Cystitis pills for women


It would be right to rush to the doctor at the first signs of inflammation of the bladder membrane. But pain, pain and burning sensation when urinating is often taken by surprise - at work, on weekends. In addition, the disease often "ties" its victims to the toilet. Then patients look for cystitis pills in women. Fast treatment - is it possible and how much will it cost?

How long does the treatment take?

Cystitis pills for women for quick treatment

Urinary inflammation is a problem with which almost every adult woman is familiar. It can occur at any time of the year. If cystitis occurs as an independent disease (not complicated by diseases of the reproductive system, pyelonephritis, urolithiasis) in an acute form, then with proper treatment and diet you can get rid of it in 1-2 weeks. If he has acquired a chronic course, then it may take a month to recover.

To quickly eliminate pain and other symptoms of the disease, pills are needed. Medicines are best combined with herbal urological teas and collections.

What antibiotics to buy in a pharmacy for acute cystitis?

30-40 years ago, cystitis was treated without antibiotics. The woman just drank weed, kept the regimen, eliminated salty and spicy foods from the diet, and the disease gradually passed. Today the situation has changed dramatically. Untreated inflammation often turns into a recurrent form. Therefore, antibiotics are an indispensable component of the treatment of acute cystitis in women. Representatives of the antibacterial series are distinguished by serious contraindications and "side effects", so the doctor should prescribe them after conducting a urinalysis to identify the pathogen.

The most commonly used such antibacterial drugs for cystitis in women:

  • Monural It is prescribed even without prior examination. He is a powerful antiseptic, based on phosphonic acid. It is produced in granules, suspensions and powders. Only suitable for the treatment of acute cystitis. May be administered once (if after taking one pill there are signs of the disease, then you will have to take another dose of the drug). It must be taken correctly: on an empty stomach, strictly for the night. Before swallowing the pill, you must urinate. After taking the pill it is impossible to empty the bladder for 6 hours. Cost - from 320 to 500 rubles .;
  • Nolitsin (Norbaktin, Normaks, Ofloksatsin, Tsiprofloksatsin). Another "favorite" in the treatment of inflammation of the membranes of the bladder. Effective against a wide range of bacteria. Belongs to the family of fluoroquinolones. It works very well, because the majority of pathogenic microorganisms have not yet had time to develop resistance to it. Price - from 150 to 300 rubles.
  • Nitroxoline. His "progenitor" is known to many women by the NOC-5. Included in the group oxyquinoline. Inexpensive, but, nevertheless, an effective drug. It can be purchased at the pharmacy for 60-70 rubles;
  • Furagin (Furamag). It is a derivative of nitrofuran. It should be drunk according to a special scheme: on 1 day, 2 tablets 4 times, from 2 days - 2 pcs. three times a day after meals. The course of treatment is from 7 to 8 days. His purchase will cost 220-360 rubles.;
  • Palin. Antimicrobial uro-antiseptic medicine, a quinolone antibiotic. It has a detrimental effect on microbes susceptible to pipemidic acid. The average price is from 250 to 280 rubles;
  • Unplayed. Its active substance is nalidixic acid. This substance has a powerful antibacterial effect. A rather expensive medicine - from 3200 to 4400 rubles;
  • Rulid Another expensive antibiotic (1100-1200 rubles) from the group of macrolides. Must be taken only with the permission of the doctor;
  • Furadonin. Due to the low resistance of bacteria to nitrofuran, this drug produces a strong effect. Adults should drink 1 tab. 3 to 4 times a day a week. Guarantees economical treatment: costs from 50 to 140 rubles. per pack.

How to supplement therapy?

at the first signs of cystitis should be taken to strengthen the immune system

In addition to antibiotics, a woman at the first sign of cystitis should take immunity enhancing agents: Solkoseril, Viferon, Likopid, Uro-Vaksum. Treatment also includes antiplatelet agents - Trental, Pentoxifylline.

When cystitis shows antispasmodics - Papaverine, Atropine. In some cases, there is a need for painkillers - then Pentalgin or Nurofen is prescribed. Helps and time-tested No-shpa. To restore the intestinal microflora, it is advisable to take Bifiform, Acipol (all packaging).

How to beat the chronic form?

If the symptoms of the disease are far from the first or are disturbed for many years (they appear more often twice a year), then we can say that it has acquired a chronic course. Complex therapy is needed. It is better (and correct) to pass tests before treating chronic cystitis in women. The drugs that today usually contain a list of prescriptions are as follows:

  • broad spectrum fluoroquinolines antibiotics - Levofloxacin, Ofloxacin, Gatifloxacin. They are drunk from 5 to 7 days;
  • uroantiseptics - Furazolidone, Furadonin, Furagin;
  • local treatment is carried out by instillation (infusion) directly into the bladder antiseptic compositions - Protargol, Dekasana, Collagen, Dioxidine;
  • According to indications, antihistamines or hormones can be prescribed - Hydrocortisone, Prednisolone (up to 7 days).

Sparing treatment method - herbal remedies

overcome cystitis by means of plant origin

If there is no temperature and unbearable pain, then you can try to overcome the cystitis by means of plant origin. They are also very effective in combination with synthetic antibiotics. These include:

  • Cyston. In one tablet "hidden" over 10 varieties of extracts of medicinal plants. They produce a diuretic, antimicrobial effect. They contribute to the reduction of inflammation in the urinary organs. Phytopreparation cost is about 430 rubles;
  • Monurel (cranberry juice) is a very popular remedy. According to healers, cranberry is a unique natural antibiotic. If a woman drinks only 300 ml of fruit drink per day, then she will protect herself from cystitis and speed recovery. Monurel tablets should be taken for an extended period. They cost from 450 to 500 rubles .;
  • Canephron. Also known drug. It includes a combination of herbs (rosemary, lovage, centaury). It is produced both in dragee and in the form of a solution. Reduces pain, reduces inflammation. Sold for 300-350 rubles.;
  • Phytolysin paste. This water-alcohol extract managed to establish itself as a reliable assistant in the elimination of cystitis. Contains a mixture of pine, orange, sage oils. It is a safe antispasmodic, has a diuretic effect. In the pharmacy you can buy it for 300-350 rubles.

Many are so accustomed to cystism, that they consider this problem nonsense. In fact, all that pills for women’s cystitis can provide is quick treatment, elimination of symptoms, but not the underlying causes of the disease. In order not to meet again and again with inflammation of the bladder, it is not enough just antibiotics. To exclude relapses, you need a full examination and proper treatment. And, of course, we must follow the "golden rules" that caring mothers always instill in their daughters: do not freeze, do not tolerate and regularly go to the gynecologist.