense of joy..

Without pleasure, no lesson will benefit you. Dancing you not only lose weight, but learn grace, dexterity and ease of movement.

After dancing classes you will become a completely different person. Instead of sticking your stresses at night with an extra bun, you will start all the accumulated stresses and strains to drop, moving to beautiful music.

How to start dancing for weight loss?

  • First you need decide where you will dance to lose weight: at home with your favorite music or in a club under the guidance of an experienced coach. Here only your convenience is important, so that it does not cause you discomfort. If you want to find like-minded people, learn some particular style of dance, then you need to find a suitable club, a group that is concerned with losing weight and is not much ahead of you in terms of training. If you better dance, as you can, to your favorite music, then you will not find a place better than your own home.
  • Do not forget that The process of losing weight is based on the fact that you have to burn more calories than you received all day. Do not increase the amount of food, try to eat the same way as before, and for a quicker result, you can even reduce it.
  • Pick yourself comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Another plus in dancing classes is that not one of those who have dedicated part of their lives to dancing looks gloomy, angry, and has a bad figure. All dancers are amateurs or professionals - positive, cheerful and interesting people.
  • If you do not immediately succeed, as long as you learn the dance, do not worry, everything will work out over time. Relax and have fun, because it is for this that you began to dance.

What dance style to choose for weight loss?

Any of the dance styles, of course, contributes to weight loss, but each of them individually in one degree or another has a certain effect on specific muscle groups. It is important to know if you want to struggle with excess weight, where you do not need it at all.

  • Latin American dances the most dynamic of all dances. They cope with excess weight best. The muscles of the back, arms, waist and hips in the rhythm of Latin American dances work best. The legs carry the main load during the dance, so that they become even more fit and slim.
  • Step will help strengthen the gluteal muscles and legs.
  • Dance styles such as hip hop, break dance, techno, rock and roll and R`n`Brefer to the style of jazz modern. Being engaged in them, you force all your muscles to work, at the same time developing plasticity of a body. They are most suitable for weight loss, because during the dance you spend a lot of energy, burning calories and fat.
  • Ballroom dancing will help strengthen your back and posture, but in the case of losing weight the least effective. All pair dances for weight loss are not suitable, so choose a dance where you dance alone.
  • Dancing the so-called strip plastic, which includes elements of oriental and Latin American dances, you are actively using the muscles of the legs, arms and chest, working with your buttocks and stomach. Thereby you train all the most vulnerable places where fat is deposited the fastest and hardest disappears.
  • Exotic and no less beautiful belly dance It will help to remove from your hips and buttocks all that is superfluous, strengthen the abdominal muscles and make it flat. Belly dance is suitable and very full women. It does not make you move quickly around the hall and spend too much energy. You move your stomach, training the muscles and the abs.
  • Irish dances train all the muscles, and even help lengthening the legs.
  • Spanish flamenco dance make slim hips, calf muscles and ankles, remove excess fat from the arms, forearms and shoulders.

If you are not too in a hurry to lose weight, then you can just dance for your own pleasure, moving as you just want. If you dance every day for at least an hour and at a good pace, you can get rid of the extra 450 calories, make your muscles more elastic and acquire smooth body lines over time..

You just have to decide which style to choose.

Why do you need to dance to lose weight?

In order for the process of losing weight to take place the least painful, you were not in heavy duty, but turned into a daily pleasant procedure, be engaged only to the vigorous music that makes you want to enjoy life. It will help you to join in classes in any mood.. If you are in a good mood, then everyday stresses will not have a devastating effect on you.

Dancing, you unload the vascular and lymphatic system of your body, allow you to improve blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and metabolism, and thus you directly affect the quality of burning extra calories.

But if you have serious health problems, do not forget to consult before going to work with your doctor. It will not be too much for anyone, but it will definitely help to avoid problems in the future.

Ta the passion that you put into each of your dance movement will contribute to the improvement of the body, improving health, your positive attitude, and this is a direct path to a balanced diet, a positive attitude towards life and, consequently, weight loss and maintaining your body shape. Having relieved the tension with an energetic dance, you will not have to seize the stress at night. This means that those extra pounds will cease to appear, and those that already exist will start to disappear.

Dancing is the key to your healthy present and future. Therefore, do not neglect the opportunity to make your life better right now, because there is nothing difficult about it.

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