Cream for the treatment of thrush in men

It is believed that only women suffer from thrush. It's not like that at all. With candidiasis, although much less often, representatives of the stronger sex also come across. The fungus takes root in the male genitalia. If diagnosed with this disease, then for treatment, you can use the cream from thrush for men. What and how to use it?

Why does male thrush appear?

Why does male thrush appear?

Thrushlike fungi of the genus Candida are the cause of thrush. Today, there are 186 species. According to statistics, 75% of women at least once in their lives met with such a nuisance. But men should not feel completely safe: they can also pick up a harmful fungus. The only difference is that candidiasis in them may not give any external manifestations for a long time. But if a man’s immunity is reduced, signs of candidiasis appear immediately: itching, burning in the foreskin, redness and grayish-white bloom with a sour smell on the head of the penis, pain and curdled discharge when urinating.

Where does thrush (candidal balanoposthitis) come from men? The most common mode of transmission is sexual. But if a man with strong immunity has been infected, the body will cope with this problem. Candidiasis can occur for other reasons. These include climate change, extreme stress, antibiotic therapy, HIV, and diabetes. Sometimes the factors provoking balanoposthitis become overweight, cancer, and vitamin deficiencies.

Is it possible to cure with the help of external means?

In the treatment of male candidiasis one of the first places is occupied precisely ointment. They produce antifungal and anti-inflammatory effect. Cream against thrush for men, being applied to the affected area, kills the pathogenic fungus due to the active ingredients.

The ointment can act as an independent element of therapy. Often, it is also used as a component of the complex treatment of candidosis. Plus such drugs:

  • they are less toxic than oral pills;
  • if the ointment is chosen correctly, it acts quickly (usually the treatment takes 4 to 7 days);
  • practically do not cause side effects;
  • convenient to use;
  • have an acceptable cost.

The only disadvantage of the ointment can be considered perhaps that they leave marks on the linen.

The most effective ointment against candida in men

A cream for treating thrush for men is selected by the doctor, taking into account how far the process has gone and which mushrooms have settled on the genitals. The most noticeable effect is given by external means when applied in the early stages of the disease.

According to the doctors and the patients themselves, the following ointments help the men recover most quickly from the unpleasant and painful manifestations of candidiasis:


The most effective ointment against candida in men

It is a powerful antifungal drug from the Imidazole group (first generation). Even in meager doses, it qualitatively opposes the reproduction of fungi, and with increasing concentration completely destroys their cells. It should be applied 2 p. per day on the foreskin and the head of the penis with a thin layer and gently rub into the skin. Treatment takes 1 week. During therapy, it is not allowed to consume alcohol, spicy and spicy dishes, it is necessary to introduce fermented milk products into the diet. The cream practically does not cause allergies and other side effects. There may be a slight burning sensation, which is not a reason to discontinue the drug.


Cream for thrush, the main active ingredient of which is the antibiotic Natamycin. Ointment has gained great popularity. The drug produces a fungicidal effect, blocks the cell membranes of the fungus, which leads to instantaneous destruction of harmful microbes. Cream should treat the affected areas 1-4 p. in a day. After the disappearance of all symptoms of candidiasis ointment should be used for another 3-4 days to consolidate the effect. The cream has hypoallergenic properties, so it can be used by almost all patients. Its use can cause burning and tingling. Such phenomena should be considered as a normal reaction to the action of the drug.


A well-known drug for candidiasis. It contains the antibiotic Macrolide. The mechanism of action of Nystatin is that it weakens the cell membranes of the fungus and leads to its death. Ointment applied to the infected area 2 p. in a day. The course of treatment is from 10 to 14 days. The drug "work" em exclusively at the local level, it does not enter the blood. The ointment acts only on Candida fungi. Allergic reactions such as urticaria, itching and burning are possible. If such undesirable effects occur, the application of the cream must be discontinued.


The drug has a very strong effect, so it is used only once a day. Made on the basis of Isonazole. Depending on the neglect of the disease, treatment continues for 2-4 weeks. The drug can cause local allergic manifestations - itching and burning in places of application of the ointment. If such phenomena do not disappear for longer than 2 days, then you should refuse treatment with this cream.


Cream for the treatment of thrush in men

Effectively fights not only with the fungus Candida, but also with coccal flora. Apply the cream should be 1 p. per day. To completely get rid of thrush, such manipulations take at least 15 days.

In addition to these creams, Miconazole, Bifonazole, Terbinafine, Lamisil, Candide are also used in the treatment of thrush.

Regardless of which cream the doctor prescribes, you should definitely follow the regimen of use and dosage. Any ointment can be applied to the affected area only after careful intimate hygiene. Before applying the tool, the skin must be dried. If during 4 weeks after use the situation with the disease has not improved, then this means does not affect the specific fungus.

It should be noted that thrush is very rare in men. This is always a sign of a weak immune system. Therefore, candidiasis is usually treated in a complex, and the cream for thrush for men is only one of the methods of treatment. A urologist (he is involved in Candida balanoposthitis) can also prescribe pills.

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