Cream for thrush for men in the treatment of candidiasis.

Thrush, like any other fungal infection, is rather unpleasant and causes physical and psychological ailments. The bad news is that the disease is sexually transmitted. And the good news is that it is curable. Consider how to choose an effective cream for thrush for men.

Thrush in men?

Thrush in men

The cause of thrush and fungal infections in both women and men is a significant increase in the content of Candida Albicans in the body. A fungus of the genus Candida is a fairly harmless microorganism, to some extent even useful, but only when its quantity does not exceed a certain threshold. This fungus in the normal state lives in the human intestine and is involved in some types of digestive activity, but an increase in its activity leads to the appearance of thrush.

The main symptoms of thrush in men are:

  • the occurrence of severe itching of the skin, concentrated mainly in the inguinal region;
  • the sexual organ is also prone to severe itching, dryness, and herpes;
  • whitish discharge appears;
  • urination is accompanied by burning or sharp pain;
  • some men have smegma with a distinct odor, and cracks can form along with fungal allergies;
  • balanitis - inflammation of the head of the sexual organ.

In addition to the genital area, thrush can develop in the mouth. This affects the cheeks, tongue and palate. Common signs of infection include:

  • the presence of creamy white or yellow spots, pain, itching, and sometimes the appearance of blisters;
  • damage may bleed when you try to rub it;
  • lip cracking in the corner of the mouth;
  • blocking the taste buds of a person.

The danger is that the infection from the mouth can spread to the throat and esophagus. And this, in turn, complicates the swallowing reflex and serves as a reason for the formation of ulcers in the esophagus.

The causes of thrush are:

  • a weakened immune system as a result of HIV or other diseases;
  • autoimmune pathologies;
  • antibiotic use;
  • sex without contraceptives with an infected partner;
  • cancer diseases.

The occurrence of pathology requires special attention and an immediate therapeutic response, otherwise the disease can lead to serious consequences and severe stress.

How to treat thrush and prevent its return?

How to treat thrush and prevent its return

The use of traditional treatment methods for the treatment of fungal infections always leads to recurrence of thrush, because they do not eliminate the root cause. In addition, the prescribed antibiotics can lead to the destruction of beneficial bacteria, which, in turn, will provoke an increase in the activity of the fungus and cause a more serious exacerbation of the infection.

The most effective method of therapy is a cure for thrush. Such treatment will not only get rid of painful symptoms, but also eliminate the root cause - the hyperactivity of the fungus. It follows a bilateral approach to the treatment of fungal infections:

  • Elimination of symptoms of infection and discomfort associated with them.
  • Preventive measures to prevent the hyperactivity of the fungus in order to prevent future recurrences.

For the treatment of candidiasis in men use the same formula as in the treatment of fungal infections in women. Oral antifungal suspensions are usually prescribed, as well as mouthwashes. Be sure to use antifungal cream against thrush in men for genitals.

In the preventive purposes the diet is subject to revision. To restore the balance of yeast bacteria, it is necessary to enrich it with sour-milk and fiber-containing products, introduce more protein, vitamins and minerals into the diet. During treatment, you should stop drinking alcohol. In addition, with a fungal infection, you must refrain from sexual life until full recovery.

In addition to directly treating candidiasis, a man should undergo a course of treatment for chronic diseases that can cause thrush, as well as drink vitamins and complex drugs to increase immunity. One of the common remedies for treating thrush in men are creams that have a fungicidal effect on a fungal infection.

"Pimafutsin": features of the application

Antifungal cream for thrush "Pimafucin" has a powerful antibacterial effect. The active ingredient of the drug is natamycin. It has a direct fungicidal effect on the cell membrane of the fungus, completely destroying their structure, which ultimately leads to its death. The drug has a wide range of uses, as it is effective against many types of fungal infections, including candidiasis.

The cream is used for local treatment, applying it to areas of the body affected by the fungus. The duration of therapy depends on the severity of the infection. If the improvement of the condition is not observed for several days from the start of treatment, then in addition to the cream, it is recommended to use "Pimafucin" in the form of tablets. A side effect of the cream is a possible burning sensation, but it is not recommended to stop the treatment.

"Clotrimazole": instruction

Another effective remedy for the local treatment of thrush is Clotrimazole cream. It also has a wide spectrum of action and is effective in combating virtually all types of fungal pathogens in humans. Depending on the concentration of the active substance, which is imidazole, the cream can have both fungistatic effect and fungicidal.

It is applied with a thin layer on the areas affected by the fungus. The duration of treatment is up to one month, it is not interrupted even in case of improvement and the absence of acute signs of the disease.

Before you buy this or that remedy for fungal diseases for the treatment of thrush, it is recommended to consult with your doctor to select the most effective therapeutic drugs. Be healthy!

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