Cycling training

Everyone can simulate a situation when he first comes to the gym. And, of course, in such a situation, many questions arise. Which method is best to choose? How can you get rid of excess weight? Is it better to start exercising at regular simulators or give preference to modern training techniques? An excellent solution could be such a training, as cycl.

What is Cycle?

Cycling training is a type of group cycling, which is somewhat similar to regular cycling. But the whole essence of it is that here the trainer can easily keep under control both the load exerted on the body and the frequency of heart contractions, by changing the frequency of revolutions of the simulator itself. Do not forget the competitive moments of training, because it will stimulate a person and be a great motivation. Some go to the gym in order to become a leader and prove that he is able to overcome the most difficult obstacles. If some of the methods are focused on occupations of people of a certain gender, for example: for men - weight training equipment, and for women - shaping, then cycl has no such distinctions. It is equally suitable for representatives of both the weak and strong half of humanity.

Cycling training: what is it?

Classes are held in group form, while the coach determines in which mode the race will be held. Sitting or standing on a stationary bike, and also calculates whether you need to include turns and descents in the track, whether the introduction of jumps and accelerations would be appropriate. During the calculation of the load will not be ignored a variety of factors. The main will be the general training of members of the selected group.

If people came to the hall, whose physical development is at different levels, the instructor will form not one general, but several groups so that those with similar data can work together with each other.

In addition to the fact that there is a tight control over the level of the load, such trainings differ in a number of other important positive points. Lessons last from 30 to 45 minutes. During this period, the optimal amount of fat cells is burned, and Cycle also develops endurance. In addition, during exercise, the natural load on the heart muscle is given, aesthetic and relief muscles of the legs, buttocks, abdomen are formed, and the respiratory system of the body is stimulated.

Experts recommend to visit the gym at least 1 time in 10 days. The most optimal training schedule is 2-3 times a week. It is in this mode from cycling can achieve the best results!

The trainings themselves consist of several levels. The first one was invented specially for beginners, who for the first time came to the gym. Their difference lies in the fact that the main focus here is on the formulation of the correct technique. To the more advanced levels of the person allows the coach when his ward reaches a certain level of physical fitness. Similar transitions from level to level occur after a certain number of visits to the gym.

Cycling aerobics: the pros and cons

Cycling training: what is it?

Cycling aerobics is a very effective kind of fitness, but not everyone can do it. Instructors rank aerobic for a group of extreme activities, because during such workouts the load on the body is maximized. Without prior physical training is better not to do. So that the body can withstand the maximum load that falls on him in the process of training, at least the initial stage of preparation will do. Also an important factor here is fitness testing, and to be more precise, it is mandatory. If a person has heart problems, a predisposition to varicose veins, or he had knee joint injuries, then cycling aerobics is not recommended to him.

But, despite all these bans, these days aerobics are becoming more and more common. What is the reason for such popularity? This type of fitness received its name from the name of the simulator on which the training is conducted. The word "cycl" is a specially invented exercise bike that attaches to the floor. It has load and speed controls. With their help, you can choose a certain pace and quite quickly move even almost on a vertical surface, if a person has a reserve of strength and endurance. Training itself is a direct semblance of a bike ride. In the process, people as if virtually climb uphill, brake on descents, quickly drive along a straight road. The special trainer conducts the classes, who chooses the maximum load for the group.

A large-sized screen displays an image of the area that the group will tour. Special music is also chosen, resulting in a feeling of complete immersion in real cycling.

Cycling lessons: reviews

Cycling training: what is it?

  • Karina: I really like such classes! The load is good, and if you take the correct position of the body and follow all the recommendations of the coach, then it is distributed to all muscles. Do not believe the stories that classes greatly increase the calves. It is not true! If there is not too much fat, then the maximum changes of the body are the relief muscles! Cycle also trains the heart, which means that it is great for losing weight.
  • Svetlana: I attend classes 1-2 times a week, I really like it! The first time there was pain between my legs, but then I got used to it. They say that these workouts are very productive.
  • Catherine: I was engaged in cyclone for a month, I was on a diet and as a result I lost 10 pounds! I advise everyone!
  • Kira: The results are great, I am delighted! You just need to constantly engage, because from 1 workout once a month, the muscles do not pump, and the body will only be sore. Losing weight with cycling is very easy!
  • Olesya: I just started to study, I was only 1 time, after all it hurt. They say that the results are very good, for 1 lesson you can burn 600-800 calories, but that is if there is a full return. I did not manage to pedal quickly, although I do sports. Too heavy, but worth it!

If you want to quickly lose those extra pounds and tighten your muscles, and also do not have any health problems, then cycling is what you need! Under the supervision of a special instructor, you will be able to get rid of excess weight and achieve a relief body.

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