The wisdom tooth is the eighth tooth in a row. It usually erupts at the age of 17-22, but it happens that this moment comes sooner or later. Our ancient ancestors had wide and massive jaws, because their food was not as soft and varied as it is now. When progress began to gain momentum, the human skeleton began to change. This led to the fact that today, the eight often do not fit in the mouth and can not grow to the full. Therefore, if you have a wisdom tooth growing, gum sore and what to do, you no longer know how to go to the dental surgeon as soon as possible, because this situation will not resolve itself.

Growing wisdom tooth: symptoms

Growing wisdom tooth: symptoms

When a wisdom tooth erupts, its surrounding tissues swell and whine a little. In many cases, the pain is quite strong, and on the side with the figure eight it is painful to chew. If the molar has already appeared, but above it there is a tissue ("hood"), food particles fall under it, which leads to severe inflammation. Over time, pus accumulates there, and the cheek swells.

This is how pericoronitis develops. The pain grows and becomes very strong - a person cannot eat, sleep and live a normal life. The mouth opens with difficulty, discomfort passes to the throat, cheek and even sometimes affects the eye and ear. Patients often get a fever and their head starts to hurt. If you let the problem take its course, the pathogens will enter the bloodstream and can be fatal.

If gum hurts, what to do?

If you do not have the opportunity to get to the dentist, and the pain still allows you to lead a normal life, you must perform a minimum program. It includes a thorough oral hygiene: brushing your teeth in the morning and in the evening, rinsing after each meal. But this period is not worth much delay. Further under the plan you should have a campaign to the surgeon who will remove a tooth and will appoint a course of antibiotics.

You should not resort to extreme measures and self-medicate. Here is a list of prohibited actions.

  • Do not warm your cheek! In general, it is advisable to eat hardly warm food and drink cool water. High temperatures lead to the rapid spread of infection and sepsis.
  • Do not put painkillers on the area of ​​the tooth, because the active substances can damage the gums, and the discomfort does not go away.
  • Do not use all the advice from friends and relatives. What is a panacea for some is destructive for others.

How much does a wisdom tooth grow? This process may take 2-3 years. And from time to time a person's gums become inflamed, which is accompanied by severe discomfort.

Danger of eights

Danger of eights

Every second during the eruption of the eighth teeth goes to the surgeon for the removal of a wisdom tooth. These molars are very dangerous to human health and life, because they are a collection of bacteria. Over time, mild inflammation transforms into pericoronitis. In addition to the fact that pus is formed under the gum, mechanical trauma due to edema often occurs. As a result, the tissues around the wisdom tooth are destroyed, ulcers and erosion occur on them.

Over time, the pus penetrates into the adjacent tissues, and in humans there is asymmetry of the face, pallor of the skin, and painful lymph nodes. A man cannot open his mouth himself. At this point, the risk of sepsis and cellulitis is very high, which leads to the ingress of bacteria into the internal environment and further intoxication.

Another fact about wisdom teeth is that they deteriorate very quickly. It happens that caries "eats" these molars, and they are destroyed, not even having time to completely cut through. The reason for this is the lack of oral hygiene and the accumulation of food under the "hood".

Your health is in your hands! After going to a good dentist, you will feel tremendous relief as the pain will go away very quickly.

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