Dance aerobics and its types

A variety of movements, a positive attitude, pleasant music and rhythmic movements attract more and more people to dance aerobics every year. Each occupation is based on familiar exercises that develop flexibility and coordination of movements. The ability to select the closest rhythm allows you to choose individual lessons that will bring joy when performing.

Dance aerobics

Modern dance aerobics effectively combines new trends and choreography, sports exercises and the basics of gymnastics. During classes, the muscles are strengthened with parallel stimulation of the cardiovascular system, improved coordination of movement, straightening posture, and burning of extra fatty layers. Varieties of aerobics for easier memorization were named, similar to the used dance and music styles.

Jazz aerobics

This trend is inherent in the use of jazz walking in the middle of a workout, the active development of body muscles, the maintenance of excellent posture, and an increase in the flexibility of the spine. Afro-Negro direction involves the active use of movements of the hips for the study of the lower body, adjusting the width of the waist. Classic jazz most effectively eliminates defects in posture, allows for flexibility and smoothness of all movements. A warm-up consists of dance moves performed at a low pace with stretching elements.


He absorbed the movements of street dances conducted with high or medium intensity. Hip-hop is characterized by various jumps and jumps, breaks, various steps with relaxed shoulders. The absence of wave-like movements and the power section makes it possible to work out large muscle groups in a special way, to develop plasticity and body coordination, to correct posture, to increase endurance.

Strip dance

It is the most dancing direction in the erotic segment of dances, includes modern choreography, elements of striptease, oriental and Latin American dance, stretching (stretching), plastic. The most frequently used elements of the rotation of the hips (circles, waves, "eight"), exercises to develop flexibility and smoothness of all movements.

Eastern dance

Differently called "belly dancing", due to the constant use of the muscles of the abdomen and legs. Aerobic exercise in this case is aimed at the development of grace, femininity and plastics. From the movement side, it may seem light, but during the classes a large number of calories are intensely burned.

Step aerobics

Used ups and downs, rhythmic steps and turns. It is the prevention of arthritis and osteoporosis, strengthens muscles, restores the body after various injuries of the legs. It is subdivided into basic step, step-city-jam, step-latin, step-jogging, double-step and so on.

Latina aerobics

Is one of the most popular in dance aerobics. It includes biting movements of the legs, emphasizing the individuality of this flow. Turns, active exercises of the hips and hands are performed on the toes of the fingers with straightened knee joints of the legs. The development of grace during rhythmic exercises occurs at ease, from occupation to occupation, improving body shape.

Rock and roll aerobics

Available and easy for a beginner, giving him turns in combination with jumps and elements of running. The high intensity of the load requires a careful approach to execution, with control of one's own well-being.

BellyDance, R'n'B, Irish dance, funk aerobics, bodybuilder and many other currents also belong to dance aerobics.

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