Cramps in the legs


Cramps in the legs - a common phenomenon in the modern world. The causes of seizures are very diverse. Some of them are related to health, others are not.

To cope with the cramp yourself, try to relax and not panic.Check if it is a cramp.

Then try to understand what caused the cramp. If you have uncomfortable shoes - remove it. If you are cold - keep warm: dress warmly or at least drink hot tea. If you have been sitting in one position for a long time, do not get up immediately, so as not to fall, beat the muscle that you have contracted with something sharp. You can massage the muscles.

If the cramps do not stop and are not connected with obvious reasons, seek medical help. If you are cramped, get a notepad where you will note the days, time and duration of cramps in your legs. You can also indicate the cause of convulsions or what you did before its occurrence.

Visit a doctor. On examination, the notes in your notebook will be useful to him. So he will diagnose more accurately and prescribe more accurate tests and examinations. Most likely, you will pass general tests (blood test is necessary), check veins in your legs. After a full examination, the doctor will prescribe a treatment for you.

Treatment of cramps in the legs

Exist traditional methods of treating cramps in the legs.

  • The following recipe has a good effect: mix 2 tsp. mustard with 1 tsp vegetable oil (it is better to take olive oil). During spasms, spread spasmodized muscles with this gruel.
  • Every day, at least an hour a day, walk in socks in which dry mustard is poured.

  • You can drink with the onset of spasm any analgesic. Aspirin is the most effective for cramps. Because it improves micro circulation in the blood vessels.
  • 2 times a day, grease the feet with lemon juice. Let it dry itself.
  • At night, on the muscles that were spasmed, do the following compress: vinegar dissolve warm water in equal amounts.
  • Change your lifestyle!Eat foods rich in protein (dairy products, eggs), calcium (fish oil), magnesium, potassium (vegetables, greens).
  • Give up bad habits. Also limit the consumption of strong tea and coffee. It is better to replace them with plain mineral water, juice or green tea.
  • In addition to the correction of the diet, adjust your motor activity. Move as much as possible. Walk more, jog, do exercises in the morning, at work instead of elevators, use stairs, etc.

Morning exercises from leg cramps

  • Stretch in bed. Lying stretch your legs, straining your legs as much as possible, pulling your socks towards you. Repeat 5-6 times.
  • Stand on the socks, stretch and fall sharply on the heels of your feet. Repeat 10-15 times.

  • Face the wall. Hands lean on the wall. Quietly move away from the wall, while palms from the wall, like the soles of the feet from the floor can not be torn off.

Thus, in order to treat convulsions, it is necessary to first determine the cause that caused them (for the causes of cramps in the legs, read the article Why the legs are cramping?). Only after that you can relieve muscle spasm yourself, folk remedies, or consult a doctor for help. Do not leave things to chance, if cramps in the legs bother you often and you can not give yourself a specific reason! Be sure to consult a doctor!